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To Protect "Our Nation’s Future," Tribal Chairman Takes Plea to Stop DAPL to United Nations


To Protect "Our Nation’s Future," Tribal Chairman Takes Plea to Stop DAPL to United Nations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid ongoing signs of solidarity with his tribe's fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II has urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to help stop the fossil fuel project in order "to protect the environment, our nation's future, our culture, and our way of life."


I'm ashamed (but not surprised) that the US Government is allowing this atrocity, and I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux people!!!


Interesting that the Native American Nation are taking their case to the UN. This move is consistent with increasing efforts by states to enact legislation in lieu of federal action. All of which reflects the decline in the respect for, and the faith in, the United States government to act on behalf of the people. This decline was given definition and voice by Reagan's anti-government campaign of lies about government's nefarious role in our lives, i.e., "government is the problem," a philosophy that will extend beyond this election and for as long as Republicans and elitist-owned Democrats win elections. Fortunately, as noted, the people are flanking the oligarchy-controlled authorities and taking action on their own behalf, i.e., "the general welfare." But we will remain the underdog so long as we fail to organize about a shared set of progressive, anti-elitist goals (keeping in mind as well that racism is a form of that elitism).


Obama and Hillary don't care that they've been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across the Middle East, so why should they give a shit about the lives of a few Native Americans?
What a great country. And exceptional too.


Yeah, it's far easier just to set the dogs on them.


Five comments for this article - 185 comments for the Trump article right beside it

Why is that, do you think ?

Ban Ki Moon stated in his last address to the UN General Assembly that both sides, or is it all sides - of the Syrian civil war had "blood on their hands".

John Kennedy thought the UN our 'last best hope'.

My reading of history is that countries exist to protect themselves - this implies enemies, which has always been true - and often defense morphs into aggression - and the defender becomes the one defended against - completing this self-fulfilling circle, so to speak.

But it wasn't really different before nations - before them there were tribes - also defending their turf.

Maybe the end point really is something like a United Nations - One Big Tribe - when we have no more enemies?

But right now - in this world - I am seeing collapse - amongst what Edward Gibbon, author of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", described as "a degenerate race of beings."

Maybe I'm just tired tonight, but I know the history of the United States from Day 1 - and it has never changed.


One of the main intentions of the United Nations at its formation was the prevention of another world war from ever happening again and to provide a voice for all nations, no matter how large or how small. The location of the original League of Nations was in Geneva, Switzerland, which I believe was a more appropriate location given the Swiss tradition of neutrality even in the face of invasion and occupation. The placement of the United Nations in New York, the financial seat of the American Empire, unfortunately merely grants legitimacy to American hegemony and "exceptionalism" over global affairs. As a "captive" of the American Empire, they are compelled to sit in silence as the American Military and American Corporate Power slowly and deliberately spread war and chaos on the world the United Nations was intended to protect.

It's a good thing that the Chief of the Standing Rock Nation has brought his people's case before the UN Human Rights Council. Unfortunately, even if the Human Rights Council presents a strongly-worded rebuke to the atrocity being committed by DAPL, the Oligarchs will simply treat it like some silly joke at their next cocktail party while they order the bulldozers to keep on digging.


I'm going to hope it's because all the rest are standing with the Standing Rock Sioux. But I am afraid it's not. Apparently the presidential campaign by the corporate parties has a mesmerizing sway over the public, perhaps like a slow motion train wreck.


For American Indians, the "colonial government" has always been the problem.


Slut Shame the Oil Companies.

The Oil Executives deserve nothing but Contempt for the way they have behaved.
And a nice term in Jail for ordering the destruction of the burial grounds.


There are many ways to stand with Standing Rock. Sending money just being one of them. But everyone of us who does something....writes a letter, posts on Face book, sends money, joins them on the ground, will be part of a movement that is growing and led by indigenous people.

After everything our ugly 'western values' could do to them, that they continue to resist with this much dignity and patience suggests to me that in those old civilization versus the primitives movies and books we used to read as children..........theirs was the civilization, ours the barbarous primitives.

I for one, am asking to be adopted by the side on the side of the earth. No more whitey for me.


"The tribal leadership is closely tied to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration, with [tribal chairman David] Archambault hosting Barack and Michelle Obama for a visit in 2014, where he proclaimed the Obama administration the best thing that ever happened to Native Americans. This dismisses the real conditions facing Native Americans, who suffer the highest poverty and unemployment rates and the worst health conditions of any section of the US working class."