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To Remedy 'Absolutely Anemic' Social Security Increase Amid Pandemic, Democrats' Bill Would Boost Payments by 3% in 2021

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/remedy-absolutely-anemic-social-security-increase-amid-pandemic-democrats-bill-would

Here you go, kid. Here’s a nickel. Go buy yourself a candy bar.


Wow! A whole 3%! Get in the car Margaret, we can afford a couple more cans of cat food now!


A 3% increase is an insult to anyone receiving SS Benefits. The increase should be at least 100% of current payments to keep beneficiaries out of poverty and homelessness. Then there is the Medicare/Medicaid expenses that need to be eliminated so that senior citizens can finally have Medicare for All without suffering from medical bankruptcies.

Where will Congress find the money to pay for it all? Gee, I don’t know. How about the same place where they found over five trillion dollars to bail out the billionaires! How about the same place where they found two trillion dollars to give the billionaires the greatest tax cut in history. How about the same place where they find over one trillion dollars every year to fund the global war machine OF terror.

Congress needs to be reminded that senior citizens are quite capable of building guillotines.


Not just any cat food. Now they can afford gourmet cat food again! Yum!

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A candy bar sells for nickel?
You haven’t bought a candy bar in a few decades. We can tell. lol

I remember buying a Baby Ruth for a nickel (in 1972)

So do I. But I remember the year we are currently living in is no longer 1972.

A whole 3%. What a class act! It shows the extent of their caring in a way even those who fellate politicians could hardly misinterpret…


well, I guess 3 percent remedies anything considered anemic?

or maybe it just removes the absolutely and renders it merely anemic now.

yay team.


Could we all just whine a little more?

I see you are leading by example.

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Back in the seventies this older gentleman tipped me a dime and said get yourself soda pop.
But yah, SSI increases are basically chump change.

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3% is still peanuts, embarrassingly low for average person on SS. It’s would be substantial increase if your income was a million but not if it’s just a few thousand or a few hundred.


Booo hoooo, hoo hoo, how’s that

Yeah, but those you call billionaires are “job creators”, somewhere, not necessarily in the US maybe Bangladesh? The industrial mayhem or what’s commonly refereed to as the industrial revolution has caused irrecoverable damage to the planet’s Eco system and life on earth. Over population is a direct result of industrial factories luring farmers into big cities leaving the land never to get it back. City life might’ve at first seem agreeable but when factory owners got greedy they abused the people, lay offs by millions in now over populated urban setting with no means to go back to once farming life style. Over population, hunger, disease and pollution are the results over and over everywhere the industrialist sits up shop.

Congress should do this, congress should do that. Yada, yada, yada.

That’s kind of the main point of a corrupt oligarchic duopoly, our current system of governance? Social control? Not sure what to call it anymore - certainly not representation.

One side can blame the other for never doing anything for anybody ever until the end of time. And if someone tries to change the system the borg will either destroy it or assimilate it - there’s no 3rd way about it.

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I suppose we could refer to the parties as the quadropoly if we include the Libertarian and Independent parties.
And likely it would end up being a quintopoly if the Green party joined in. Maybe not right away. But we need to look at the trends.

That’ll do just fine.

Am I the only one who sees this proposal as electioneering? Maybe I’m too cynical.

I mean, sure, as a SS recipient, I wouldn’t refuse the extra $$, but to be completely frank, retirees are probably less impacted overall than the working Americans who’ve lost hours, tips or even jobs as a result of the pandemic.

And in any case, as others note, for many, esp. those whose entire annual income is largely dependent on SS, the amount is probably tokenism.

How about we retract whatever’s left of the $1Trillion pledged by Obama to spiff up all our nukes …fund some serious small business & renter relief , shore up SS and maybe even guarantee a living wage to all?

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