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To Protect Children From Trump Border Policy, Canadian Youth Refugee Choir Cancels US Performance


To Protect Children From Trump Border Policy, Canadian Youth Refugee Choir Cancels US Performance

Julia Conley, staff writer

Citing President Donald Trump's Muslim ban which was upheld this week by the U.S. Supreme Court, a Syrian children's choir based in Canada canceled its plans to sing at an international festival in Washington, D.C.


Good on ya, kids!

BDS the US!


No, don’t curry any favor right now to our bigoted, racist nation and also remain safe from the treachery of our border guard authority. I’m sorry our govt. has made a disaster for apparently the greed of the 1%. It’s a ‘feckless cult’.


Our country–with its ROTTEN “leaders”–doesn’t DESERVE to have wonderful kids like this be POLLUTED by entering our CRAPPY country!


Wise decision, sorry kids, until we get our house in order, the United States isn’t able to receive guests at this time. Please accept our apologies.


It speaks volumes when children aren’t safe to cross the border into your own country.


When the time comes that the Corrupt Cretins that pretend to govern but are actually destroying our Democracy and robbing our Treasuries, are fired from their positions in disgrace and shamed in public for the world to witness, I hope “their” children look upon them with shame.


Oh Canadian Youth Refugee Choir===== I don’t know what songs you will be singing----- but if you aren’t singing this one —you have to learn this song and it’s been well known in America for ever and the words are so perfect for every age and every group--------------
It’s by a man named Pete Seeger and it’s Called," We Shall Overcome…" and what a great song for NOW!
It’s a very simple song with simple words, and wow, what a hit this will be with the voices refuge kids. Google it and you’ll see how perfect it is----------and weirdly it seems perfect for all people----- everywhere—especially now. : )


The only thing Trump won’t blame on the liberals is the Canadian Youth Refugee Choir’s cancellation in the USA.


TRUMP is an abomination on civilization…