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To Keep 'Internet Free and Open for All,' Dems Demand Paul Ryan Schedule Net Neutrality Vote Immediately

To Keep 'Internet Free and Open for All,' Dems Demand Paul Ryan Schedule Net Neutrality Vote Immediately

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Accusing Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of thwarting the will of the public by attempting to block lawmakers' efforts to restore overwhelmingly popular net neutrality protections—which will officially be repealed on June 11th—the entire Senate Democratic caucus


Another looming knife in the backers of free speech. I want to be positive but I believe this censorship will be pushed through despite the overwhelming opposition. This is a control state high priority.

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I would rather have net neutrality than DACA. Congress, work it out.

Isn’t it cute that the Clintoncrats have once again deluded themselves into believing the opposition party that has all the power, all the women and all the cars, is magically going to allow votes on net neutrality and Immigration reform.
By cute I meant pathetic. Neither of these scenarios is going to happen as you would sooner get a job in a pie factory, testing them, that you would to see these come up for a vote.

“Activists and advocates in every district are already turning up the heat on anyone who sells out their constituents to line the pockets of AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.”

Line whose pockets? Corporatist capitalists do not line other people’s pockets for free. C’mon. Get real.

Never happen. Especially the corporate shills of the DNC, Clinton-Perez-Pelosi-Schumer-Feinstein-Menendez and crew. But miracles do happen. “The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” is working its “mojo”. Denial of the growing power of the PPC:ACFMR is still happening, even right here, seems to me. But proof’s in the pudding. MLK started with only 58 people. Meanwhile, We the People (and the poor people, like moi) may have to suffer just a little while longer, sans affordable high-speed, secure internet.

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