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To Prevent 'Disinformation Cesspool,' Networks Urged to Run RNC Convention on One-Minute Delay

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/prevent-disinformation-cesspool-networks-urged-run-rnc-convention-one-minute-delay

Come on networks, don’t pamper us, let the lying begin!


So, networks that are owned by large corporations, that lie to the public and manipulate them on issues and candidates are now expected to shield us from misinformation. Was Pravda asked to shield citizens from propaganda when new party bosses were being discussed? If politicians couldn’t lie about issues, what exactly would they say in opposition to single payer, and other issues people care about? Take part in honest debate on issues? Wouldn’t them having nothing to offer on policy be an issue?


Well, to be fair, they should have demanded this one minute delay of the DNC convention broadcast as well. A few whoppers came out of there too. Would have given the progressive demand more moral authority if it were demanded to be equally applied. Now it comes across as partisan bias, more of the red team/blue team BS that is destroying this country.

I just assume the RNC is going to be an information cesspool. That’s a given. Hardcore trumpsters will take everything coming out of the RNC as the direct word of God. Where does that leave us? A country hopelessly divided (by design) and slipping further down the drain.


Well said, Anthony. There was moments watching that DNC convention; I was yelling Shenanigans!


I could hardly believe it when I read the headline on this article.

Truly a madhouse now - or it appears to be.

Perhaps the election will be more revealing than we can imagine at a time like this?

Maybe Trump will be thrown out on his ear ?

“Progressives,” begging for censorship.

Remember these names:

UltraViolet Action, ACRONYM, BlackPAC, Color of Change PAC, NARAL Pro-Choice America

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Remember folks, it takes two people for a lie to work. Someone has to tell it, an someone has to believe it.

So it goes beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
the end.

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A one minute delay hardly seems like time enough to combat misinformation. Too many years of hateful talk radio have put an insurmountable barrier between Americans on different sides of the aisle.
Truth only matters when people are open to hearing it. There is no truth that will convince people whose ears are closed to it.

Ultimately, I am a pessimist. In fact I am more worried about what will happen if he is not re-elected. His devoted followers are enraged people. Many are hankering for a fight and are armed.They will not take a Biden win gently. In four more years Trump would not be able to run and he would be out without enraging his followers.

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Dumpf Jnr. Has already started the disinformation by suggesting that Biden was a ‘radical leftist’.

If only! Pity that the Dumpfs are all serial liars.

I admire the way the r-party dealt with having to have open discussions about their party platform.

They simply opted to not have a party platform.

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I agree with you, but I didn’t see nearly the egregious lies and fear mongering that we get from the right and team trump. What would you say were the whoppers from the DNC convention?

Welcome evolution524.
It is not so much what they said at the DNC convention as what they didn’t say. If you find Common Dreams informative, please financially support this site…thanks.

The Democrats offered to change nothing, but rainbow flags, BLM stickers, reusable bags and recycling! Good stuff. Just don’t think about how utterly worthless most of them are, and how any sane society would give most of these people no access to power what so ever. But, in corrupt societies like ours, well, we are a failed state, and have what amounts to a state-media propaganda system to help prop it all up. I would love to just take these bastards on, and I have little faith that change can happen within the political system.


Over at Black Agenda Report, they’ve been advocating for working outside the rigged political system for quite some time. Yet commenters here still present the Biden/Trump “choice” as something meaningful.


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