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To Help Venezuela, the U.S. Must Use Diplomacy, not a Military Coup

To Help Venezuela, the U.S. Must Use Diplomacy, not a Military Coup

Jesse Jackson

The United States is pushing for an overthrow of the government of Venezuela. The Trump administration has denounced Nicolas Maduro as a “dictator,” dismissing the 2018 election, which the opposition boycotted. Instead of a good neighbor policy or a policy of non-intervention, the Trump administration has set out intentionally to overthrow the regime.

Yes, America just wants to help the poor oppressed masses overcome the problems created by America and in the process free them from the man they overwhelmingly elected in what remains one of the fairest election processes on the planet.

For those who are unaware of this:
Jessie Jackson is a “former” fbi informant and has played the role of controlled opposition for his entire political career.


If the American Government refuses to use Diplomacy in foreign affairs, the Joint Chiefs and American Military would best serve this nation and the wider world, by arresting and imprisoning the so-called President, and all those who have conspired to use the Military to overthrow a duly elected government of a sovereign nation.

Trials to follow.

“Let us reason together.” Isaiah 1:18

"Let us treason together." Trump & Congressional Republicans 1:1

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When you buy your software, computers, servers, et al. from U.S. Companies aligned with The Alphabets, this power grid failure is what you’re country is susceptible to ( That’s the loud and clear message here. ). Potential sabotage, extortion and blackmail ( economic monkeywrenching ) is not a chapter in Marketing 101 at the Harvard Business School or The Kennedy School quite yet, but they’re working on it.
Instead of the Food For Peace ( remember that ) Program of the 1960s we’ve now got the Coup For Resources Program. Instead of Mr. Shriver and the Peace Corps we have John Bolton, Eliot Abrams and The Mercenary Death Corps.
Orwell would be proud we are dropping the phony pretexts finally, in the 21st Century. Our naked and dirty geo-political gangsterism has dropped its’ facade. " Just another day in paradise, eh? "
" Living the dream, eh?
" Is this a great country, or what? " Bill Blazajowski.

Jesse tells the truth.

Not really. Jackson likely doesn’t actually know the truth of what’s taking place in Venezuela; or, if he does, I believe Tarsus labeled him appropriately.

In the following Jimmy Dore interview of Greg Palast, Greg explains that the protesters the MSM are showing on their screens are the white privileged class elites, who are outnumbered 5 to 1 by the darker skinned Venezuelan commoners who support Maduro.

BBC Reporter Corrects US Media on Venezuela W/Greg Palast – Mar 5, 2019 - Jimmy Dore - YouTube


The U.S. needs to take two or three steps back and let some cooler (saner) heads into the discussion.