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To Provide Public Alternative to 'Predatory' Wall Street Banks, Sanders and Gillibrand Unveil Postal Banking Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/provide-public-alternative-predatory-wall-street-banks-sanders-and-gillibrand-unveil


You will know everything you need to know about the “leadership” of both parties when they oppose this bipartisanly, and that they don’t give a damn about us.


Congress’ ending Postal Banking a half century ago created the predatory lending industry (payday lenders) who pump lots of dough toward Congresscritters to make sure that Postal Banking never happens again. Kudos to Sanders and Gillibrand for taking on this heavy lift.


“Trump and His Republican Party want to kill your Mail, while out of the Democratic Party comes a proposal to expand the Postal Service to include banking to which every person in America would have access. Now who has the better vision for America.”

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I wonder if this legislation includes a mountain of money to restore the Post Office’s functionality. At present, it has been so damaged that it is becoming the norm for mail to arrive late and damaged, if at all. And I am in a major metropolitan area, not a rural outpost. I don’t send anything of consequence through USPS anymore.


USPS doesn’t need “a mountain of money”, it needs the 2006 kill-USPS legislation repealed post haste.


Part of me is feeling a bit cynical reading this news.

The other part of me is dancing a jig. YAY!

About damned time!

Just think if the DNC hadn’t betrayed Bernie and his supporters in 2016, where we might be now.


Yeah, you are absolutely right about that!


Funny how this deliberate hobbling (actually push to destroy) is seldom mentioned by any media source, even with the current crises unfolding.


Here is the problem:


Government providing a service is considered to be new competition to financial services, which is prohibited. They are only allowed to eliminate services not create new ones. Its called a “standstill” This concept is also at the heart of the TTIP/TAFTA and TISA agreements - both expected to be revived by the incoming Biden Administration. This is the core of the ideology, preventing anything that reduces profits for investors, and preventing growth in any kind of governmental involvement in the once public services that are being privatized globally, so its unlikely to be jettisoned.

Lets be honest about what we’re all about. Don’t let politicians sweet talk you out of your vote with their bullshit promises. there is literally zero chance a Biden Administration would do this, he would veto it.

So, obviously, would Trump.

This has been Bernie’s function all along, this deception. What to do?

I dont know. I’m not going to vote for either of them. But I cant tell others what to do. We should all scream every time we hear people telling a big lie about how Biden will do this goood thing or that thing. I wouldnt think there is even a remote chance its true. Also, its implications for the ACA arent good, lets just say that… The ACA came out in 2010, now its ten years later and the 2010 emergency that seems to me to be the only way we could have legally broken these hard and fast WTO rule we wrote ourselves, is long over.

I’m not a lawyer or a trade lawyer, but I have watched, with a sinking heart, this mess develop and Ive been following it for all this time, with a deep feeling of dread.

I am going to scream.

Just hold the sides of your head and scream so loud your neighbors can hear you, So they are aware of what is going through your head, i suggest using the scream from the move Network.

“I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore”

Scream that out your window.

Sooner or later they will ask you what is going on and then you can tell them. Eventually, as more and more people scream towards Election Day there might be some news coverage. But I wouldn’t count on it. But at least you can make it known that you, are mad as hell and that you refuse to be pigenholed in a way that divides and infantilizes the very real problems we have with politicians, not the issues, with the politicians.

Note that the above is evidence, legal in a court of law, that the politicians are lying to us. Its effective date , i.e. standstill date, I think is February 26, 1998. But other dates, some quite bit earlier may apply, which would impact what ceiling was held to be the effective one. Ive been told twice (by Asian trade activists) that it was a much earlier date. September 20, 1986 or they insisted, perhaps as early as 1982, I think (it was so long ago I am not certain of that date, but I think they said 1982)

If you want to call the office of the US Trade Representative to ask them its effective date, in their opinion, please do. and report back here, they are also on the web.


We have seen where most of the bills from the House go. Under Mitch’s desk in the dead letter file.
How much sense does it make to continue to send up bills that won’t see the vote it needs to move on?
I seems to only be good theater for the dems.


I’ve seen this show before.

Step 1: Steal a progressive idea from Greens or Socialists.

Step 2: Promote yourself and the irretrievably corrupt Democratic Party by waving that idea around just before an election.

Step 3: Pretend to be sad and blame the Republicans when it is voted down by just the exact number of Democrats needed to kill it.


If the Greens os Socialists also pretend the GATS isnt there, they are being just as dishonest as the Dems or GOP.

If they assist the other two parties in hiding their scam, then they are likely run by the same people. I suggest that people do some mreading up on totalitarianism. Totalitarian governments almost always create fake opposition parties.

Ask any expert on totalitarianism.


There are those that promise to do. And then there are doers. And then there are liars who promise. Now, hmm, let’s see, who will the American people vote for? Heavy sigh.

What a constipated country!

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This is being introduced in the Senate, not the House. Not that it makes a lot of difference, I think, because Mitch the Bitch still has to approve action on it, unless I’m mistaken.

We’ll see what happens. A great gesture for certain and I would love to see it come to fruition.

And as far a GATS et al is/are concerned, we’ve broken enough treaties. What does one more matter?


Thank you. And you can say this on so many issues, such as:

  • Trump and GOP want to ban contraceptives and abortions and make abortions illegal, the Dems want to protect reproductive rights.
  • Trump/GOP oppose all environmental and workplace safety laws but Dems support them.
  • Trump/GOP oppose increasing the minimum wage but the Dems support raising it.
    And on and on. For all their flaws, the Dems and Biden are by far the better choice.

“I dont know. I’m not going to vote for either of them.”

The mountain of what you don’t know.
North Dakota has a State Bank, thank you.

But of course Biden would …scary…scary…scary.

And trump…yeah kinda scary too…but don’t vote…that is the key, DON’T VOTE

So Zed the magnificent let’s us know, HE DOESN’T KNOW, but everyone is lying and he isn’t voting for anybody.

And you should all scream out the window, rather than register voters and take the election and actually WORK FOR A SOLUTION LIKE BERNIE (the deceptive)

If you aren’t voting anyway, then spare us the bullshit reading of your crystal ball.


Lol - Think it was my father (RIP) who said in front of me many years ago, “if you voted, then you have the right to bitch. If you didn’t, then sit down and shut up.”

Unfortunately, Nader is right - if elections could change things here, they’d be illegal.

It’s a challenge reconciling these two things for me. But I have never missed a vote, nor have I ever stopped bitching.


They may not need to see a mountain of extra money. All they need is to scale back the money they are required by (bi-partisan) law to fund their retirement plan (currently required to fund it out a ridiculous 75 years). Anybody know any postal retirees that are 140 years old? This was done under the Bush admin (with help from corporate Dems) to make it look like the Postal Service isn’t viable. Then they’ll privatize it, sell off the real estate and jack up everyone’s rates.
Kudo’s to Bernie and Kirsten but they should make sure this proposal comes from the (ignored and abused) Progressive wing of the Dem party.


He didn’t say he would vote. He said he wouldn’t vote for either of them (the two atrocious choices). He may actually be able to cast a vote FOR someone (instead of against). Wouldn’t that be refreshing?