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To Hold 'Lawless President' to Account, Nearly 30 Groups Urge Pelosi to Start Trump Impeachment Inquiry Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/hold-lawless-president-account-nearly-30-groups-urge-pelosi-start-trump-impeachment


"Voters gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives because they wanted aggressive oversight of the Trump administration," wrote CREDO, Indivisible, and 27 other groups in a letter to Pelosi.

"Yet," the letter states, "your leadership is resulting in dangerous inaction that enables this racist and xenophobic president."

Couldn’t agree more – every time Trump is ignored for his outrageous behavior is a danger
to the American people and democracy and ultimately our freedom which has long been
threatened by corporate-fascism.

We’ve had ex-president Jimmy Carter and others confirm for us that our elections are not
able to be legitimized – and he further adds that we are ruled by an “Oligarchy.”

We’ve had 50 years of voting on Electronic voting machines under the control of GOP backers
who refuse to inform our government of their secret codes. And for 50 years we’ve had studies
show us that these voting machines are hackable. The wave of protest has now taken us to
a situation where we are getting an alleged paper trail — but very clearly there is still doubt about
the security of these voting machines which from day one have delivered only very right wing and
unbelievable voting results. In that 50 year period, our government has moved from interest in
the people/public to adopting only the interests of corporations.

In the investigation about Russia’s hacking of our elections, what we’ve learned from those in
government is that indeed they have – but SO HAVE AT LEAST FIVE OTHER NATIONS –
maybe more. As those candidates who are willing to represent corporations over the interests
of the people continue to offer themselves for office, we see their wealth increase unbelievably
through service to “government.” The pay-offs are huge – from Bush Sr.'s $12 million from Rev.
Moon to Obama’s wealth where he could afford while in office to buy his daughter an $18,000
dress for one ball.

This while our representatives continue to cut social programs for all Americans –
Continue to ignore our infrastructure. Continue to ignore Global Warming and the futures of
our children and those who need jobs. And in the end, only Elites/Corporations continue to
thrive and become wealthier. Our children are deprived of food; our citizens deprived of homes/
shelter, medicines, health care.

And, the state of our union continues to drive down the possibility of other democracies to exist.
This is a great danger to all fair-minded and democratic nations seeking to represent their citizens

What did you do? What side were you on? Let’s go Pelosi – or be removed.


No, if you remember the voters voted in the Dems because they said they would work on HEALTHCARE. They passed one (I believe) bill about healthcare in their first months in control of the House, that didn’t go anywhere because of the Senate AND that’s the last we heard about healthcare pretty much. My opinion on impeachment is pretty much Pelosi’s, let the “oversight” committees do their work and build public support (as what is happening if you can believe the polls) so when the Senate has to decide the public will be behind it. Let the subpoenas work out in the courts and they can also get a few contempt of Congress things passed against the Trump people. If you impeach now, the Senate will not convict and Trump will be able to holler all the louder about “no collusion, no obstruction” and his “supporters” will be out in droves to vote him back into office. Especially if his opponent is Hillary, er uh I mean Joe Biden.

You can’t build public support if you “investigate” in hiding.

You are why Dims lose so god damned always.


Right – if they really wanted to do something about Medicare4All (the leadership,
that is which controls what happens) then they would begin campaigns for it –
calling the public out into the streets to march for It – create an actual MOVEMENT
for it. The leadership is corporate and they continue to support corporations.

From day #1 I’ve thought that Trump should be impeached – don’t know how many
questions on it go back that far. Or how regular the polling on the question is.
However, his behavior deserves impeachment and immediately.

My opinion on impeachment is pretty much Pelosi’s, let the “oversight” committees do their work and build public support (as what is happening if you can believe the polls) so when the Senate has to decide the public will be behind it.

Just some stuff on CNN about basing it on Mueller appearing to testify.
Not sure about that as Mueller should have been free to recommend impeachment.
It’s the GOP/Barr/Trump which pulled the rug out from under that, imo.

The whole thing on the committees and oversight is being ignored by a president –
grounds for impeachment – plus he continues to meddle with witnesses and we don’t
always know how as he’s done with McGahn and with Cohen. The subpoenas aren’t
working and the courts are steadily being turned over to the right wing. The power is on
the right now and that is very dangerous for the future of the nation. Agree with what
you’re saying – but also agree with what I’m saying – go forward on it. There are
grounds for it.


Urge? What’s that? She’s only one person with too much power, using it against us. We can’t seem to do better than Urge? Unreal!


