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To Protect Hillary Clinton, Democrats Wage War on Their Own Core Citizens United Argument


To Protect Hillary Clinton, Democrats Wage War on Their Own Core Citizens United Argument

Glenn Greenwald

Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United was depicted by Democrats as the root of all political evil. But now, the core argument embraced by the Court’s conservatives to justify their ruling has taken center stage in the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — because Clinton supporters, to defend the huge amount of corporate cash on which their candidate is relying, frequently invoke that very same reasoning.


The potential nomination/coronation of Hillary Clinton will mark the end/death of the Democratic Party - once home to actual leaders of conscience - now a great stench of a rotting party. The manipulation of political/voting processes by big-money, corrupt party hacks & politicians in transparent service to wealth and power at public expense will have at the same time "won" and lost!
The party will have lost the future, almost a planned construct, rooted in Bill Clinton's DLC corporate administration-regime, continued & greatly expanded under the DINO fraud Obama, with the final nail in the coffin - Hillary Clinton.

The once proud party reduced to servile pandering and corrupt service to big-money and greed and economic/financial parasites, with a big slice of MICC funding diverted from critical civilian needs & priorities to for-profit war and death - a once proud nation-republic also reduced to servitude.

Hillary, like Bill and Obama before her, will permanently lose younger, idealistic voters, the future of the party, as well as "Grey Panthers" not in thrall to lies, further divide our nation and the world with deceit, craven servitude to global corporate fascism, foreign subversion, great wealth and power, and political self-interest - building personal wealth betraying those they swore to serve - a hidden (barely) quid pro quo repayment from the 1% for "services rendered" at later dates, under various guises - like million $ "speaking fees" campaign bribes, "foundations" and libraries............

Speak now or forever hold your peace - speak now or suffer the consequences..............

OCCUPY! - Feel the Bern!


How stupid does the Clinton campaign think the American people are, that they can tell us that the millions they get from the wealthy for their campaign won't influence the policies that Hilary would promote as president, God forbid, if she becomes president.


Will Paul Ryan call the Clintons out for being "takers"?


don't hold your breath on that one


The fact that Bernie couldn't come up with a quick answer on how the money has influenced Hillary certainly doesn't change the fact that it does. If you can prove it happened then you have a bribery case. Warren did draw some interesting conclusions to some of Hillary's moments of influence but that's all the further it could go.
Clinton's arguments are ridiculous, everyone knows that kind of money corrupts and she has a long history of exactly that. The Democrats will do just about anything to protect her and their money spigot. They are probably planning a convention much like the Republicans where they will make sure Bernie just doesn't quite make it. If Republicans do it to Trump there will be a huge backlash from both sides. A revolutions if you will.


Trust me, it came from the third leg of the Trivium stool.


I suppose it would have been "too cheeky" for Bernie to have pointed out that, in a bygone day when the questioner would have been a journalist as opposed to a stenographer or an advocate, that question would have been ridiculed.

A journalist would have known that, to get to the bottom of a question, you "follow the money."


I suppose a fair answer would concede that it has worked before. That said, though, a big part of the excitement of the "feel the Bern" phenomenon, for me, is seeing that so many people (and especially the young ones) just aren't "buying it" this time.

This must be causing panic throughout the PR industry.


War fever, or is it fervor?

Support for corporate-friendly foreign trade deals.

And this:

"That key argument of the right-wing justices in Citizens United has now become the key argument of the Clinton campaign and its media supporters to justify her personal and political receipt of millions upon millions of dollars in corporate money: “Expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption” —"

'Look, if you can’t prove that Hillary changed her vote in exchange for Goldman Sachs speaking fees or JPMorgan Chase donations (and just by the way, Elizabeth Warren believes she can prove that), then you can’t prove that these donations are corrupting."

Once a Goldwater Girl.... is forever!

It's a trend today that many grocery goods are branded as "healthy" or "natural" when in reality, they are neither. That's the honesty level used to brand Hillary as a Progressive!


The term is "rein in their criminal practices."


The Democratic Party isn't dead or dying. It has changed, and in all honesty, probably cannot be anything but what it is. You're not going to instill integrity, honesty and morality into these kinds of human beings. They're a whole different kind of creature. You've got to overcome a hell of a lot of fear that's been instilled in people--and somehow message hope into a nation of people driven by the former. The time is now, and not some imaginary election, Supreme Court, or time down the road as is often the case. Everyone know the drill: "get in line and take one for the Team (HRC). You're turn will come." And it never happens. I'm saying again: If Sanders does't win NY next week, then now is the time for Bernie's move to a third party movement...and under a new & fresh progressive/populist banner. Forget the Greens or anyone else. It must be Fresh and New. The kids deserve a chance to make this election their own. They've got the smarts and energy, With the right leadership it can happen. The time is now.


Washington politics, including the DNC, can not be cleaned up from within. The corruption goes too deep. We need a viable third party, and soon, and we need private money out of our elections. Our elected officials' loyalties lay not with their constituents but with their buddies in the party and with the dollar signs reflecting in their eyes when they start promising any and anything in order to be elected. This pre-election period has done a fantastic job of waking me to the evil in the Democratic Party. Thank you, Internet: I couldn't have done it without you.


The Charade of either major party being anything more then a screensaver for the different ideological flavors of CORP. America is long over. Bernie and Trump ( too a much lessor degree) are outsiders trying in Bernie's case to reform the (D) party and Donald is attempting a hostile takeover of the (R) brand. Both, will fail. Bernie will never convince the Supers to flip like they did for Obama ( also owned by the big $$) and Trump will watch as the nomination slips from his hands even if he has the most delegates. The message is outsiders need not apply in the future. If you can't prove your owned go away.


What makes you think the Owners of the Control System will be able to put the genie back into the bottle this time... given the MILLIONS who ARE fed up with the Establishment Brands (of politicians)?


The democratic party at its core is corrupt and has been the fake left or the fake opposition. If Bernie loses, it will prove my point again that presidents are not elected, they are selected. If our votes really counted, they would not be allowed. When McGovern won the nomination, ( a decent man like Bernie) the DNC changed the rules to make sure a grass roots candidate, like Bernie would never get the democratic nomination again.