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To Oust "Hawkish Centrist," Progressives Push for Primary Challenge Against Feinstein


To Oust "Hawkish Centrist," Progressives Push for Primary Challenge Against Feinstein

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"After 47 years in elected office and 25 years in the Senate," Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) says, "she continues to cling to office as a voice for the status quo."

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)


Feinstein is a poster politician for why one should never vote Democrat (or Republican). I still recall her voting for giving Bush the power to invade Iraq even though 98% of her constituents were against her doing so. She simply babbled on about having some secret “intelligence” about Iraq and gave her constituents the finger. Just as she has done over the years while she and her husband were amassing a fortune from investing in the defense industries. Democrats have destroyed themselves in their quest for corporate cash.


Ms. Feinstein, with all due respect, I have voted for you many times, please let us have someone else.


…or else Tjm will vote for you again!..just sayin’


With all due respect sir, please read Holygeezers post until you get the message.


Your kind.


Both senator Feinstein and former senator Joe Lieberman are hard core war criminals fully dedicated to supporting the Israeli apartheid government’s genocidal agenda in the middle east. Both Feinstein and Lieberman should be tried and hanged for crimes against humanity, their properties confiscated and auctioned off with proceeds used to promote aid to Palestinians, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian refugees.


I was one of the protesters who went to her office in San Francisco but she went into hiding despite promising to speak to us earlier.


Please kick the bitch out, she has absolutely non of the ideals of progressive California especially not of the City of San Francisco. She is a very sly woman who acts as if she was there to enrich herself and her family and do Israel’s bidding.


Yes, it is difficult for the Democratic Party here in California to own up to being the Republican Lite group in congress. Other states are going through the same thing. Why is that so outrageous in 2017 when Republican heavies have elected Donald Trump as president, probably the most horrific sexist, racist, ego maniac, sociopath president in our history.


That she wants to run again at 84 years of age really shows what cushy jobs congress critters have. Given that term limits are a non-starter in this country, maybe we could have age limits?

Idealism is a critical component to making progressive change. Let’s face it, most of us (and certainly Diane) are pretty stuck in our ways as we get older, and no longer think outside the box. (Bernie being a larger than life exception!).

Well, Feinstein has lost her chance to retire gracefully. Now we’ll have to hit her upside the head with her own irrelevance.


for years I have confronted members of Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club here in Berkeley to get rid of Feinstein, all I have gotten back is a rolling of the eyes. So much for expecting change from democrats. This woman has been a nightmare from the beginning, when she got to be mayor of San Francisco thru the murder of George Moscone by a white right wing council member who only served 5 years for 2 murders, yes he also killed our beloved Harvey Milk, Feinstein the so-called feminist tried to overturn our pay equity that a union struggle had finally won for us,. Since then I have never voted for her and have tried getting folks to think about other candidates to run against her. Hopefully some will now come forward! couldn’t agree more, get the dragon lady bitch out of the Senate!


With Feinstein in the running, the GOP doesn’t even need to field a candidate.


Don’t use the b-word, use any gender neutral profanity you want - I could care less, but for any progressive to use gender specific expletives these days (or any time in the past) is counterproductive to getting consensus for ousting terrible female politicians (and I want her ousted as much as anybody).


It’s about damn time the Dems are talking about “primarying” so called
Dems like Feinstein, Pelosi, Kaine, Warner, Manchin and about a dozen or so other “conservative Democrats” in the Senate & House. If these crazy MF’rs on the right can run absolute nut cases like Moore and that crazy bitch from Tn, then we sure as hell can run progressive candidates that are willing to stand up and fight for OUR values.


Just seeing her age made me think she should not run. Get rid of all the 80 year olds. We need new blood and not centrist Dems or white nationalists.


It is still early, but I’m nervous about the possibility of having a lot of weak (but progressive) candidates diluting the vote counts of the one person who can defeat Feinstein in the general. There is almost no doubt she will finish in the top 2 as she has the name recognition and is not despised enough by our entire state to not make it to the general. To topple her in the general, we need that other person who wins the Jungle primary to be a progressive with name recognition in the entire state who is a smart public speaker and has a savvy staff. I live in the LA area, and I’ve never heard of De León or Steyer and what I’ve heard of Adam Schiff makes me think he’s not all that progressive and I don’t think he’d win either. I actually think Reich has the best chance and he’s pretty good on progressive values too (regardless of past support of the Clintons), but I hope there are some other well known progressives who would run. My all time favorite would be Norman Solomon who was absolutely brilliant discussing Bernie Sanders foreign speech recently on the Real News, but unfortunately I think Reich would have a better chance.


Diane and her husband have been pigs that have fed at the trough of the war profiteers for too many years. Way past time for her to go.


Thank you for the reply however i am not always politically correct nor do i care to be. Albeit i will take your advice to heart


We are done with the establishment. Dianne Feinstein is the Hillary Clinton of California (though she’s probably even worse). She’s for the death penalty, does not support Medicare for All, did not support us legalizing weed in our state, she was for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, does not support free speech, and wants Edward Snowden arrested. She’s about as bad as it gets when it comes to Democratic politicians next to sellouts like Joe Manchin and she needs to be shown her place. If the Republicans can run deranged wackos like Roy Moore, then what should stop us from running principled progressives who are not beholden to the corporate elite?