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To Prevent 'Climate Apartheid Scenario' Where Rich Escape and Poor Suffer, UN Report Issues Urgent Call for Global Economic Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/prevent-climate-apartheid-scenario-where-rich-escape-and-poor-suffer-un-report


This is why we need to IMPEACH the ASS

And take the “No Climate Debate” DCCC, DNC with.


The simple question to ask ourselves is:: Do build a gallows, or will any tree branch be just as good?


When the 99% stop believing in money, the 1% will cease to exist.


The poor always suffer the most, in war or peace.
Don’t fret however, as their troubles are about to be solved, as you don’t have to worry about food, clothing, housing, war or global warming when you’re dead.

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The clear place to begin to end or mitigate “climate apartheid” is to end the atrocities on our southern border; imprisoning and separating families, many fleeing brutal dictatorships often “made in America” and the effects of climate change destroying the ability of the poor to just survive.

In Guatemala subsistence farming was once viable, but the lack of rain has removed that possibility for many. That reality is similar for other Central American nations also suffering from extreme weather pattern changes. Those people seek refuge and aid but are turned into pawns by the trump scum!

“It’s the height of rainy season in Guatemala, but in the village of Conacaste, Chiquimula, the rains came months too late, then stopped altogether. Méndez López’s crops shriveled and died before producing a single ear of corn. Now, with a dwindling supply of food, and no source of income, he’s wondering how he’ll be able to feed his six young children.”

The rich white men (and other racists) in trumps cabinet of greed, ignorance, and arrogance don’t know squat about the lives or struggles of those they imprison and victimize trying to find haven for their families - too wrapped-up in their profit-greed and exploitation of all at-risk and threatened people, including Americans they claim to represent, to give a shite!



I really feel badly for Philip Alston, the burdens he must carry. In the past he has reported that the USA is 3rd world country and now this. I realize Greta will most likely get the Nobel Prize for Peace but he deserves it just as much.

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“When the 99% stop believing in money, the 1% will cease to exist.”

Absolutely true, except that I would say If instead of When. We have assigned far too much value to our Beliefs to be able to relinquish them quickly. And quickly is imperative.

Thanks for reminding me of my philosophy classes!


"While people in poverty are responsible for just a fraction of global emissions, they will bear the brunt of climate change, and have the least capacity to protect themselves."

If you think of the revelations of “continuing on for Elites” from the movie *Dr. Strangelove – *
or How I Learned to Love the Atom Bomb – which was underground and with the services of
what sounded like “The Handmaiden’s” (See Margaret Atwood)…

it probably exists, at the minimum.

But imagine that most of the 99% will be existing without fresh water or any water at all.

The rich cannot dodge catastrophic climate collapse. Maybe a few hunter gatherers in isolated refuge.

Look at the graph at constituentassembly.org

Atmospheric CO2 level will reach the Dinosaur era in 2020±

Greta Thundberg is entirely right:

Climate change should be front page, every paper, every day.

And as these young protesters are saying:

"People before profit - Another World is Possible"

The wonderful Indian author Amitav Ghosh published “The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable” in 2016. He provides an interesting perspective on Asian impacts from and contributions to the climate crisis. As just one example, Ghosh points out that if Great Britain hadn’t deliberately depressed Indian industry throughout its reign, we would be that much further into the Anthropocene than we are (something I never thought about). If you have time for some fiction up front, first read his extraordinary novel, “The Hungry Tide,” then read “The Great Derangement.” Both will open your eyes to the Sundarbans, a “ground zero” for climate catastrophe and climate apartheid if ever there was one.

Note that, as we speak, Chennai, India, a city of 4.5 million, has nearly run out of water (reported on DemocracyNow! this morning). According to reports, there are upwards of 100 million people in 21 cities in India that may run out of water in the next few years, all due to the unreliability of the monsoons. Even now, in Chennai, wealthy residents are trucking in fresh water. Poorer residents are drinking from bad wells.

In May, Alston’s report on poverty in the UK compared Conservative party welfare policies to the creation of 19th-century workhouses. Ministers said his report gave a completely inaccurate picture, but Alston accused them of “total denial of a set of uncontested facts”.


Heh - Ditton !

This guy Alston does seem to have his act together.

The quote above, from The Guardian article referenced - now that’s bang on.

And I see it all around me here in Canada.

No candidate is addressing the problem with corporations, specifically and directly the publicly traded corporation, with its legal mandate to put the shareholder first, and with shareholders who are in my opinion just as much a part of the problem as yahoo politicos and compartmentalized CEO’s.

Castrate the publicly traded corporation.

What this Article fails to mention is who are the Rich paying and where are they planning to escape to by 2030??? Is there something we are Not being told ???

Hey many…somewhere I have the link to his report on the U.S. or you can look for it. I seem to remember he was here in the states for 3 weeks and he was shy about what he found.

I don’t know about Canada but here corporations actually have more rights than a person. A piece of paper, good gawd.

Hope you are doing well, I see many parts of Canada are under a drought si take care.

Global apartheid = Trump

No ifs about it. Nothing lasts forever. All empires fall.

Here in Calgary the weather is global warming strange, as Greenland melts like crazy.

The rain has been interspersed with a few hot days - unlike anything in my experience. And the cloudscapes are different - almost tropical in their look and feel.

El Nino persists, and this is making things downright strange, here and elsewhere.

Those big waves in the jet stream just get bigger and bigger, and stationary, and in the strangest places.

Sure feels like ‘critical slowing down’, with the Gulf Stream/AMOC slowing as well.

The climate scientists are grasping for new words to describe what they are seeing.

I am glad to see the young people are in the fight now - some of them anyway.

Yoda has a new class to teach.

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I hope you won’t mind if I reply yet again Ditton ?

My chaos mathematician former climbing partner just sent me Vidal’s article (below) on ultra-large cities projected to happen by 2050.

In my opinion, Ehrlich’s article is far more accurate (also below).

Ehrlich was always right, the details that were wrong were of no real consequence.

As usual, most people focused on the wrong part of the message, as is the way with people.

Like a computer model, projections devoid of common sense and ALL the requisite and important feddbacks both positive and negative are less than worthless, as they are fatally misleading.

This is now playing out as every single climate model has underestimated the pace of change in the real climate world, and will continue to do so.

They are after all models - pretend !

In the Eemian interglacial c 125,000 ya sea level was ~ 6 meters higher.

Common sense indicates both the Greenland and West Antarctic Ice sheets suffered partial collapse, and probably even the East Antarctic Ice Sheet contributed.

And this when CO2 stayed below 300 ppm !

We are now at c 407 and increasing exponentially - gathering speed -

The last time CO2 was 407 ppm sea level was 20 meters higher, during the Miocene.

Here are those two articles for comparison:

Vidal - Mega-Cities

Ehrlich - Collapse within a decade

A Guillotine on the Capitol steps suits me.
There’d probably be a bigger crowd than the one for Obama’s inauguration.