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To Prevent 'Another Right-Wing Authoritarian' Even Worse Than Trump, Sanders Says Democrats Must Pursue Bold Working Class Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/prevent-another-right-wing-authoritarian-even-worse-trump-sanders-says-democrats


Yes, we have Bernie Sanders begging the Democrats to do the right thing while he apparently does not remember that this is the same Democratic Party which cut him off at the knees when he ran for president, not only in 2016 but in 2020 as well. It would appear that Sanders is a masochist who still does not realize that the corporate Democratic Party has very little concern in genuinely helping the working class and the poor in this country. Lance Selfa easily backs up this assertion in his brilliant examination of the Democrats entitled The Democrats: A Critical History. If Sanders had a lick of sense he, along with members of the Squad, would form a leftist third party which could take on the second biggest corporate political party in the world. For Bernie Sanders to continue to believe that he can somehow reform the Democratic Party is truly an exercise in self delusion.


Apparently Bernie hasn’t gotten the memo. That’s okay, I got it late too.

The Democratic Party is now perfectly situated to complete their consumption of the Republican Party. The Republicans allowed this to happen - the Tea Party takeover left a gaping vacuum that the Democrats took advantage of. We almost can’t tell them apart now. Just look at who the Democrats moved heaven and earth to get into office!

And as for focusing on the working class… looks like the Republicans are going to be taking that from the Democrats. Switcho Change-o!

I got the memo. I will not vote in a general again until we have a viable 3rd party candidate to vote for.


Small doners raised more money for his campaign than Big Money gave to all his opponents combined.Why doesnt he start a central data base web site where we can donate directly to progressives who wish to run for local and state Democratic committee seats against corporate Democrats. We are willing to make sacrifices to clean house, but we dont know how to connect with the grass-roots activists, to send them money directly.


Dear “Uncle” Joe, you won’t live forever, but your legacy will. Think about that, please. You can be a placeholder or an agent for bold change. It’s your choice.


Bernie needs to start carrying around one of those 1980s style “laugh in a bag” contraptions - difference being when he presses the button it spouts off one of his campaign platitudes followed by a laughtrack.

Ya… that’s about where he’s at right about now.

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Here’s a start:


First paragraph:

“Members of the Squad are launching a fundraising committee to raise money for their reelections and progressive campaigns all over the country.” (emphasis added)

I found this by searching for “progressive campaign fund”. There may be more; I grabbed the first one that looked good.


I would love to see a third party, but its just not going to work in our system, unless everyone adopted ranked choice voting or we turned into a parliamentary system. Neither is likely to happen. It would be good to know what percentage of Dem voters are progressives. I imagine its at least 50%. We don’t owe them our vote, but if we vote for a third party like Jill Stein, we have seen what happens. As much as I hate it, we need to flex our muscles within the Dems.


PS. Here in New Mexico a very organized left successfully primaried several entrenched powerful DINOS in our state Senate and elected seven new progressives, totally altering the balance of power. It could be done nationally.


So confusing.

Why is Senator Sanders (D/I/LMT) still collecting a check for justifying the Democratic wing of the Party of Wall Street and war? I thought that the Sheepdog Baton had been officially passed to AOC. Ah well, perhaps next year.



Absolutely. The next populist will still run against a corrupt Washington, but this time he might be competent.

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The Biden administration is already offering absurd excuses as to why he is going to exclude Progressives from his Cabinet.

Janet Yellen might be okay? But Elizabeth Warren would have been a thousand times better as Treasury Secretary.

Bernie Sanders will Never secure a Cabinet position and he is lucky if he is ever invited to the White House for Tea. His Opinions will be summarily disregarded.

Trump was an Obnoxious Monster, but the reason I could not vote for Biden is because I read his 40 year record as a politician and could honesty not decide if he is worse or better than the Monster he is replacing?


Perhaps you and Ian Kosher could get together and start a movement to support those local and state progressives who are running against the corporatists. A viable third-party candidate at the top of the ticket will be doomed to failure without a strong grass-roots base.


What we know and what we are seeing thus far is that democrats say one thing and do another. Worse, they do their utmost to crush anybody that takes what they say during campaigns seriously. Nobody should understand that better than Sanders. The only things that will sway corporate democrats are massive pressure and a strong independent progressive party so that they do not continue to take our votes for granted.

Meanwhile, the push must be on.


You are right about the obstacles to independent parties but, the mere existence of an alternative that can draw votes gives us a position of power to demand something in writing for our support. Without any alternatives we have nothing and will continue to be taken for granted. An alternative party must build from the bottom in state, local and congressional elections building alliances with the few elected progressives.


I certainly hope Senator Sanders has a prominent role in this administration., Biden needs to listen to him!


Bernie, with all due respect and in my own opinion, can do best staying within the sphere of the Democratic Party, at his age, and with his seniority that is where he is most effective. I think the so-called Squad is a last best hope to move the Democratic Party leftward as well. Difficult? Oh boy you betcha! Impossible, not at all.
As an active third party supporter, one who joined in 1987 in fact, I am very much aware of how hard it has been to break the duopoly of our two major parties, both of which work hard to maintain their position as the only two parties that really matter.
But, as hard as it may be I think it very necessary and will continue to support and work for that goal. Third Party presence must not depend upon democrats to desert their party, but must rely on the electorate to be shown the truth about the necessity of having such.


I love Sanders, but golly gee, it was not at all surprising that the DNC would go for another democrat over an independent. And 3rd party talk is the very best way to let republicans control the future.

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It seems you are calling Sanders a liar with your silly idea that republicans are focusing on the working class. Republicans are focusing on the ugliest Americans: the racists,etc.


Congrats on some seriously clear thinking.