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To Prevent 'Active Sabotage' of His Agenda, Biden Urged to Clean House of Trump Loyalists on Day One

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/23/prevent-active-sabotage-his-agenda-biden-urged-clean-house-trump-loyalists-day-one


By all means, Biden, hurry and replace Trump’s elitist swamp creatures with your own elitist swamp creatures. Time is of the essence to substitute the status quo without fundamentally changing anything.


It’s a no brainer. None of trump’s appointees are working for the general public. They are all tied to profiteering of corporations and to enhance the already rich.
The covid-19 response is a racist allowing of death by no response.
Biden couldn’t find worse people if he intentionally tried to.

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Democrats need as many scapegoats in place as possible in order to maintain the status quo.

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Very many Trump white house appointed staff will become civil service protected federal employees starting in about three weeks.

Burrow is the term applied.

To avoid these twerps messing up the biden agenda, make sure they are in an office with a door, limited email access - carefully programmed to avoid their gaining security level info. They will leak, tweak, seek to counter our sorely needed progress.


Not just cleaning house, he needs to prosecute, jail and fine as many as possible


And now for some good news.

Among Biden’s new administration picks announced today was John Kerry for a climate czar.

I’m not sure about your opinion about John Kerry, but the fact that we have a climate czar again - and one announced early on - is a good sign that climate change is on Biden’s mind.


are these ‘czars’ limited to involvement in their appointed subject?
I wonder which “Pies” he will stick his finger in during closed door meetings


Top Contributors, 1989 - 2014

Contributor Total Individuals PACs
University of California $741,275 $741,275 $0
Harvard University $502,799 $502,799 $0
WarnerMedia Group $464,085 $454,085 $10,000
Goldman Sachs $398,900 $395,400 $3,500
Citigroup Inc $357,381 $356,381 $1,000

Top Contributors, 2007 - 2012

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Bain Capital $52,600 $52,600 $0
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EMILY’s List $39,750 $39,750 $0

Top Industries, 2007 - 2012

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Securities & Investment $436,900 $399,400 $37,500
Real Estate $269,934 $228,924 $41,010
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Health Professionals $192,600 $74,300 $118,300

Source of Funds (Campaign Committee), 2007 - 2012

Other $4,083,809 43.80%
Large Individual Contributions $3,375,644 36.20%
PAC Contributions* $1,509,210 16.18%
Small Individual Contributions (< $200) $355,713 3.81%
Candidate self-financing $0 0.00%

Since climate issues are global and John Kerry was an internationally respected Secretary of State, I think this is an excellent choice. Kerry’s calls will be returned and he will answer those that he receives. Good choice President-elect Biden.


That’s probably a good idea since all the Obama holdovers tried to and really did succeed in actively sabotaging Trump.

Hey I know why don’t they make a list? Then they can make sure them and their families never work again. Hey I mean, while they are at it why don’t they just have them and their families executed and get it over with? I mean THEY are the facists right? Not the ones making a list of people to punish.

Lol wow

A climate czar?? lol John Kerry? I’m sure his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale has him well prepared to tackle the climate problem that’s been going on since the beginning of time and that multiple other scientists that have actually studied say it is an extremely complex problem to solve. Why not Greta? I’m sure she knows as much as John Kerry on the subject. I don’t think anything is on Biden’s mind too long though.

By the way, has Biden actually even won the presidency yet?

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Melodramatic much? No one is making a list of people to punish. The list is of people loyal to Trump. They obviously need to go. It’s not punishment. It’s smart and it’s the norm.


I’m not sure I agree it’s obvious they need to go considering his administration actually helped my paycheck, made us respectable in foreign policy, helped broker peace in the middle east, took out the top two terrorists in the world, etc. But yeah they are a bad people and “nazis”.

And if they aren’t making a list what the crap is the Trump Accountability Project?? Where is the Obama Accountability Project since they were using the CIA and FBI to spy on political opponents shouldn’t they have one? Oh right, the Trump administration aren’t the real fascists’ in this country.

John Kerry was progressive in the 1970s, not in any way at any time since to the best of my knowledge. Call him “the Senator from Ketchup”: Once he made the upper middle class (likely well upward of the 5 percent) he has hewed to its line.

The only “climate policy” worth talking about is a crash (sic) mobilization greater than the world has ever seen. See the article just below this one, by Kenny Stancil on the latest update from the World Meteorological Organization. There should be a fairly commission of a dozen or two key scientists and engineers from all relevant disciplines hashing out the outlines of a concrete plan NOW, so implementation can begin on January 21st if not sooner, with massive hiring and preliminary funding already arranged.

It’s not that Mr. Biden will not have several other critical challenges facing him at noon on the 20th, but none with a deadline (that’s DEAD-line, as the Sixth Extinction has been under way for several decades) so near, so critical, and so difficult to meet. The 50 percent reduction in NEW greenhouse gasses by 2030 is the easy part, as “we” have pissed away 30 of the originally projected 60 years to reach ZERO net emissions AND begin making inroads on somehow removing most of the GHG emitted while we were farting around, in order to limit the rise in Mean Global Surface Temperature to 1.5 degree C (2.7 degrees F) above pre-industrial levels. Much more than that would wreak havoc imagined only in the most dystopian science fiction.

There is still some hope, but it’s difficult to imaging Biden prioritizing the necessary actions. Even the preternaturally upbeat McKibben is frowning.

Sadly, yes. Perhaps Kerry could give her a call and ask her where to start and who to contact.


Well yeah, by all means, get the neocon screwballs out. The neoliberal screwballs offer spiritual refreshment. (At least for a while.)

Respectable in foreign policy? We’re a laughingstock. Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with the “top 2 terrorists” being taken out.
Peace in the middle east??? The Israelis are business as usual. Killing Palestinian babies and stealing land and houses all on our dime. Oh yeah, we give Israel about 5-6 billion a year. They have Universal Healthcare. We don’t.


Oh and “whataboutism” is so 2019.


Greta actually gave Kerry her twitter blessing.

She is learning realpolitk. Slowly.

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