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To Keep A Light On: First Responder Luis Alvarez Enters Hospice Care

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/20/keep-light-first-responder-luis-alvarez-enters-hospice-care


I can’t add anything to this article that hasn’t been so eloquently expressed already by Mr.
Alvarez, his fellow heroes, and Jon Stewart, who gave Congress the scolding that they so richly deserve.

Thank you, Abby for giving Mr. Alvarez a platform.


Good Pictures. Both of Them. Lest we think to quit Fighting.


People like Donald Trump or George W. Bush don’t have to go through this kind of thing. When it came to really serving the country - they were always missing in action. Now when it came to bullying and telling others what to do - or taking credit for everything - they were front and center. Unless this country changes drastically - it will no longer be worth sacrificing anything for. We should be treating Luis Alvarez and the other with top medical care, financial support and other services for what they did for this nation. What a shame!


Much credit and thanks to Mr. Alvarez.
This is the Republican mentality…to a tee. In the same way that they thank military veterans for their service, and then turn around and ignore them when their need is the greatest.
Congressional Republicans are not a party; they are a plague.


Oh America------it’s not only the soldiers you forget, but all the people who know how to
help and any who rush in to aid in any emergency. I wonder too how many of those in the office buildings that did escape—what has happened to their health, or the health of those living nearby?
It’s especially awful the that woman in charge told people that there was nothing to worry about---------I wonder what happened to all those citizens who were witnesses ,
but were ignored as they were not first responders?


Brings to mind the story (can’t vouch) that when Giuliani was mayor, he vetoed a request from first responders to upgrade their radio communications.

PNAC the murderers who just keep on killing for profit.

Reading this article about this awesome human being who gave his all for others I couldn’t help to notice they put him through 69 Chimo treatments, Yikes!!! Why was he encouraged to take so many? Chimo is not only brutal and extremely hard in the liver, they and the machines belong to the doctor. In other words, chimo is the only drug that doctors can buy and sell for what ever price they want, all other drugs are sold through pharmacies via prescription.

Our government, including Obama, has failed these true heroes at every turn. Why should they have to worry about their families, their loved ones, not being taken care of when they’re no longer capable? Or worry about how they’re going to pay for their own treatment? Our country has failed these men and women, and every member of our armed forces who are in need. Don’t ask the ultimate, and near ultimate sacrifices of our citizens, then leave them to beg for help. I don’t care what your political leanings are, this is just morally wrong, and needs to be rectified.

It would be nice to think we live in a world where Mitch McConnell would be haunted by the memory of Luis Alvarez in his current condition but we all know he’ll retract into his shell and sleep like a baby without a care in the world.

Everyone please remember, there isn’t a single Democrat opposing permanent funding for the responders, only Republicans; plus, if we had Medicare 4 All a lot of their financial problems caused by medical expenses would disappear.

BIG $$$ in America turned this horrible event of 911 into a justification for war … and big profits for themselves.

They let real selfless heroes get lost and forgotten along the way, suffering YEARS for all they did. … and don’t really seem to care at all. As long as their weapons factories are running at good speed …

Our NATION shoud be ashamed and embarrased that exactly THOSE who only see dollar signs BENEFIT from 911, while those real selfless, humane people are left aside and don’t make the news anymore!

And those who make their fortunes from such a travesty, CONTINUE in CHARGE of many areas of Decision-Making for the nation’s “defense.” They don’t KNOW what defense … IS !!

For shame!