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To Keep America Great, Legalize All Undocumented Immigrants

To Keep America Great, Legalize All Undocumented Immigrants

Pierre Tristam

Several times in history great nations crippled or ended their development by expelling industrious minorities. The United States is doing the same with its immigrants, legal or not. If it’s not been expelling them by the hundreds of thousands a year since the Obama days, and worse now under Trump, it’s been demonizing them as a threat–and not a minor threat–to America’s economy and culture.

But it’s the reverse. They’re among America’s salvations. We have a lesson to learn.

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This is among several problems I have with this article. Overall, I found his citing of cases of countries on the rise and those in decline to be a pretty bold claim for which you’d need to do a large study and not just throw out anecdotes. I didn’t see him mention the effect that migrants want to go to a country that is doing better than other countries so whatever starts the trend, it can be self-reinforcing.

Also, if Tristam is going to advocate for complete amnesty, then at least be intellectually honest and say that we must have open borders as well. He does bring up the jumping the line argument (and then dismisses it), but he doesn’t really say what he is for - just amnesty every 30 years?

I’m very tried of the argument that our economy is absolutely tied to immigration. That is ridiculous. It’s true that some things would change if we implemented what I would prefer - a US wide (not per state) driver’s license/ID that states whether you are allowed to work here or not and strong sanctions on employers who get caught hiring workers not allowed to work here. Perhaps certain crops that are too labor intensive to harvest or maintain would go away. Maybe we’d see a return to more modest house sizes given the per sq ft construction cost will go up without migrant workers to exploit with low wages. But to say both agriculture and tourism would collapse is just hyperbole. Save that for climate change or some issue where we need it.

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The big scam the Dems, Repubs, & Plutocrats are running requires that there be millions of undocumented (AKA ‘illegal’) immigrants because these people essentially serve as slaves or serfs in our system. ‘Illegals’ are generally willing to work very hard for starvation wages, and are often afraid to report abusive or law-breaking employers for fear of deportation or worse. This pool of serf-labor then helps keep the wages of citizen workers low, for fear that the citizens could always be replaced by ‘illegals.’

Additionally, since ‘illegals’ can’t vote, workers’ political parties don’t benefit from this potential source of membership.

Working class Americans would actually be better off if anyone who made it across the borders was granted instant citizenship, period, with full rights.

The Dems & Repubs, & their Plutocrat Pentagon Masters all know these things very, very well.

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I partially agree - of course the dynamic of being able to exploit workers who are too afraid to report anything lest they be deported is true. However, there is still a dynamic that open borders can still depress wages in sectors that get flooded with people willing to work for less (which will still be the case, though at least the abuse would stop).

If we had a better world where all countries had sane population policy and treated their citizens humanely, I’d be fine with open borders. In the world I live in now, I’m against it - it will be too disruptive. Requiring all valid workers (citizens, green card holders, work visa holders) to prove to their employer that they are allowed to work here and bringing the hammer down on anyone who hires someone who isn’t allowed is the only reasonable solution I’ve heard thus far. The wall is idiotic as is periodic amnesty but nothing else done to address the problem.

False analogies across the board. The instances that Tristam cites are all instances of uprooting and chasing out populations with long residency in the country and historical integration in the economy.

Additionally, there is a difference between expelling those who came (or remained) illegally and allowing legal immigration. Why is it other countries are allowed to determine who they will allow to enter and stay as immigrants but somehow the US is not allowed the same attribute of nationhood?

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I agree- if you are not a one per center- then what is great? The people smiling now already have it all and want to take others’ shares.

The dems now have only resorted to talking about illegal immigrants. I no longer here them talking about jobs, social security, education and the most important of all the global warming issue.

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How about the instant citizenship of a baby because someone vacationed here? Yes, it is being done by wealthy Russians and Chinese . It harkens back to the fourteenth amendment, and it is being abused by others . We are the only country (USA) that allows this idiocy.

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I agree with the agriculture and tourism hype. We have plenty of young people ( yes citizens) who harvest crops. And we have lots of people who grow their own food.

i am sitting here remembering the stories of my parents and grandparents. they used to move place to place to harvest crops. i am 59. i still believe there are those who would do the same for some type of job and to pay for food on the table.

That’s not true. Unrestricted Jus Soli is the policy for essentially every country in the Western hemisphere.

I agree with this. The key fact about the Dreamers is that they didn’t break the law - their parents did.

I support a robust but well vetted immigration system. Immigrants are generally a young group and help to stabilize the age distribution and constantly refresh the “bank of ideas” that drives innovation. That allows for the dignified retirement of the current population (systems like Social Security are built on contributions from the young) and drives prosperity.

I don’t at all agree with the demeaning premise that we need immigrants to do our crap jobs. If an employer wants to hire a person from outside the country, I think that should go along with a $2000 per quarter per hire tax and that money should go into a fund that is used for vetting new immigrants (as well ashore vetting those deemed eligible to work here without immigrating).

This “birthright” is tied to our constitution, and must be changed.

Another instance of technology outrunning laws. When the Constitution was passed, there were damned few women who would/could face a three-month voyage while pregnant just to have their baby on american soil. Now you theoretically get on a plane when you first started having contractions and touch down in the US before birth.

This needs to change pronto! Plus there are even wealthy Chinese and Russian women taking advantage of this. This law was not put into place for anything near that reason of course. Just a few weeks ago , some Russian women who admitted they were wealthy admitted that they could do what they wanted with their money. ( on the MSM yet). And they were very snooty about it.

I completely disagree. The fourteenth amendment is one of the most important parts of the Constitution for protecting the human rights of Americans. The fact that a few rich people might have taken advantage of it is not an appropriate reason to discard it. The rich and powerful take advantage of every law - the good ones and the bad ones.

I disagree about the birthright. Maybe the wording has to be changed or the purpose of the amendment has to be restated. It certainly is not there for anyone to take advantage of it. This is an especially important law.

One could change birthright citizenship without throwing out the 14th Amendment. Simply require that one of the parents be a citizen at the time of the birth.

These kids are beneficial to our country in a myriad of ways - I have no idea what the problem is. People born in the U.S. to foreign parents are more productive (e.g. contributions to the economy) and more innovative (e.g. contributions to patents) than people born to U.S. citizens. Don’t buy into the anti-immigrant frenzy that has no evidential basis.