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To Prevent Police Brutality, Overhaul Police Culture: Report


To Prevent Police Brutality, Overhaul Police Culture: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Many high-profile instances of police brutality over the past year could have been avoided by addressing law enforcement culture, training, and supervision—and an overhaul of police institutions is crucial to prevent more of those cases, a new study released Thursday concluded.


(with apologies to Logan Pearsall Smith)
To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be armed and put in charge of public safety in this culture and not behave as the police currently behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolutely sober.


Police need to be taught that they are not in participating in some sacred cause but are doing a job. They have this attitude that they are no longer citizens but are one step higher than citizens and can remove your rights at will.

The 'Just because I said so' is not a law. Do they know that? Police act as if you even object to whatever it is that they do that they have the right to arrest you or worse.

Police activities should be on camera at all times when they are involved in an arrest or stop. Police should NOT remove a person being arrested out of view of the dash camera in their vehicles. Every arrest should be recorded. In other words the police should be subject to the law too and if they are following the law when arresting someone then there should not be any problem with that arrest being recorded.

Lastly that any time a civilian dies at the hands of the police and it is determined not to be prosecutable as a crime (such as manslaughter or murder) that police officer should automatically be terminated from his job. An accidental death of a civilian, even if unintentional, should be cause for being fired. It is just a job! Call it being fired for incompetence or whatever you like. This one thing would make police officers keep their guns in the holsters unless as a last resort. Police officers regularly intimidate by touching their guns. This is a job not an occupation force! Why should someone finger a pistol because you object to them giving you a jaywalking ticket?

Any civilian death that occurs while not part of a crime or as part of an assault on police should automatically result in termination from the job. Either the cop goes to jail or he gets fired either way. No more innocent people dying for no reason. There needs to be repercussions for killing people. Just being a cop is not a sufficient reason to get away with murder.


A few years ago I took my mum into the police station, she's a British pensioner and they want her to prove that she's still alive. I made the mistake of telling the cop there that I hoped he had a boring and mostly peaceful job, he claimed that I insulted him.

I've always thought that the perfect career for a soldier was one where the soldier never had to fight. The perfect career for a fireman was one where he never had to put out a fire. The perfect career for a cop would be one where he never drew his firearm.

Seems the cops didn't agree with that idea.

Yep, their culture needs an overhaul.


I'd have to say it's not about "culture". It's about power. (Seen in NYC: big beefy police officers unloading a truck, wearhing tee-shirts emblazoned with the word "POWER" in large letters.) When these people are answerable to community oversight committees, then this will all, finally, stop.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The mindset that claims "I am the law" and "I am giving you an order which is legal" means that "I deserve immediate and unquestioned obedience to the smallest detail" and especially, "or you die" is wrong. You bless a person, a man, with this dispensation, you get whatever we've got. The center will not hold, things fly apart, people who don't "deserve" it are beaten and killed. And the LEOs who do it must go through the rest of their lives defending and arguing for the righteousness of an untenable position. What they do is unjustifiable and worthy of eternal punishment. And the whole of society is connected, part of what MLK eloquently expressed: "Once we recognize that we are all parts of an interactive network of mutuality encompassing all humanity, we realize that we can never stand outside that network. We are never passive victims of history, nor can we be isolated from the dynamics of history. And the hope of fully controlling people and events is a fantasy; every effort at control acts back upon us in unexpected, usually harmful, way. But we always influence what happens. So we each share some degree of responsibility for contributing to the ills of the system. The ills arise out of the pattern of relationships. They cannot be blamed on any one person or group of people and certainly not on “those people” across the border, since the border is itself a kind of relationship, a place where two groups meet and interact." We all must embrace MLK's pronouncement as truth.


I understand your point of view but you are taking the position that the police are always behaving lawfully. That is illogical given mounting evidence from people's cell phones and the police's own dash cameras. Police forces in other countries have expressed amazement at seeing people losing their lives for minor offenses when arrested by American police. There is not an adversarial conflict between the police and the public but it appears as if one is being encouraged. You seem to think civilian deaths are just part of the job. That is the mentality that needs to change.

You do not comment on the injustice that has resulted in civilian deaths. If only they had obeyed, you say. How about stopping people (who may not know english)fr minor offenses is not cause for them to be treated as if they were dangerous criminals. There needs to be clearer arrest guidelines. There were two police officers who are now in prison who were convicted of being paid killers for the mob. Think about that. Police are regularly convicted of various felonies and crimes and the blue line of omerta among police is itself criminal activity. Or maybe taking bribes to look the other way for organized crime (and worse as those two killers showed) is legitimite police activity.

Police are just people and have flaws like anyone else. To pretend that they are saints and only doing their job by treating people like dirt and often behaving in demeaning disrespectful ways as well as physically bullying people who are complying btw is all part of the mix. When police beat a rodney king, it is not them just doing their job. When police keep tazering a subdued handcuffed prone suspect, that is sadism and not police work.

Lastly you do not address the use of miniature body cameras recording all arrests and interactions with suspects. If police are always just doing their job there should be no problem.

