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To Help Save Humanity, A Six-Step Guide to Combat Fossil Fuel Industry's Climate Lies


To Help Save Humanity, A Six-Step Guide to Combat Fossil Fuel Industry's Climate Lies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After examining more than 40 common climate change myths pushed by those who are hell-bent on discrediting scientific conclusions about the global crisis, three researchers teamed up to create a six-step critical thinking tool that helps people combat misinformation by "neutralizing" the lies.


The teaching of critical thinking is treasonous. Didn’t you get the memo?


This is a great tool, and I for one will be using it as an exercise to keep myself honest in my thought processes.
Thank you!


Who was it who said to keep an eye out for instances of the planetary immune response kicking in?
Six doses scientifically crafted to administer according to specified symptoms.

Onward and upward out of the proverbial swamp.

Thanks guys.


“This strategy includes detailing argument structure, determining the truth of the premises, and checking for validity, hidden premises, or ambiguous language.”

It’s a nice thought that people will react to facts, but the evidence is that people mostly react to emotion.

For example, the “facts” approach has got absolutely nowhere when applied to the green movement’s own wild claims, so I imagine it will continue to have no affect on the climate change deniers either.

The greens propaganda on both nuclear power and genetic engineering has exactly the same attitude to facts and reality as that of the climate change deniers.

The greens, despite the facts, refuse to accept that nuclear is the safest form of electricity power generation. Or that, despite the facts, that the total Chernobyl death toll will be less than that caused by five hours of burning coal. Or that, despite the facts, there were zero deaths from radiation at Fukushima and there are not expected to be any in the future. The greens refuse to accept that there has now been several decades of people eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) with no detectable harm. Instead they continue to make up wild unsubstantiated statistics to create fear and doubt.

So, best of luck with climate facts, but the evidence shows it will probably have little effect.


Climate change deniers and advocates of genetic engineering (not the brainwashed followers, but those movements’ leaders) are motivated by the lust for money and power.

The Greens and others are motivated by their deeply-held and scientifically-confirmed belief that nuclear power and GMOs are both unnecessary and fatally flawed technologies.


No the science confirms the exact opposite. That’s why the green lobby have problems finding any peer reviewed evidence to back their position, other than the occasional cherry picked outlier.

The World Health Organisation will tell you the number of deaths from Chernobyl .(~50) and the number of possible later cancer deaths (~4000). They will also give the same figures for Fukushima (zero and zero). Have you ever seen a single instance of the greens accepting the science on this?

The same is true for the greens position on GMO’s. You are hard pressed to find anyone at all in the scientific community who agrees with them. But that doesn’t stop the hysteria, fear and doubt from the greens on the subject.


You believe your experts and I’ll believe mine.


You have someone with more credibility than the World Health Organisation? I can’t wait to hear about it.

Or are you just providing a perfect demonstration of my original point? That the greens and the climate change deniers behave in exactly the same way when confronted with facts they don’t like?