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To Reduce Prison Population, Invest in Public Mental Health, New Study Says


To Reduce Prison Population, Invest in Public Mental Health, New Study Says

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new study points to a key way to reduce the prison population in the incarceration capital of the world: boost spending on public mental health.

Reducing the prison population means reducing jail expenditures. The average cost in the U.S. to incarcerate a person is $60 a day, an accompanying press release states.


I appreciate the sentiments of an article like this. Here is the problem. I have been seeing this kind of article since I was a teen back in the mid 1960's. As long as we see human beings with "mental illness" as having a disease we will continue to live under the same materialistic/mechanistic world view that is destroying the Earth. Yes more funding would help but the underlying issue is that the world view we have is ultimately insane. Here is a poem to contrast where we might be.
The Summer Day
Who made the world?
Who made the swan, and the black bear?
Who made the grasshopper?
This grasshopper, I mean-
the one who has flung herself out of the grass,
the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,
who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down-
who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes.
Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face.
Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away.
I don't know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
—Mary Oliver


There was a great article several years back that made a correlation between cuts to public mental health services and increase in incarceration. In Spain there are huge investments in public mental health services and it is obvious when I visited, there are psychiatric hospitals all over the city of Madrid. It is a shame that we aren't making a bigger effort to address this crisis here in the states.


That's because the Government of Canada (the Canadian people) subsidize the price of meds there.

Some of the $810 you would pay in the US is also part of why drugs are cheaper in Canada.


We have great facilities for the mentally ill in this country; prisons and the streets.

My father was in memory care for dementia before he passed away in June of this year. The cost was over $6,000 per month. So few can afford this type of care and I found it to not be adequate. This facility had a one size fits all policy and my father was miserable. I could not do anything because my wonderful sister convinced my mother to take away my power of attorney so she could steal a million dollars from my parents.

You know, it's so much more important to convince strangers that you are wealthier than you are at the expense of your parents and brother.


Not all that long ago, the mentally ill were shipped out of town to big institutions, where most of them lived out their lives in custodial care, which ranged in quality from caring to abusive. The rise of pharmaceutical based psychiatry and the exposure of abuses of inmates led to the idea of shutting down the big institutions and replacing them with community based care. Sounds great, no? Problem is, community based care is not popular (nobody wants it in their part of town), it costs money, and it doesn't work for everyone. Also, it turned out that the psycho-pharmacological revolution was not as miraculous as we were led to believe. The big institutions are long gone (the ones I know of were parcelled out to developers, who made a sweet profit on the deal) and the community care is nowhere near adequate. So behaving in a mentally ill manner is now a crime, and they are sent off to jail-- a place that is difficult even for the mentally stable to endure. Progress!


And once in jail, behaviours that are common among the mentally ill (self-harm, for example) are considered as breaches of prison discipline that are harshly punished, often with solitary confinement.


Proft margins of all US Industries have a median of around 4 percent. Profit margins of Drug companies in the USA are among the highest of Any sector at close to 18 percent.

In Canada, profit margins of ALL sectors outside the Oil sector were at record highs last year, this including Pharmacueticals. This suggests to me that US drug Companies can lower drug prices and still generate profits. They charge what the market allows them to charge which is anything they want.


In order to reduce Prison Population, the For Profit Prison System must be abolished and returned to Representative Government control where they are not financially dependent on keeping the Prison Population high.


Prisons don't just HAVE the mentally ill. They CREATE mentally ill behavior. Inadequate ventilation, abusive associates, lack of freedom, loss of initiative opportunity, poor quality diet,...

Current American psychiatric institutions are not a bed of roses, either. Everyone is pretty much coerced into some kind of BIG PHARMA meds in order to get any kind of therapy. Electric shock, though studies decades ago showed it purely useless torture, is still in use. High electric field areas create a kind of no-touch torture. Showers can scald...
Medicine clearly intended to be limited to very short term use is given in for long term use.


Psychiatric institutions can be big business, too. I was told by one fellow that the hospital he was committed to paid commissions to workers for referrals. One worker had such initiative that he went into housing projects stirring up trouble so that he could get his referrals.


I agree. Not just more money. Should be really improved care.Could this article mean a move from big biz prisons to big pharma and big biz private hospitals?


This whole article is beside the point. The powers that be like mass incarceration and really have no desire to decrease the populations in jails or ICE detention centers. Rich mentally ill people get the care they need and the criminal ones buy their way to jail avoidance. This nation could end the War on (illicit) Drugs, provide mental health care, and practice restorative justice, all of which would seriously decrease inmate populations and the need for so many prisons in the first place.

While the North Dakota water protectors are teaching us a thing or two about facing injustice, native Americans have practiced a far better process for dealing with wrongdoing from which we can also learn. Please see: Indigenous Justice Systems and Tribal Society http://www.nij.gov/topics/courts/restorative-justice/perspectives/pages/indigenous-tribal.aspx


Electroconvulsive Therapy is not a "useless torture" at all. You have an outdated info. These days it's a painless procedure which helps those for whom other methods (e.g. pills) don't work. E.T. is used all over the world.


We have a state-of-the-art mental institution and hospital in our town in the western USA. They share $1700/day to medicare for a bed. They do an EEG on the patients coming in, and after they have forced them to stay as long as they can get away with before a court hearing, they let them go and electronically torture them for 3 years. They are fusion centers, working with the CIA, to do psychosurgery without the knowledge or consent of the person being "treated". No one is speaking about it - and the human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch and ACLU are fully behind it. It's the new "Mental Health Program" being beta tested.