That old story that if police are required to act properly then they just walk away from the job is a lot of crap. There are always people lining up to become police. If the malcontets and bullies and nutcases walked away... we'd be able to hire decent individuals whom you don't feel like you take your life in your hands because you looked at them the wrong way or you dared insist that you are innocent or that they have the wrong apartment etc.


It seems to me that a culture of violence pervades the entire USAian community and has done so for a very long time, from the days when the only good injun was a dead'un. A fundamental problem is the privilige accorded to citizens to carry guns of just about any sort, which is no doubt a hangover from the heady days of 1776-1783, or earlier.

Add to this the constancy of the cross-generational glorification of brutality by Hollywood and those ridiculous USAian cop shows on TV, any poor goon in a uniform would want to strut his or her stuff. They are only human. A fundamental change is indeed required, right through USAian society.


Rubbish. There is no inherent right of a police officer to execute a citizen because the citizen did not obey a police COMMAND. You are talking in favor of a Police State.This is fascism.

There are countries the world over where the citzen will refuse a police officers instructions and not be shot dead. There are countries the world over where just because a citizen does not OBEY a police officer said officer does not assume his life in danger.

Do you think every protestor in the UK obeys Police Instructions?

0 Citizens shot by the Police last year in that country.

Do you believe every citizen obeys police instructions in Iceland/ 1 Citizen shot in the all of the years said country has been a nation. Police forces are executing citizens at a record pace in the USA a number that will reach 1400+ by years end. It has to do with the brutal nature of the Police in the USA and not with "Us Citizens are less willing to obey police COMMANDS than other countries"


Why so some 1000 + citizens killed and one policeman you BELIEVE was in danger?

Let us look at a number. Last year NYC alone paid out over 400 MILLION due to its Police forces violating the Constitutional rights of Citizens. This is a fraction of total cases as the overwhelming majority of cases do not go through the courts because the persons who have had their rights violated do not have the financial resources to pursue such litigation and or are intimidated by the State into not pursuing charges.

That is just ONE city and a fraction of overall violations.

Where the hell do you come up with this "lawful commands" bullsbleep?

Added to that you have not answered how it is the Police in other Jurisdictions do not find the need to SHOOT or kill citizens for "failure to obery a lawful command". Please tell me how it is that the UK police killed NO Citizens last year. You just bullcrapped your way around that point.


I would say that Wereflea is completely correct. I'd just like to add that I was taught that "We pay their salaries." So they (the police) owe us at least a modicum of respect. And certainly any officer that kills another human being should at the very least be fired. They don't have some godgiven right to this job. They must pay for this behavior, and if nothing else works, perhaps firing will.


This is a good point. Irrespective of police "training" and police "culture," the structure itself is fundamentally flawed.


So wait, MLK was a member of the Tag Team? What's all this "we are mutually responsible" stuff?


This is to all the police haters that put the blame singularly on the police. You can not judge them until you put on the uniform and badge and spend time dealing with what a police officer has to.

"Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field."
In other words everyone's job looks easy until you personally have to do it. If you do not comply to a lawful order and show a bad attitude and no respect towards the officer and resist arrest. He will put your ass on the ground.
If someone is walking toward you, with your weapon pointed at him and he does not comply and you keep repeating "stop get on the ground" and he doesn't How much fear will build up in you? You will never know until
you are in that cops place. You will never know how you would react until then. The black community has to learn that the laws and rules apply to them also. They can not pick and choose. They can not drive without a license and insurance. All the lights on their vehicle must work. Drivers ed classes should teach the proper way
to interact with the police in a traffic stop.
The police back in the Hippy days were called pigs and other derogatory names. the police was taking a lot of abuse. The police started saying. "If you need help call a hippy." So the next time you cop haters need help cal an inner city black person.


You defend a rampant culture of abuse and needless violence on the basis that everyone must obey.

You have clearly exposed your ignorance. There are countries in which cops DO NOT feel privileged to beat down and shoot anyone who fails to kiss their ass.

i will not kiss their ass, and i'm not a hippy, or an "inner city black person." Despite your care not to use the "wrong word," you expose your racism and prejudice as well.


It's perfectly possible not to "turn and walk away" without being a brute, a bully, or intoxicated by their power. Look at other countries, such as European countries, who do not have that brutal enforcement culture; somehow they are more peaceful than we are.


You have read more into my comment then I wrote. You can not pick and choose the laws you want to obey.
A lawful order must be obeyed. There is no bargaining room in that law.
In this country we to have cops that DO NOT feel privileged to beat down and shoot anyone who fails to kiss their ass. In fact you can not come up with any case that this happened. You think that following the laws are kissing cops asses? I call it smart and getting to go home. If that is showing my ignorance I will stay ignorant.
I was not calling you a hippy nor an inner city black person. But if you hate the police and believe they are just out to kill someone and you may need life saving help you should call an inner city black person I'm sure you would feel much safer.
Now about you calling me a racist I have not in any way gave you any reason to believe that. A far as being prejudice. I am when it comes to lawbreakers and criminals I will pick a cop everytime.


Bullshit. Cops are blatantly out of control. They need to be seriously reined in. You are an apologist for ugly brutality and out-of-control cop culture.