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To Punish an Outspoken Whistleblower,' Chelsea Manning Subpoeaned to Testify Before Grand Jury


To Punish an Outspoken Whistleblower,' Chelsea Manning Subpoeaned to Testify Before Grand Jury

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Chelsea Manning's advocates are decrying what they they see as the Trump administration trying "to punish an outspoken whistleblower" following the revelation that she'd been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

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Folks: Chelsea is a very brave lady, but what is wrong with this picture? Chelsea is given a prison sentence for exposing war criminals and the war criminals are the ones that belong in prison but are never held accountable for their egregious war crimes.



Neoliberals (ie. democrats and ‚Äúmoderate‚ÄĚ republicans) hate WIKI leaks because it tells the TRUTH and exposes their warcrimes.



the Iron Heel keeps on smashing, smashing…

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Gives you the idea of how important the second aspect of secrecy actually is. Thou shalt forget and we shall plow history with false narratives. This is the task of dishonest Abrams - a living example of the fetid legacy of failing to prosecute war criminals.
What, I wonder is the status of ‚Äėdouble jeopardy‚Äô
They try to bury us but they do not realize that we are seeds - indigenous aphorism



And they never go after the real criminals but elect them to high office.

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Welcome to the Fourth Reich!

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Yes Abrams like North and so many others, that were guilty of high treason in the Iran-contra scandal of being Amerikan, war criminals never got prosecuted for their crimes because the prosecutors are also war criminals.



‚ÄúI love Wikileaks!!!‚ÄĚ

DJT, 9/16

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Obviously the only way Ms. Manning will ever achieve the honor and justice she so rightfully deserves is to flee the United States and seek political asylum elsewhere. Though given the ChristoNazis’ global resurrection of gender hatreds, I have no idea where she might go, as not even Cuba remains safe from the ChristoNazis’ bible-mandated murderousness:

Apropos Cuba: https://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/55182-cubas-evangelical-alliance-leads-crusade-against-gay-marriage

Which given Christianity’s 1700-year history of genocidal conquest clearly marks the beginning of the end, forever, of the Cuban revolution.

Just as the addition of ‚Äúone nation under (the infinitely sadistic and tyrannical Abrahamic) god‚ÄĚ to the USian ‚ÄúPledge of Allegiance‚ÄĚ marked the historical end of the United States as anything other than the ever-more-savagely tyrannical Christian theocracy it is now brazenly becoming.



Nothing if not fickle.



Whoa…preach, sister, preach!



allegiance - to a flapping piece of symbolic cloth??:

‚Äúties or obligations of a citizen or subject to a government or sovereign,‚ÄĚ late 14c., formed in English from Anglo-French legaunce ‚Äúloyalty of a liege-man to his lord,‚ÄĚ from Old French legeance, from liege (see liege (adj.)). Corrupted in spelling by confusion with the now-obsolete legal term allegeance ‚Äúalleviation, mitigation‚ÄĚ (for which see allay (v.)). General figurative sense of ‚Äúrecognition of claims to respect or duty, observance of obligation‚ÄĚ is attested from 1732. French all√©geance in this sense is said to be from English.



The CIA/MIC cabal do not want their crimes exposed thus the pursuit of Chelsea. If the American people could view the slaughter of innocents by the U.S. military and the IDF there would be an uproar that wouldchange the face of our govt. These crimes must be hidden so the trillions in military thievery can continue.



Damned Obama. Yes, this is a continuation of the Obama administration‚Äôs attack on whistleblowers. Reality Winner is currently serving 5 years in prison for releasing a one page document showing Russian involvement in the 2016 election after official after official was publicly stating there was no involvement. James Comey said he didn‚Äôt have to stop all whistleblowers, just make an example of one. The federal judge in her case refused all of the defense subpoena requests but one because of ‚Äúnational security concerns.‚ÄĚ Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected by law but the message is clear, reveal the truth and you go to jail.

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The files I understand are voluminous. The public still has to get them thru mass media. We don’t ever see the whole thing.



How desperately our corrupt government wants to ensure that no evidence
of their criminal behavior becomes known to citizens.

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