It works like this - you get targeted by the FBI through a "See Something Say Something" program. Then you get surveilled, gangstalked, hit with DEW's, and then put in the hospital. From there, they send you to the mental institution for 14 days lockup. After that, your brain files are copied, and they begin the torture. They can torture you to death (suicide) Then a lobotomy and neural network clean-up, termed 'brainwashing'. IT's a slightly different method than Nazi Germany concentration camps, but no less effective. Then you get locked up again for another 3 weeks, and let out, loose your business, get a restraining order, get arrested, go to jail, get in a car accident, spend thousands of dollars trying to get help, and repairing your car, paying bills created by the "When Bad Things Happen to People" program by the CIA. The NSA gets in on the proceeds by supplying all the surveillance signals. Then you get locked up another 2 weeks and go to the doctor who created thousands of dollars worth of medical bills because your insurance has lapsed and you have no cover. Millions of dollars can be made off one single individual, depending on how badly and how wealthy the targeter is. If they will pay a million to have and watch you get tortured on their computers remotely, the mental institution is more than happy to oblige. It's their new business model for pay to play power games.

This is the new Oligarchy. Torture and kill the people you don't like, and make a lot of money as a result. You see, if you target a smart person, you get all of their, plus their family's intellectual property for free. Just copy it off their brains as "experience-set" brain files, and then sell them to what ever business uses that information for their employee's - or family, or schools, or??? The employees suddenly become great architects, or great builders, or great artists, all off the target's family. It's as monstrously criminal as you could possibly imagine.

Corporations like Home Depot are fully into the act. For rehabilitation purposes, there is huge money to be made by mind controlling the target to do such things as spend all their savings at Home Depot remodeling their home. Tens of thousand of dollars are made off one target in this way. Also oil companies profit because the target drives all the time to escape the signals and try to tell people. Death threats from family and psychologists and medical doctors generally keep the target from telling too many people.

One is encouraged to seek other targets to talk to and socialize with, who all get to gather and talk about shielding and how to live through the experience, and how to move on an live your life instead of discussing whether or not this state level behavior is okay or not. This isolates the target into groups of people who are unacceptable to the rest of society and are neutered, so that they are no longer an intellectual threat to the ignorance of the populace. They are now label all sorts of mental illnesses, the favorite being "delusional". The discrediting goal is complete, and they will live their lives as nobodies, and nothings, unless they fall in love with the psyche meds and the mental institutions. They will be vilified and thrown away.

The favorite targets are those who live alone, are not well socially connected, very intelligent and sensitive, and aware individuals. Artists and older women are particularly attractive. The torture files made while torturing the victim can be placed on the AI to control it. And the mental institutions are claiming they can "cure" the mentally ill in this way. Reverse-engineer mental illness. What they don't say or admit, is that they are killing brains in living people, erasing libraries of emotions in the individual, lobotomizing them.

What society does not understand in all of this,, is what is taking place within the social structure and in every individual. We are being mind cloned and hooked up to a Brain Computer Interface, and are all being remotely controlled via a general AI, at any time, any place, for any reason. Like a school of fish, humanity is going to bend to the will of the elite and their desires. It is here now, and it is fully functional.

A really scary possibility in all of this is the chem trails full of aluminum nano particles. They could give everyone altzheimers, thereby causing them to become completely dependent for memory on the mind clone hookup. The mind clone can be fully manipulated and the memories changed, without the feeling or knowledge of the individual. This means that history can be re-written, memories of family members or events erased, past marital partners vanished. Any memory and it's associated history can be removed.

Peter Breggin, PhD, psychologist said that "psychiatry was the entry wedge into the holocaust. Without the help of these professionals, the holocaust might never have taken place." It's the same today. Psychiatry and medicine is being used to cull and depopulate the citizenry of the United States. Done in secret, with invisible signals technologies, no one will notice or believe you if you told them. How could a government be so monstrous? Americans have never experienced a holocaust or a Red Scare or a Purge. But they are currently in the middle of a big one and they don't even know it.

Hard to take? Hard to believe. Oh, then don't believe it and don't think about it. And it will go away. Just keep working hard, and let's put all those crazies into the mental institution. Problem solved. Go back to sleep.


How can you have mental health when you are poor, old, disabled and exploited? Better to give the money to the poor and middle class in the form of a Universal Basic Income than to give it to politicians to spend on drug wars, incarceration, invading other countries and in socialism for the rich. Then watch how mental health improves.



Breathe deeply. Smile. It really helps. Really. Everyone's story is a little different. Not to argue with anything you said. I dont experience manipulation of choice, and Im sure if they copied my brain to use anything, theyd have gained nothing except they might have learned to be peaceful.

I dont seem to have lost any memory or brain function yet, just suffer incessantly from electric shock and other weird things plus massive incredible stalking for six years. Ive seen much of what you describe. I teach English at universities overseas. Having tried five different countries now, I must say that this is an international thingy. Military-industrial is a world market.

Funny, agents often come out to me now. One agent said there was virtually no place on earth to escape this treatment once you are on it.

My take on it, that the world has too much free time on its hands, that it only takes a few to feed the world, and somehow weve got to figure out how to better occupy ourselves than by killing and torturing each other.


Thank you very much Helen for writing me back, and for the positive
words. I am sorry this is happening to you. It is very difficult. And
I totally agree with you about why. Thank you for those thoughts
though - because it helps me put it into perspective, which I have had
a really hard time doing.
Kind regards,
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