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To Protest Racist Comments and Policies, Walkout Planned for Trump's Davos Speech

To Protest Racist Comments and Policies, Walkout Planned for Trump's Davos Speech

Julia Conley, staff writer
Several attendees of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland are planning to walk out of President Donald Trump's speech at the summit on Friday afternoon, in protest of his recent reported remarks about countries whose citizens he deems undesirable immigrants.

It would be nice if everyone walked out so he would be speaking to an empty room.


Chuck Schumer will support these actions by writing a really great letter to Trump. His advice to those taking part in these actions will be the Schumer strategy, which is to negotiate incompetently, do the bidding of your top donors (many of those in Davos), and give a speech mouthing all the words the peasants want to hear, promising a bright future. Rinse and repeat.

It would be nice if those in Davos actually addressed structural racism, and structural reasons why inequality is growing around the world, and actually addressed the changes needed to avoid environmental collapse. However, if they did that, they’d have to replace the system they control, profit from and support.

My cynic meter is on 10 today. I wish the left in the US mattered, especially since its policy positions are so popular.


This begs the question, can anyone impose a social consequence on Trump that would result in his change of behavior? His use of racism is intentional. I think it would be more instructive to make an apology contingent on his participation.

Drain bamage - speshilly fer a rubber bludgeon iz the bounce back. If the bludgeon is trying to UzE a rubber - welllll… mebbee itz anothr kettle 'o wax

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Would he even notice?

If no one shows up, Trump gets to speak to his real intellectual peers–empty seats.

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In the circles he travels, and even in the ones he wants nothing to do with, Trump is doing a damn fine job of making himself a pariah.


I wish that I could be there to walk out too.

That would be Priceless.