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To Prevent 'Active Sabotage' of His Agenda, Biden Urged to Clean House of Trump Loyalists on Day One

Please define your terms, so I can tell whether to thank you or report you or instruct you.

And those corporate interests lining up against Trump: Can you cite any other than his direct creditors? Admittedly that alone should be enough to keep him “tied up” for quite a while.

Trump really has a thing for his most favorite former President, Andrew Jackson. In fact, his uniformed figure/portrait prominently hangs in the Oval Office now occupied by POTUS Trump. It could very well be the President s’ favorite. Who knows?
For the next 58 days Jackson’s regal figure, upon a horse ( Sam Patch?) of course, will continue to give comfort and joy to our outgoing X-L Presidente. We should all celebrate that. Joy has been hard to find in 2020.
However, Trump’s favorite Fearless Leader coined one of the most enduring phrases in all our nation’s time, " to the victor goes the spoils ". I generally think The Spoils System is a very crude and blunt tool of the incoming government. But, in this instance with this particular lout as our POTUS, it’s perfect for the task. Roust all these amateur bastards! They’ve done plenty of damage; more than enough, really.
If we have to build additional federal prison space to contain them all until they find decent housing, so be it. It’s the least The Biden System can do.

A decisive move like this would signal to the American people that Biden is serious and would hugely raise the moral of the people. They would suddenly have some faith in their government.

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Biden’s cabinet picks have already confirmed that his agenda hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. Not sure how much of a threat Trump loyalists pose, but it’s clear that ‘active sabotage’ is desperately needed to prevent the return of Trump (or worse) in 2024.