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To Joe Biden, Trump's Potential Successor Mike Pence "Is a Decent Guy"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/26/joe-biden-trumps-potential-successor-mike-pence-decent-guy


Biden: the country’s most sincerely insincere man; how he can look in a mirror I don’t understand. Maybe I do, his self concept is totally delusional.
For him to run for POTUS is a rerun of the Hillary debacle, although maybe he is a little less of a war monger. Hillary though was a more accomplished liar, and could handle a debate-though of course not with any honesty. Biden has advanced foot in mouth disease.


When both GOP and DNC ’ standees’ for corporate greed come across as DOA, being propped up on the way to the morgue, the tape recordings played through their slack jaws get bolloxed on a daily basis.


Oh, damn. Trump has suggested that Congress look into Pence’s chats with Zelensky. Sounds good:


Many serial killers seem to be decent guys. Otherwise, how could they gain easy access?

After Troglodyte Trump, many will vote for whatever fascist acts more amiably toward everyone.


They’re all in a club that we’re never going to be allowed to join.

Protecting themselves is their ultimate priority.


Why do I feel a bit of bile at the back of my throat when reading this? Gack!! This just points to the fact that the two party system is merged into a quasi one party corporate state. The people are always screwed by the corporations. There were many top companies that didn’t pay any taxes last year! These two shills are working for them, not us. Gack, again! Peace

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I’m going to disagree. We are part of the club, US Citizenship. Its them who try to act like we don’t exist and that they owe no responsibility towards us.

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Biden said. “Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

So, biden, then why are the republicans allowing themselves to do something they know they aren’t supposed to be doing? I think biden and other dems like him are living in a fantasy world.

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What’s “a decent guy” to Joe Biden? Apparently, although Mike Pence is on the other team, but plays by the ruling class rules.

What does Biden consider an aberration? Apparently, it is a departure from business-as-usual, top-down control by what Biden considers the “normal” team–the neoconservative, AKA neoliberal faction of each party, and their associates, without some turkey imagining that he is a player just because he won a presidential election because of defectors within the Democratic Party who leaked vital information in 2016.

He is happy about impeachment because he has a reasonable chance to win an election against the likes of Mike Pence, and because Pence is thoroughly on Biden’s side of things even if Biden loses. Among a very many other things, any role that Biden might have in the fascist coup in Ukraine several years ago and the continued war effort will go unnoticed publicly, and future attempts towards open war in Iran will probably go unimpeded.

These are the reasons that an impeachment against a horrible president might not be a good thing. What is left in the party machines of both Republicans and Democrats is not better. The Democrats have some better people, and the Republicans do as well, though less so. But either way, these people are not controlling the system at a national level. They are part of the parties’ accommodation to local preferences–liberal northeasterners or out-of-beltway concerns by people away from the metropolitan coasts.


Most Democrats are Republican. Joe Biden is a good Republican candidate; if more of the same is what is desired.


I can’t speak for you Rock, but I am not, and never will be, an elite who knows greed like they do.

Don’t aspire to be one either.

There is a big difference from what a person is and what he does policy wise. Obviously, Solomon never learned this. Nice try trashing Biden again, Solomon, but you really are scraping the bottom of the low life barrel.

Why Warren is now leading the polls.

That Biden would say that about Trump’s lifeless zombie makes me think Biden is just another amoral, unethical and brain dead used up politician. He is of an earlier world, of back room fixers and oligarchic fascists. He is unelectable.


Reminds me of 2000 where Joe Liebermann sat down with Dick Cheney and made him look like everyone’s warm, quirky and harmless grandpa.

  • btw: it’s no coincidence that both of them: Biden and Lieberman, were perpetual ‘guests’ on the corporate media, particularly the Sunday shows throughout the 00’s.

I think PonyBoy was thinking about this…


DT and JB could be those twins separated at birth. Liars both. Both brimming with inflated views of their own worth…and both given to not being fully in the present. DT apparently takes pills … if you saw Kyle Kalinsky’s video (one with Donald bouncing off the walls and hugging the drapes and another where he was monotone and nodding off) you would agree. . And Biden should be on some sort of pills (aricept?) .if he isn’t. Pence.otoh…is one of the undead or the Munsters… They are all part ot the same train wreck.

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It’s too bad we can’t say the same for you, Joe.

It’s just more proof that Status Quo Joe is part of the PROBLEM, and is not capable of ever being part of an acceptable solution - for the 99%.

ByeDone has been on the side of Corporations and the oligarchy his entire career - it ain’t gonna change.

His judgement is devastating to the rest of us.

As Seth Meyers said many months ago:

Seth Meyers Burns Joe Biden’s GOP Optimism

“Trump didn’t change the GOP, he turned them loose,” said the host of NBC’s “Late Night.”

He continually attempts to paint his Republican buddies in Washington as decent people - they are not

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