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To 'Inflict Maximum Carnage,' Vegas Gunman Exploited Cheap Bump Stock Loophole


To 'Inflict Maximum Carnage,' Vegas Gunman Exploited Cheap Bump Stock Loophole

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I don't know anybody who goes deer hunting that needs to retrofit a gun to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. It's to slaughter people."


The USA is filled with the most mentally ill people. The statistics on gun deaths compared to any other country are all you need to know. The right to bear arms is nothing but a mental illness. Guns are only designed to KILL other people. What a wonderful thing to own and be proud to do so… Not so much.


That one guy can kill or wound 550 with conventional weapons before being stopped is paralled by the hydrogen bomb, which has never been used thus far, and which can be released by one guy pushing a button. This ties together national gun regulations and WMDs…that can kill everything within a 50 mile radius.


Yet another sad, infuriating example of how the vast majority of ‘our Congress’ is clearly not there to ‘represent’ the interests of the country’s citizenry.


Yes, just look at the military, proud of that very fact.


Been talking with a 2nd Amendment Obfuscation Expert on the original thread.

Until a bolt of lightening comes from God, these advocates are unwilling to change.
I’ve seen miracles, hopefully they become more available for those who need them.

Bottomline, it becomes a Me, Me, Me, Mine, program.
Not much room there for an Alternate Thought, the re-run keeps playing.
The train then leaves the station for Hyperbola-ville

Why we would change the entire society by once again banning assault weapons.
We are confused ignorant masses, who want to take everything away that could be used to hurt people.
We want the government to maintain a list of the things that people need to live and ban everything else.
People are killed by so many things, like alcohol, so quit being obsessive.
In short we are Completely Ignorant…mistaken…confused…screaming…obsessed…animists.
the tirade ends with the catch all “To Each His Own”

So where does one start to debate, not sure there is a ready place.
These ideas are entrenched in what I call a "siege mentality"
They are hole up in the Bunker, and Everyone else is coming for them.

That is not your fellow American, that is YOUR Imagination of your Fellow Americans.
What if it was your child, your loved one, your family.

Problem with the sluff off “To Each his own”
It doesn’t fly with the Victims.

One Day hopefully they will Realize how Shallow and Uncaring that comment actually is.


Indeed where does one start the debate when one of the concert goers in his flight grabbed a 2’ pipe in case someone was around the corner. That response was ingrained in that person, …second nature.
When assault weapons are banned folks will use rifles, shotguns and handguns.
And when those are banned, then knives.

I would feel safer if nobody but SWAT had guns. Not the police and not citizens but before that happens things need to change drastically so we can trust our government to protect us, and not treat us like, …like, human resources to be consumed, converted and then cast aside, and always disregarded when it comes to a question of risk to profits vs. us being harmed by their policies.


Human life has been deemed cheap by lawmakers, so the fact that this bump stock loophole still exists is no surprise.


I’m always skeptical that the media is telling us the truth about these kinds of events (since I’m one who believes they lied through their teeth about 9/11), so I tend to be open to hearing other possibilities that make more sense that one person got a hold of that many guns and did that much damage. The maid who cleaned the room that day saw none – so how would he have gotten 29 of those in there with no one seeing him? I’ve heard that another guest in the hotel say there were several shooters that ran out of that room. Don’t know which is true but I can no longer trust the MSM to tell us the whole story. This guy’s brother said his brother only had one or 2 guns, not 29. Something is always screwy about what they tell us is the truth. And they seem to know that ‘truth’ too darned quickly.


So with a straight face presumably you are essentially asserting that politicians are afraid of stomping on the rights and well being of US citizens that own guns.

Where the hell is the proof of that?

And just where have all of these armed to the teeth patriots been while these criminals in suits have been stealing the rights and livelihoods away from the masses, including them.

Most gun owners couldn’t give a flying cluck about actual rights being taken away from them, nor do they want to bother figuring out what the actual game being played in D.C. is (see Chris Hedges and others for an explanation).

The only thing they are corn-cerned about (vast majority of them) is feeling good listening to right wing radio, stoking their hatred of everything not having to do with redneck culture, and feeling like a bad ass with their gun show bought arsenal.

They want their monster trucks, their NASCAR by God while those that exploit divisions they relate to rob them blind.

Gun nuts, for the most part are just clucking idiots.


Our hearts and prayers must go out to the NRA which has worked relentlessly to get guns into the hands of demented killers.


Did I assert that? If I did I assure you it wouldn’ta been with a straight face! :wink:
I have been asking myself why they carry water for the very folks who would use them and cast them aside, and who deride them for their very redneck culture sometimes even to their faces, for decades now, but am no closer to an answer. …you?


Not my intention to plaster you with an argument you haven’t made, however your last paragraph seems to suggest to me the argument that every gun nut has made for decades in servitude to their reading of the 2nd Amendment i.e., that they have guns because they are protecting their freedumbs from them thar government types.


The Trump government in particular and the conservatives in general don’t want to talk about the shooting because it’s one of their own who did the murdering. By that I mean a conservative American and NRA supporter. There was an article in the NY Times that pointed out if the shooter would have been a member of the Islamic faith, a member of ISIS, or would have yelled “Allah Akbar” or had a picture of himself with an automatic weapon in one hand and a Koran in the other you wouldn’t be able to shut the right wingers, the conservatives up. Trump would have been Tweeting his fingers off saying “I told you so”.

This same thing happened when a shooter here in Colorado Springs shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic and killed a few people a year or two ago. The local authorities here (this is a very, very conservative city) immediately put a blackout on any information about the shooter and his beliefs. Turns out he was another anti-abortion, bible spouting gun-nut. Or basically he was spouting the same crap about abortions and other conservative obsessions that most of our politicians and religious leaders are spouting. The same dogma which became the rationalization for the shooting.


I hear what you are saying. It’s a tough subject.
Add God and Freedom to the mix and People’s eyes glaze over.
People will always find a way to kill.

Let’s at least agree to lower the fire power a little.
Bolt action would have slowed down all of the most recent massacres.

Maybe require Civics as a core curriculum again.

Those two alone would level the field a little


The maid who cleaned the room that day saw none [guns]

What maid? Source please? I read that the Do Not Disturb sign was on the door for the whole time he was there, and that housekeeping is only allowed to enter such rooms with a manager present, which did not happen in this case.

I’ll provide a source. This is one of many links you’ll find with a Google search. So again, on what basis do you make your so-far-unsubstantiated claim that a maid was in the room cleaning and saw no guns?


This gives mental illness a stigma. Most mentally ill people are not violent. I do not know what kind of definition to give this carnage. Anyone who says that guns don’t kill - people do is dead wrong!


These NRA types hide behind their guns I’ll bet because they are deficient in other areas.


Yes, they are idiots and I don;t even want to hear about their “rights.” That is all they care about-


Whatever happened on 911 and in Vegas and many other places unfortunately - people died and others were maimed. That is what matters - not arguing about the MSM.