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To Impeach, or Not to Impeach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/impeach-or-not-impeach

Forget impeachment, forget Trump, forget collusion. Win the election by focusing on saving the planet, Medicare for All (not some Health Care Industry substitute), ending our permanent war mentality (giving up on Neoliberalism as our guiding policy while we are at it), getting money out of politics (which includes the money of the NRA and AIPAC). Start with these. You will win the votes. The majority of us already know that Trump is a liar and a cheat, a poor excuse for a man, let alone a President. But the majority of us don’t vote. Voting for change will be why we vote. By avoiding the issues to concentrate on Trump, we are dedicating ourselves to the repeat of the results of 2016. Beware of the entrenched Democrats; they will fight like hell to remain in power and sell out the progressive intelligence of the American people.


What rock has this lady been living under? Impeachment isn’t about politics, she says, it’s about constitutional principles? Really? A perjury trap over consensual sex? Is that what the founders had in mind for impeachment? Drew knows, because I know, constitutional experts, one after another, testified during the Clinton fiasco that there wasn’t grounds for his impeachment, yet they went ahead with the circus anyway.

Widely admired Mueller? Reality check: Will the real Mueller stand up.

Ms. Drew, no evidence for collusion with Russia period. Yes, no evidence Ms. Drew.
This piece is typical of the establishment elite’s refusal to accept the fact that Russiagate is and was a hoax. listen to Aaron Mate and Jimmy Dore as they try to understand the strange inversion of guilt and innocence Mueller played with in his Report.

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Forget the ongoing criminal behavior?


Crime on this scale, deserves "Punishment."


Would you in simple language that a regular person can understand explain what this ‘ongoing criminal behavior’ is?

Don’t tell me he obstructed justice. That’s just another way of saying ‘criminal behavior.’

Tell me what it was and how he obstructed justice.

I have shut down numerous conversations with pro-Impeachment adovcates when I ask for this. What happens to my dialog opposition partner? >poof!< …and like that they are just gone!

Are you up to the challenge on this PonyBoy?


If the Democrats had handled this correctly from the very beginning, the “Sewer Rat”, Trump would be facing criminal charges in the 2nd District of New York by now and would be getting fitted for his new prison attire! For Lib Wing, The “Sewer Rat Trump” has asked members of his administration to fire Robert Mueller, in order to protect the “Sewer Rat” from getting indicted by Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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You will probably find the Daniel Sheehan lectures on the topic interesting. His case is not built on the usual hype but he brings forth very compelling arguments for impeachment.


She’s right. Impeachment proceedings are divisive only on the Democratic side. The Republicans and Trump’s criminal enablers have proven they will vote for him regardless of how he craps on the Constitution and manipulates the 3 supposedly independent branches of government.

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But you see, what I asked for was someone to explain in their own words so I could understand it what this criminal behavior of Trump was that means he should be impeached. Linking to an article is not doing that.

Who did he instruct to lie and about what?

Did you edit this? I thought I saw on my phone you said that the crime for me was Trump trying to impeach justice by asking one of his underlings to fire Mueller, but they told Trump to not do it? Am I just imagining that?

Whatever, I mad a cartoon a while back in response to that idea that is a crime. I made a YouTube video with a little Bowie music out of it so I could post it here.

AsharellaNightAngel is my YouTube screen name and Miranda is my real first name (as I make no secret about.)

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I don’t get it: Comment forums, especially on this otherwise excellent site, seldom even acknowledge the articles upon which those commenting are ostensibly commenting.

Maybe T-Rump thinks impeachment would work to his advantage, maybe he doesn’t. His own words are not reliable sources. If he does, maybe he’s right and maybe he’s not. The future is unknown and unknowable, even to political figures

The only valid questions are whether the people with the power to impeach believe it would be to the benefit of the nation or not, and whether or not they are too fearful about their political futures to stand up to a dangerous bully regardless of the outcome. The recent 75th anniversary is a reminder and an object lesson.

PeLoser is so smart she lost her majority within two election cycles. She’s well on her way to losing it one cycle after gaining it.

Is she also a stable genius?

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