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'To Live, to Thrive, Not Only to Survive': San Juan Mayor Calls for Replacing Austerity With Green New Deal to Save Puerto Rico


'To Live, to Thrive, Not Only to Survive': San Juan Mayor Calls for Replacing Austerity With Green New Deal to Save Puerto Rico

Julia Conley, staff writer

BURLINGTON, VT. — The hope for a House Committee that would work to pass a Green New Deal—now supported by 15 representatives thanks to grassroots pressure—was the subject of much discussion at the Sanders Institute Gathering this weekend, and on Saturday the specifics of how the bold proposal for a new nationwide sustainable infrastructure would help some of the Americans most affected by austerity policies came into view.


This requirement that policy intended to save us from calamity has to be based on being good for business is bullshit. Consumerism is the problem. We need to produce, buy and sell less, not more. Producing buttloads of consumer crap is what got us into this mess in the first place. Here’s where that crap ends up, yo:

“Each year, at least 8 million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean – which is equivalent to dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. If no action is taken, this is expected to increase to two per minute by 2030 and four per minute by 2050.”


Yulin Cruz for Prez!


Brava! "Colonialism is a crime and financial domination is a crime"


Status quo capitalism guarantees financial domination of the many by the few.
Although some think it is impossible, i believe we can democratically reform and authentically regulate a new form of ‘capitalism’ that ensures the end of poverty and the arrival of conditions that guarantee international human rights. The deceptions of the free market must be disempowered, and a new market formed that serves the majority.

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It seems we have more fingers than pies to stick them in.


I would tend to agree with you. Puerto Rico has already been gift wrapped and handed over to the oligarchy. Only an old fashioned storming of the Bastille and some heads in baskets will save them now.
I wish them well.


Thing is, as she describes the necessities for Puerto Rico, she is in fact speaking of thee and me.


15 representatives is a pathetic number considering a majority of the country is in favor of this Democratic version of a Green New Deal.

Will Democrats ever understand that they could rule for decades if they could only see past their greed.


Was thinking the same. BigB’s “them” is us.


You can’t fix something that isn’t broken. Capitalism is doing exactly what it’s intended to do. The nation’s manufacturing sector and all the people that worked in it are just collateral damage.
The only way to reform Capitalism is to kill it. Before it’s too late.


Since there is no viable replacement for capitalism, isn’t our only real choice to get a hold of the beast and ‘slap it silly’ till it works for the benefit of the majority? However, i do sympathize with your cynicism. There is so much to be critical of.
Capitalism is a complex interactive concept. The monetary system, which colludes with present masters of power and deception, is its chief architect and thug enforcer. If people democratically unseat the current power brokers (a dream, i know), once we uncouple the two foundational pillars, then capitalism, which is really our current tradition of “How to get money”, could be reformed.
What if competition under its corrupted form was ended, but competition to provide good jobs and a living wage became the ‘law’, and more importantly, the successful new way? Corporations would not be people, and would be forced to serve. Liars and obstructors would find that it no longer pays to deceive, and transparency and accountability would result in swift ‘regulation’ the likes of which have never been seen.
When real, full access to information becomes the norm, there would be no place to hide within a governance or economics that pays people to serve each other honestly and responsibly.
The fact that we are so far away from these possibilities attests to the corruption inherent in our traditions. Not being a nihilist, the heart of progressive hope has to be endurance and strength as we labor to turn a long standing, corrupted social tradition into an authentic social democracy that benefits everyone.
Be well.


WTF are you on about? You say there’s no alternative to Capitalism then you describe Socialism as the cure.


Doesn’t social democracy utilize capitalism?


That new Green deal that the Democrats came up with will not help Puerto Ricans in the least. if it helps anyone it would help the crooked Democratic politicians in Puerto Rico’s government. I can write a new plan for Puerto Rico that would help more people on the Island than some Crooked Politician that only cares for themself and there crooked friends. We seen how the Mayor took care of her people by making it hard to get the goods into the ports and the Democrats Unions taking the goods out to the people that needed them. how about not how the Mayor wouldn’t show up for the meeting about distributing goods. Now you think the Democrats have the peoples best interest in mind. The cities that they control are either in bankrupt or ghost towns. They care more about helping people in mexico or some other country than there own people they have proved that time and time again. I wouldn’t trust what comes out that Mayor’s mouth.