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'To Make It Easier to Screw the Poor,' Trump Wants to Massively Reorganize Federal Government


'To Make It Easier to Screw the Poor,' Trump Wants to Massively Reorganize Federal Government

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what critics are calling an "insane" proposal by the Trump administration "to make it easier to screw the poor," the White House is reportedly considering sweeping changes to the organization of the federal government, which could be announced as early as Thursday.


This is why impeaching Trump and getting rid of the GOP and the DINO enablers who support his agenda.
Trump is definitely a Fuhrer type, and will massively change government and society to further the goals of the oligarchy/plutocracy/aristocratic ghouls.
I’ve contacted Bernie’s office to ask him to lead a street revolution or at least be like MLK.
I can’t count on anyone else in Congress to do anything other than be complicit.


You make it sound like you have a choice. You don’t. It’s a big club and you and I ain’t in it. .


They might as well call it “Slash and burn everything for everyone at the bottom act”


After this continued assault on us, not one mention of a plan to physically take these people out who plan to murder us! Unbelieveable!


Berne might be better than most but he sold out too when he endorsed Hillary and so did Elizabeth Warren. He had a chance to run on the green party and take everyone w him. Anyway , dems fixed the elections against him in the primaries or else he probably would have been the candidate against Trump.
Check out this website for fixing of elections.


Instead, how about a Universal Basic Income decided by yearly referendum?


I’ve posted many times on this site how peaceful protests won’t work on this crowd, maybe this will wake some up, maybe not. So I guess we will try protest, I will be apart of the resistance, but will be sharpening my pitchfork in the mean time.
Some here would rather beg on their knees, not my nature, I would rather die on my feet.


Yeah you should keep holding up those scary cardboard signs… that should stop them…


The Federal Government needs massive reorganizing around what all the people want, not what politicians and oligarchs want.



Might be time to create a new government after We the People (the working classes) burn this one to the ground.


Might as well merge the Defense Department and the Peace Corps while they’re at it – it would make as much sense. Actually, the insanity of the proposal should help feed voter backlash against Repubs in November. And Congressional approval would surely not be forthcoming, regardless.


I, too, have lost my trust in anything political in the USA. Killer Don needs a serious taste of his own medicine.

Please work hard to take away his political tools and make 2018 a signature year for the 99% by changing the government.


Hey, Dump believes that public schools are part of a welfare state. He is a clueless, insensitive piece of crap who brags about his inherited money.


I agree- marching in the streets is great- but needs to be backed by action!


Would you stop it with the UBI already? Not enough people are working real jobs ( unless you count uber and lyft here in the USA> already


Well, unless you are a billionaire- you do not count.


Well, he isn’t going to be impeached ( Dream on)- then even if that happened in fantasy land- we would be stuck with Pence!


he’s already put supremely unqualified people in charge of agencies, like pruitt & zinke among a few others. our safety is a thing of the past.


A bad nightmare turned into a meticulously planned out horrific reality to enact full spectrum dominance. What’s coming hardly seems worth living with zero freedom and free speech in the near future. Tracked and tagged like animals in a zoo cage. So much for progress and hope. Some of us have some good old days to remember.