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To Provide Safety and Solidarity, DC Residents Open Doors to Protesting Teens Cornered by Police Crackdown

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/provide-safety-and-solidarity-dc-residents-open-doors-protesting-teens-cornered


Shelter from the Stormtroopers.


Fan fucking tastic. Brilliant solidarity.


Having been in a DC jail for a bit after a large demonstration (Nixon’s counter inaugural) I know that they will be stuffed for a time in a cell made for two or four at the most. Uncomfortable in good times highly dangerous in covid-19 times, no way to stay safe. The police just from that point of view are violating numerous protocols. Why kettle, easier and safer just to make people disperse. This is a desire to be punitive and nasty-USA, USA, USA.

I was thinking this is probably a good time to be a burglar with all the cops occupied.

The people who sheltered the demonstrators are truly courageous especially considering the covid risk; the police are appalling as well as the mayor. The mayor that is a fan of gentrification which is causing Black flight from the city.


This is superb, great action and great reporting.

We need millions of people to carry out this kind of real acts of solidarity, and we need to be prepared to escalate our solidarity as police state tactics also escalate. Who among us are among these millions who are prepared and preparing to act in real solidarity?


This is who we are.


It has ever been this way in the USA. The 1 percent and their thugs are always in the way of justice and decency. Howard Zinn had it exactly correct when he detailed how it was the PEOPLE that fought against these injustices from the get go and not the owner class or the Politicians.

This is why they worked so hard trying to discredit Mr Zinn.