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To Lump Him With Trump, Zakaria Lies About Sanders on Brexit



It's the Wash Post thru Zakaria again trying to misrepresent Sanders and trivialize him, since he's not gone away or gone along with the coronation. He still has 1900 delegates and he's taking them to Philadelphia. The TPP failure by the DNC convention platform committee 10 days ago sure didn't help Hillary.

This Zakaria essay is also a version of the "Sanders is a racist" line used by so many defenders of Hillary in comment boards at Common Dreams, Alternet, and Salon. It's not real far from much of the pro Hillary drivel that Amanda Marcotte publishes at Salon and Joan Walsh publishes in the Nation.


"It’s a subtle but potent lie." Well said guys!

I too read Zakaria's article with 'the post' and was disappointed. The party's division will ultimately be beneficial however, clarity is always good.

Regardless of political affiliation, people throughout history, have chosen the 'might' side opposed to the 'right' side. They remain patriots to the oligarchy, probably to fatten their own dogs, etc. It seems Mr. Fareed is one of these.

Aside from who wins, and votes, and politics; it is refreshing when the truth is represented. Thank you gentlemen for using your power as journalist's to support what is honesty happening around our current political climate and it's "liberal division."

Reporters, like yourselves, who can with-stand the overwhelming pressures, which billionaires apply to keep humanity enslaved, are surely needed. Clearly the Clintons and the Trumps serve the same masters, regardless of the puppet show plot. Obviously, Zakaria and his cohorts "fluff" the audience between shows. It is good too see what side people are on.

As for myself, one citizen among 99%, I say, keep on shining you crazy diamonds! Report the truth! Kudos, Thank you, Gracias, and so on....


Maybe I spend too much time on CD, but I no longer read WaPo or The Nation or The Atlantic, or any number of 'Serious' publications. Many articles here remind me of why I don't. Zakaria: another POS CFR member.


"This is an assertion of faith, since Clinton has come out against the Trans Pacific Partnership, Obama’s signature trade deal. Zakaria may assume Clinton is lying when she says she changed her mind on this, but he provides no evidence for this supposition."

No need to show proof the sun rises.

I usually love FAIR and their weekly program "Media Matters", but on this single point they're off track.

They look absolutely correct on Zakaria otherwise.

Another quibble: Brexit. It's being used as an example of Trump-like anti-Muslim bigotry and nationalism, but I'm not sure that's fair. U.S. actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria caused the problem of Muslim immigration in Europe. The U.S. is larger than all of the EU combined, yet has only taken a fraction of the Muslim refugees that EU nations have. Liberals in the U.S. are complaining about Europeans objecting to large numbers of immigrants in their countries, to the extent the question of national identity becomes an issue - but where are they when it comes to calling for more here? They simply respond to Trump's call to ban all Muslim immigrants while ignoring the enormous disparity in the number of immigrants flooding Europe and the trickle allowed here.

Brexit was also a response to the economic inequality pushed by the elites. Greece is in an economic death-spiral because of austerity measures imposed on it by the EU Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF. Measures Clinton wholly supported. Many Brits see that as an example of the EU working hard to screw workers and help the rich.

To say Sanders simply opposed Brexit doesn't take into accout what he said post-Brexit - so I think FAIR is being unfair.

"Bernie Sanders penned an op-ed in the New York Times Tuesday, eviscerating the economic policies “established and maintained by the world’s economic elite” that are “failing people everywhere.”

Discussing some of the factors that prompted British voters last week to leave the European Union, Sanders wrote that workers in Britain “have turned their backs on the European Union and a globalized economy that is failing them and their children.”

“Surprise, surprise,” he noted.

Sanders also reiterated talking points he used on the campaign trail, focusing specifically on the impact of income inequality. “The top 1 percent now owns more wealth than the whole of the bottom 99 percent,” Sanders wrote. “The very, very rich enjoy unimaginable luxury while billions of people endure abject poverty, unemployment, and inadequate health care, education, housing and drinking water.”"



The ruling class narrative that the Brexit vote was a manifestation of racism and nothing more is slowly being deconstructed. Glad that Bernie gave the working class view and thanks for posting this. BTW, 60,000 folks joined the Labor Party last week. I wonder why......



Look Out SuperDelegates!
Many of us Sandman supporters (>20 percent) will not vote for TPP-birthing, War-Clinton under any circumstances!
Are you prepared to lose another branch of government to the Repukes?

And that was back in May before we found out about all the cheating by Dirty Debbie Wasserman Shultz leaked emails when the DNC server was hacked according to accounts now in the public domain. It's gotta be more than 20 percent of Sander's Supporters intending to vote for Trump if Clinton is the Dem nominee. Better think twice about nominating someone so hated.

(Note: Clinton claimed the TPP is the "Gold Standard of trade agreements"; Never mind that she now claims to be against the TPP monster that she helped create!)

And this Rasmussen poll shows Trump beating Clinton 43 to 39 percent:

Dear SuperDelegates:
Bernie Sanders beats trump in virtually every national poll by double digits.
If you are smart you will dump Clinton, just like you did in 2008.
The Sandman Supporters


To reiterate what lucky9 says above, we can't get all flustered every time we "discover" that WaPO or NYT do a hatchet job in their pieces. They do that because that's their role in the mainstream/neoliberal order. What's more interesting, and productive, is the gradual shift in information consumption patterns on the part of us, the citizenry, away from these publications and towards a diversity of (mostly internet based) news sources.


Recalling during the 2004 campaign Dubya serially accusing Kerry of being "wishy washy" when Dubya was even more so.

On a scale of one to ten with ten being the most wishy washy Kerry would be a two, Dubya a four while Clinton, Trump and Zakaria would be solid tens.

Despite only 6 chapters of TPP dealing with trade while the other 24 enable regulatory capture, Zakaria and the rest of the MSM have serially characterized TPP as a "trade deal" and accused detractors of being "against trade".


In the context of the recent Brexit vote, this statement would seem to imply that voting to leave the EU, the seat of might, or financial power, is a vote for might.


I wonder if Zaharia will be on that Muslim list and, if he happens not to be Muslim, how he might prove that he isn't.


That would be karma with a bullet.