Aw, gee, poor little spineless Nancy. Caught in between the agenda of her rich donor base and the neo-libs who have polluted the Democratic party and the growing number of real Democrats who realize that the country is turning bluer every day and that impeachment of Trumpo the Klown is a duty of the Congress that will NOT result in the backlash for Trump that Pelosi and her ilk are so afraid of. Once again, we are shown the lack of courage and the ability to do the right thing from this thoroughly bought and paid for machine politician. Just like when prosecuting Bush/Cheney for war crimes was “off the table”.
Pelosi and her ilk could very well achieve the opposite of what they say they want next year - the re-installation of this putrid Orange Monster named Trump. Michael Moore’s latest film featured the poll results on many issues and the results were that Americans are very solidly in favor of liberal and progressive policies and programs. These are the things that the “New Democrats” with their “third way” and “incrementalism” will work against because the kind of change that is desperately needed to save our society and our very republic is anathema to the elites who like it just the way it is now. That is Nancy’s real job - to preserve the status quo.
I have an increasingly sinking feeling that 2020 will make or break the country due in no small part to the hapless Democrats. Trump is pushing us down the road to corporate fascism and he must be stopped. Impeachment, with all the things that could arise from the investigation could help us do just that.


Here’s the problem


The only folks who didn’t get the memo on this appears to be the neoliberal mafia that runs the Democratic Party and the mainstream media here in the US.

As long as these Status Quo clowns are in control, ‘change’ will be ‘pragmatic, incremental and triangulated’ meaning, nothing will change


Every one of the co-signing groups of this letter will inevitably advise their members to vote blue in November, you know, because they have nowhere else to go.

So why the f**k would Pelosi give a damn about them?


What a legacy Nancy is building for herself, “protector of mass murderers, torturers, and fascists”.

Corporate State Democrats, with her being the epitome of that power, are just fine with Trump and his wrecking ball Administration which is good for each and every last one of the millionaires. But, mere millionaires swimming in the swamp alongside their billionaire constituency like so many parasites.


The letter doesn’t mention any non-Mueller related impeachable offenses besides emoluments. Why not itemize some of the bigger offenses Ralph Nader described? Impeaching Trump for his imaginary crimes, or minor process crimes, will martyr him. He should absolutely be impeached for any or all of his actual crimes, especially ones like giving arms to human rights violators like Saudi Arabia. Corporate war parties won’t impeach for Trump’s real crimes though, because they want them to continue.


No, you are mistaken. No bill on healthcare was even brought to the floor for a vote. The work that Pelosi has done on health care is to insure the insurance and pharma cartels that there will never be Medicare for All. Her right hand man even made a public announcement to that effect.

Less than half of the democrat house members have signed on as co-sponsors of HR1394. Pelosi did everything in her power to even keep the bill from being proposed. In the healthcare hearings that she did allow, not a single representative from the Medicare for All community was allowed to participate.

Pelosi is committed to keeping the insurance and pharma cartels profitable at the expense of our health. Do not confuse her with a representative of the people. She does not represent the people.


The real reason she will not impeach: CYA. Impeachment proceeding are dangerous to the Demo Elites.

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What we got was a tepid version of health insurance reform not healthcare reform. Meanwhile, fees for medical services and pharma prices continue to climb. In 2014 half of all personal bankruptcies were due to the inability to pay medical bills. In 2017 that percentage had risen.


I disagree. The dems should publicize that they will be starting an impeachment inquiry. They should state that they feel an impeachment is not likely to succeed because of the obstructionist republican senate. The House feels it is their constitutional duty to follow the law even if the republican senators do not.
Please don’t put blame on us for doing our jobs correctly.


Just imagine how much suffering could be avoided if someone had just thought to urge the nazi leadership to stop their persecution of jews.
Why do we even have wars anymore when we can urge, demand, pressure, plead, “hold their feet to the fire” and so many other brilliant tactics designed to stop psychopaths in their tracks.


Hey! This country is a corrupt corporatocracy. Doesn’t matter if you have a Fascist Democrat or a Fascist Republican for president – you still have the same immoral wars, the phony funny-money Fed stealing us blind with inflation, the bought-off Reps, the new 5G microwave war to sterilize us and kill off all us useless eaters. You really think impeaching Trump will make all that difference? As long as we the sheeple keep voting in Fascists, guess what we get? Just maybe, perhaps, think of the Democrat and Republican Parties as agents of mind-control. No one is so enslaved as a slave who doesn’t even know he is a slave. Welcome to the government plantation , take the blue pill and stop questioning our glorious leaders and unbiased corporate media! Gopherit

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This current inaction is precisely why Pelosi was chosen as Speaker. Same as why she was chosen in 2007. Her job is to let criminals walk away with stacks of cash.

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All Religions are Belief Systems, or B.S.
Not all B.S. is religion, or tax exempt.
Truth unites. Falsehood divides. Qui Tam it!

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I hope you can wash, rinse, and spin your mind to read a blurb from a libertarian website. It is all about us who believe all the government lies arising from both “liberal” and “conservative” lying administrations. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/06/donald-jeffries/america-dumb-dumber-and-dumbest/ Gopherit