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To Make Sense of Soleimani Assassination, Media Turn to Disgraced Iraq War Gen. David Petraeus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/12/make-sense-soleimani-assassination-media-turn-disgraced-iraq-war-gen-david-petraeus


Too much here to comment on. So, I will take just one item.
The diaries.
From Desert Storm, all documents were claimed by Schwarzkopf as his personal belongings. Delivered and stored in his two car garage.
Petreaus Permitted his biographer to read through his diary binders. She had the proper security clearance and did not use any of the information in the book.
The case turned into a misdemeanor. A traffic ticket.

This whole episode was political by Obama to avoid Petraeus running for president against Hillary.

These people ignite the fires and feed the flames to divide ,conquer .
It’s time to put out the flames and unify humanity or we all go down .


The US trades off back-and-forth allies in the MidEast to bolster its mission of creating instability there.
And what we can’t accomplish by fomenting tension and unrest, we pursue through violence.

Petraeus is fuckin liar of the highest order. His biggest lie: referring to the War in Iraq (over a million killed, $4trillion spent, sanctions before the war and now about to be reapplied, US troops still there and now targeted, Shiite militias with much more power than the official Iraqi army who turned tail and ran when ISIS invaded, Iranian influence strengthened, Iraqi economy/infrastructure in tatters) a “victory.”

The only way we won in Iraq is by destroying the place.


To truly make sense of the war on Iran (of which we are now clearly in the midst, not on the verge), one would need the historical curiosity to look back on Iran’s story of imperial depredation, for many decades. But not many USAmericans (unlike Iranians and other subject peoples) place any importance on historical truths. All teachers of any use to the historically inquisitive (the few, the proud) are silenced and shunned. Even people of international stature, right here on our teeming shores, such as Noam Chomsky:

US Is a Rogue State and Suleimani’s Assassination Confirms It

The only reason clowns like Petraeus (pronounced “betray us”) are taken at all seriously is because we’re confined to M$MBS padded cells, insulated from any infusions of reality, inmates of a national madhouse.


“All of the above would disqualify most people from invitations to appear on news programs.”

No, this is exactly what the imperial media requires.


Petraeus is just as much of a “TERRORIST”, as Soleimani is, or is not. Both of these guys were high ranking officers of their respective National Military services, so…if soleimani is a terrorist, then all of the high ranking officers of US military ARE indeed, terrorists themselves. PS, Love how the so-called conservatives are so enamored of the word “Terrorist”, maybe it gives them a little jolly to say it. or not.


After being the Dubya Regime’s second in command hired gun (reporting to Rumsfeld) Betrayus landed in a multi-million dollar Wall Street retirement gig and continues to be the military industrial media infotainment complex’s (MIMIC) top hired gun. If this is what we call “disgraced” you can safely bet your last nickle that Betrayus isthe role model for an endless line of military operatives.

A justice system having any integrity would at the very least land Betrayus in Guantanamo for life.


That’s one hell of a traffic ticket. Obviously, you’re not familiar with the difference among the states regarding what constitutes a careless and extremely (w)reckless action. Even people driving a golf cart are more conscious about that than you apparently want to let on. You are a liberal.
Pillow talk- if his biographer had used the diary in her book she could/would of been charged with a possible crime, right?
Gen. Swartzkoph only has a two car garage? At which property? Where does he keep the Hummer(s)? And, he’s got a Crew Cab Pick’em Up Truck somewhere, you’d think?
The General certainly can afford to be adamant, or his lawyers can, about his diary being private.
Of course, he didn’t share them while serving someone eggs, toast and coffee in bed after all, right?
Nice that you kept it at one. Thanks.

Not to mention that Betrayus and Palin running for POTUS in 2008 would have drawn the MAGA hat wearers out of their caves earlier than Trump launching his birther fraud.

Seeing how Trump gives applicants with a criminal background extra points, its surrprising that Trump hasn’t offered Betrayus an appointment yet.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t want to be upstaged by Betrayus who took compromising US security to an unprecedented level, an achievement that only a handful of Americans (including Trump) can claim?


That’s what they always do. How dare they use sources from convicted crimmals or those that got pardon by corrupt President’s. Think Ollie North et al, Cheney/Rumfield/Bush, Tom Delay and Newt the cheater and liar and who else?

They know they will create doubts/disinformation and keep the chaos going which drives up their profits.


They really must change the name of that show from, “Face the Nation,” to "Disgrace the Nation."


We’ve been saying, " where we paste the nation " for decades. Paste us right in the kisser, most weekends.


Whenever the name Petraeus comes up, I immediately reference his abominable snow job with which he distorted and dehumanized entire premises in anthropology and sociology to militarize the humanities for lucre. This sad epitomization of greed is the author of the Counterinsurgency Manual used in Iraq.

The Network of Concerned Anthropologists is a group of scholars seeking to promote an ethical anthropology. They believe that anthropologists should not engage in research and other activities that contribute to counterinsurgency operations in Iraq or in related theaters in the war on terror.

When they heard about the CIM, they published The Counter Counter-Insurgency Manual specifically citing the unethical extraction from scholarly work for military abuse. You can get a copy of this slim little volume for $12.95 and in MHO, every household should have a copy.

Preface Marshall Sahlins

Introduction: War, Culture, and Counterinsurgency
Roberto González, Hugh Gusterson, David Price

Part I: Counter-histories of Militarism

  1. The Military Normal Catherine Lutz
  2. Militarizing Knowledge Hugh Gusterson

Part II: Countering the Counterinsurgency Manual
3. Faking Scholarship David Price
4. Radical or Reactionary? Greg Feldman

Part III: Countering Counterinsurgency
5. Embedded Roberto González
6. Counter AFRICOM Catherine Besteman

Part IV: Anthropological Implications
7. Anthropology and HUMINT Andrew Bickford
8. About Face! Kanhong Lin

Part V: Alternatives
9. Proposals for a Humanpolitik David Vine


Yes the dirty hands of the CIA taking down the President of Iran decads ago because he nationalized the oil which belonged to the Iranian people.


Once again I would like to remind people of what we owe to the Greeks for their many great ideas on how a government should work. One really important thing about ancient Greece , was that losing generals were ostracized had to leave their nation ! What a great idea. Perhaps America should try this
Maybe they should be ostracized and forbidden to work in certain job areas----Like appearing on TV and acting as if they know something! If they lose , perhaps they shouldn’t be considered experts! If they are promoting wars and yet—losing them this might be a clue that these men are really really ineffective and bad at their jobs!

Instead of being rewarded with TV news jobs, or as sellers of bad ideas on military machines of all types or even allowing them to become lobbyists, or sitting on think tanks----maybe they should just be demoted down to nothings as they have shown hubris and greed, but clearly no warrior abilities , and even more importantly—no PEACE MAKING skills at all : (


According to the rationale the US Government used to assassinate Soleimani. Patreus is a legitimate military target.


Peace makers are not welcome. They are not profitable.

Fall of the Peacemakers


Hi Seeker:
Oh right— I forgot that PEACE doesn’t make money------but WAR does kill our planet!

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Priorities are everything. For politicians, lobbyists, and the media clowns the priorities have always been to serve the ones that feed the greed.

There is a line from a Lou Reed song:

“Does anyone need yet another politician
caught with his pants down and money sticking in his hole”

I would add MSM talking heads to that. Does anyone really need them?