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To His Wealthy Donors, Trump Is Their Grifter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/08/his-wealthy-donors-trump-their-grifter

The media wants us to believe that the GOP Congresscritters owned by the subject Trump donors are afraid of Trump’s marks, when those Congresscritters ARE actually afraid that Trump’s donors will run a Trump toady against them in the next election.

For the wealthy donors there has been no investment anywhere that provides the return on investment (ROI) that donating to Trump provides. Trump and Moscow Mitch’s stacking courts with fascist judges will assure that the handsome ROI lasts for at least the next half century.


I think the election of Trump reveals that people are so sick of getting conned by this 2-party farce that they’ll desperately throw their support behind anyone offering a vision of how to end business-as-usual.

And to the extent that Trump has thrown a wrench into political correctness and stripped the trappings of the presidency bare – hell, he brags about getting away with murder – his base loves it.

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The ones with the gold make the rules. An American tragedy unfolding. I guess 250 years was a pretty good run.

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The Orwellian tax cut-----Trumps was out there saying “this doesn’t benefit me at all” and the thing was written for Trump----and people buy this crap!

That’s why the elites despise him to near hysteria. He is exposing all of them. Trump is too stupid and egotistical to know how to cover their asses like Hillary and Obama. The title of the article fits all of those b@stards. And the DNC donors are pretty much the same as his.

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