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To Netanyahu, Peace Is an Existential Threat


To Netanyahu, Peace Is an Existential Threat

Trita Parsi

To Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, peace between the US and Iran is an existential threat. By now, it should be clear to all: It's not an Iranian nuclear bomb he fears, but a US-Iran deal.

In a tweet earlier this morning, the Prime Minister said as much: "We are strongly opposed to the agreement being formulated between the world powers and Iran that could endanger Israel's very existence."


The headline says it all, but thanks (honestly) Mr. Parsi for this concise summation.


Dick Cheney sold Iran the centrifuge tubes they would use in any uranium enrichment. Why is using them a problem? They came from Halliburton.


it’s not a matter of pushing the American people toward war as much as getting the Congress to go to war. It is assumed that consent and even enthusiasm for war can easily be ignited in the American people, as dumb and gullible as they are… In our Congress there are at least 60 wahoo Republican Congressman and 15 or so crazy for war Senators. Then there are the rest of them who can be whipped in line by the leaders of both parties. We saw how effectively this worked this last time around. Time after time this war loving faction has gotten its way nad will again. Using the power of the state to wage war must be a cracklike addicion to those who hold power. It doesn’t really matter if war is effective policy or even if it only provokes blowback. We are itching for war because at least it displays power, displaying it the only way we know how. We want our enenies to fear us. That feels really good to us. It will feel even better to Netanyahu too. What chumps we are,he thinks. So easy to get us to do his dirty work.


Somewhat paradoxically perhaps, peace is a real threat to Israel’s prominent position in the world.


Bibi is just Amerika’s nutty yahoo!


Peace is an existential threat to Bibi’s purported relevance.


Various Israeli governments have been steadfastly resisting “peace” for over 30 years. The Israelis understand that real peace would require negotiations and, therefore, concessions of one sort or another. The simple fact is: the Israelis feel that they have so large an advantage over the Palestinians why in the world would they compromise when they can just do what they like, and take what they want, by brute main force? Part of the game is to magnify the threat emanating from the “Arab” and “Muslim” countries. We are to believe that all these countries wish to destroy Israel, and so Israel must be armed to the teeth and it must ever be at war, as everyone knows that “the Arabs” are untrustworthy. Every country that reaches some agreement with the United States in the Middle East diminishes the need for Israel as a US attack dog. The Israelis know they have a good thing going. Hence their brazen attempt to destroy negotiations between the USA and Iran. The greatest “existential threat” to the Israeli nation is Israel itself. The mad unyielding behavior of the Israeli government will eventually lead to self- destruction. All of recorded history proves this.


A more peaceful world would show the treatment of Palestinians in high relief. The goal of ultimately removing Palestine from the world map, history and memory is only supported by a conflict structure.


We are itching for war because at least it displays power, displaying it the only way we know how.

I think that one of the reasons that the powers that be are itching for war, is because the perpetrators suffer no consequences to themselves. the suffering happens over there, far away. And even if there are casualties amongst our troops, those who suffer will be overwhelmingy, the victims and not the perpetrators.

It is not really a fight if the schoolyard bully terrorises another child, or the police hold down and tazer a citizen. Ask the police or the bully to stop. Why should they, because the perpetrators are are not hurting at all. Instead, they are having a good time.

It is not really a war if the empire and its jakals cause immense suffering amongst millions by destroying yet another country using its superior weaponry so long as there are very few consequences to themselves back here. Its not really a war. Its called having a good time, and being glorious heroes while they are doing it.

P.S.: Careful with the “we” word, when you post on CD. It may save you having to type a few words, and the reader from having to read them, but it is contentious here on CD. Sentences could be misinterpreted when removed from their context.


It should be crystal clear by now that Israel isn’t the least interested in peace. If they were, that would impede or end the expanding illegal settlement into Palestine and that is unacceptable to them. That the U.S. goes along with Israel’s continuing violations of international law and treaties, not only shows the power of AIPAC, but also how the U.S. extends American exceptionalism in it’s treatment of Israel to include them as well. Two rogue states to say the least and as polls show us each year, the two countries the rest of the world believes are first and second as a threat to world peace. As an American, one feeling of mine is one of shame, in that, my government advances violence, while calling others who likewise engage in such behavior, terrorist states. Talk about your duel personality disorder and sociopathic policy! The rulers here and in Israel possess these qualities in spades and have for more years than I have lived and I’m in my 60’s.


The obvious answer to why peace is an existential threat is that it derails the neoconservative policy of destabilizing the region in order to advance its own agenda of increased Israeli security and reduced opposition to a neo-liberal economic agenda coupled with unrestricted expansion of Israeli territory in the “holy land”.


Be careful of the word “we” is aimed at me. I am very good at deconstructing propaganda whether it’s state or corporately based.

Your narrative isn’t bad except that it associates brute power with having fun. A keener analysis would link brute power with the Dominator State, itself. It is a state based on patriarchy–which means privileges foremost for males, particularly Caucasian males, and/or those of $/means. This paradigm uses force, propaganda, and coercion to remain in place and one of the central tenets of propaganda is to convince those who are suppressed that they are free and/or chose their current state.

We are itching for war is a MALE construct and within that MALE construct, it’s directly linked to militarism which is rule by Mars. There are 11 other co-equal archetypes but until this cosmic fact of life is widely recognized, Mars’ bullying tactics will remain in place using Might to make Right.

Naturally the person on the receiving end of that brutal might is hardly its advocate. But the narrative of WE wipes away any distinction between the two contrary roles.


Perhaps unknowingly, you’re doing a People Magazine style personality-based analysis that leaves out the real motives: power, financial profits, and maintaining U.S. hegemony. Without conflicts, how could the MIC continue to make war its chief product with outfits like Carlyle busily brokering arms deals to every 3rd world dictator they can find? This is hardly about two states that don’t want peace. That is true on its face, but it’s a rather surface level analysis. It leaves out oil, geopolitical advantages, weapons sales, and the continued potency of the U.S. dollar.


Oh I agree I could have gone into much more depth as you suggest, but I was simply trying to stay on the point of the article.


I knew that man was a liar before it was revealed that he lied to his dear friends the USA…and Israel didn’t make a mistake when they fired on our research ship Liberty in international waters killing 34 sailors!!..they knew what they were doing…and we foregave them their error!I didn’t!


In spite of the fact that Israel seems pro Netanyahu, I believe that they need a new prime minister.
He’s been there too long, and he’s getting them into trouble. The future of the United States lies with
Iran, and hopefully in time, with other members of the middle east. These nations have much more
value for us than a super dependent and whining Israel. It’s time to step back.


Unfortunately I now believe that Israel’s main target is to keep everybody busy while trying to expand their ownership of lands around them by as much as possible until they are FORCED to recognize and agree to final borders for a Palestine that their extremists can never give up ! This game will go on as long as they can make it happen ! This country (Israel) was put together by Europe’s leaders as a way of appeasing the Jewish community that they had terrorized and still discriminate against in many ways - a terrible legacy. Now we have to deal with the results of those actions - will the world never learn ? Same old story with Iraq’s borders, when will the West and my original country of UK particularly stop interfering in the affairs of other places !! I really fear for Israel’s future if it does NOT learn respect for the inhabitants of the lands around them. I have Jewish roots on my mother’s side, but not under any illusions about human nature and the problems of religious fanaticism.


Israel is widely believed to be the sixth country in the world to have developed nuclear weapons
and to be one of four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State
by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the others being India, Pakistan and North Korea

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