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To Keep the Red Flag Flying Here


To Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

The Solidarity with Refugees march by many thousands in London was heartening in so many ways: The fundamental message of humanity, the presence of new Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and his call to "open your hearts (and) minds" to those who are victims of our wars. High point: Billy Bragg's stirring, fist-in-the-air singing of the Socialist anthem, "The Red Flag." Wow. From a Corbyn mentor, "Hope is the fuel of progress."


The Glory of Creation is in it's Infinite Diversity.

And how our Differences combine to Create Meaning and Beauty.


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Rather saddening that no one sang with Billy. "The Red Flag" is quite a good anthem, and Labour pols on stage used to sing it with arms linked. It seems that perhaps comrade Corbyn has his work cut out for him.


"Be Human": yes, that is it for all of us. Being a home "sapien" (are we that bright?) is no guarantee of being human.


They both look like somewhat slimmed down and scruffier versions of Julian Assange.


So? There has been enough criticism from the B Liar camp. Give him a go.


Now that was funny!! I like it even better than Toady Blair.