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To Ram Through Unpopular Agenda, Trump Urges GOP to Kill Senate Filibuster


To Ram Through Unpopular Agenda, Trump Urges GOP to Kill Senate Filibuster

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump indicated to Republicans on Tuesday that they should ignore widespread voter disapproval of his agenda as urged them to once again jettison the filibuster rules in the U.S. Senate in order to ram through a bill that would strip health coverage from an estimated 23 million people over the next decade and pass massive tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest individuals and corporations.


Mitch and his gang pictured above look like a political version of American Gothic. Can’t somebody find somewhere in this big bad world where The Donald can go and spend a few weeks out of country.


What a game the two branches of the corporate party have played to get us to this point.


Maybe they can get Republican Texas State Rep. Matt Rinaldi to do the killing of the filibuster.


Which RePooplican senators are up for re-election in 2018??   They are the ones for progressives to focus on, as that may be the last chance to get the worst of the vermin out of the Senate and save what little is left of our democracy!


Trump wants to be a CEO even while he is president. He simply will refuses to give up the CEO bit and accept the job of president for what it is. I think this is because he is basically infantile and has never matured as a person. Probably having to work with Congress is a come down for him after being the head of the Trump Organization and he will not stoop to accept his role which requires a great deal of working with others and making compromises. The only role he will accept is one in which his word goes.To be satisfied as president he has to turn the office into a dictatorship which is exactly what is is has been trying to do since he took office in January.


‘Trumps tweet is a combination of ignorance and political misdirection.’

Trumps tweets are the ravings of a spoiled child unable to get his way.

The only thing that should be ‘Rammed Through’ is his head and tiny hands into a ‘Stockade.’


Could just as easily say, “In order to pass a horrible and deeply unpopular healthcare bill and a tax cut package, Tronald Dump demands that his party commits political suicide on the assumption that his Democratic opposition continues to be a pile or nothing that he can still defeat. The people are screwed either way, but less so with the ‘we’re not Trump’ Democratic leadership. Oh, and Russia, Russia, Russia. The issues impacting people can wait, say Democratic Party insiders.”

Our political system is a Monty Python or a Mr. Show sketch. What’s the Democratic Party’s alternative? The status quo consensus that is deeply unpopular and created a context in which Trump could emerge from. What is their healthcare alternative? The ACA, which is better than their plan and what preceded it, but not sustainable and not as good as single payer. They say they want to improve the ACA. Okay, with what? Bumper stickers.


Doesn’t look for the D-Party:

Ds have to defend many more seats.


I’d rather see the comedy than the horrific future that’s unfolding.
I’m scared


“Ram it through fast and easy” spoken like an inveterate predator of all stripes: sexual, criminal, physical, and purely diabolical…like any dictator throughout history. DJT is besotted with his distorted sense of power both domestically and around the world. This pusillanimous pri- - is doomed to ultimately fail as his sole motivations are avaricious greed and absolute power totally devoid of any care, compassion or concern for the hundreds of millions of victims of his malevolence. He racks up enemies with every breath he takes and tweet he types.


The man child is showing his ignorance again, the whole world is laughing at him, his approval ratings are in the toilet, but here he is still blundering along. Amazing.


We should be rewriting the headline: Trump Orders GOP To Kill And Speed Things Up, Too!
Healthcare Cuts, Death Tax Cuts Can’t Wait!


Yep and they don’t seem to be taking it as seriously as they should. I hate to be cynical but I very well see the Republicans getting MORE seats come 2018 and getting a super majority.


Assuming that we still have a reasonable facsimile of a free election by November 2018. At this stage of the game, I wouldn’t make book on it.


Quoting anyone from corporate media, i.e. MSNBC is at best problematic. Until each and every one of these, so-called “Fourth Estate” entities, asks We the People’s forgiveness, for their malfeasance, as apologetic trolls for the corporate coup detat that is currently in progress - these ingrates - are no better newsworthy that a gossip column - and need scrutiny 100% of the time.


With plenty of bags of rotten fruit and vegetables in front of it. We could probably reduce the national debt considerably by charging for it. :wink:


Since he is running the nation like he was Caligula, I’m wondering where the Praetorian Guard is when we really need them!


If the employment picture and the stock market stay strong…if there’s no national security situation…

Then the D-Party looks like a whining pack of Russia hysterics, and the Rs consolidate power. Truly, I have no idea what message the Ds are putting forth, except we’re not the Rs. The current Senate will not vote to impeach, take that to the bank.

Of course, Trump is goofy as hell…a pussy grabbing, corrupt, willfully ignorant game show host–but that’s been his secret sauce!


Wonder which “tribune” will issue the order…?