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To Resist Trump, We Will Be Bold

To Resist Trump, We Will Be Bold

Destiny Lopez

There has always been resistance in the face of hate and oppression. When the ugliness of Jim Crow arose across the American south, black women and men resisted, fought back, and are still fighting for equality. When migrant farmworkers in the 1950s were mistreated by bosses and the U.S. government alike, Dolores Huerta led the movement to organize and build power. Before Roe v. Wade, when abortion was outlawed here, women, clergy, and doctors created a secret infrastructure to help women get safe—if not legal—abortion care.

What does that mean that this is not the pro choice movement of previous generations? That would be my generation. It’s the same movement, but with expansion, and yes, I remember when abortion was illegal in most of the country except for NY I believe. Glad to see that there are women and men who continue to fight for the rights of all human beings.

Another thing: I like many others am so sick of hearing about the “rights of the unborn” It almost sounds like a cult. These same people are usually pro war, pro pollution, anti public school, anti union, and anti Gay and lesbian rights, plus anti birth control! Yikes! They make no sense, and the scary part is that some of them have attended college and are professionals. The person nominated for ed secretary hates public schools, unions, and apparently is anti choice as well plus she has no experience in education at all just makes a lot of money.


How right you are Marie. Think about this as well. On November 8th, 120 million people voted for corporate rule. That’s right, if you voted Republican or Democrat for President, you voted for corporate rule, endless wars, unfair taxation, income inequality, rigged elections. Need I continue? Many would deny it, and that is the root of the problem. Thinking that either party can be reformed, too, is part of the problem. Labeling yourself a Liberal or a Progressive or a Conservative too, is part of the problem. These are all labels that the Oligarchs wish us to use in order to keep us divided. I used these labels myself for many years. No more. I am a 99 percenter. I will never again vote for any politician who is corrupted by Corporate money. I will never vote for any politician, on state, local, or federal levels who doesn’t work for the 99%. The 120 million people who voted for Trump or Clinton remain a part of the problem until they realize how they are voting their future, their kids futures, and their grandkids futures away to the corporations. People, drop the labels, find a party that puts People, Planet, and Peace before Profit. The 1% are just fine, and do not need your help or representation.

Excellent post, and you are so right. Also, I remember when a rather large group of bankers committed fraud in the savings and loan industry in the early 1980s. Ultimately they went to jail. This time Wall Street crashes the economy, and not one big wig CEO even went to trial, and they still are in charge. The corruption is endless. These bankers are stupid and greedy. They actually committed treason, but even the president and the attorney general of the US. did not want the poor babies to go to trial. Now the repugs in congress even want to dismantle Dodd Frank and do not care if the economy tanks again. Glass Steagall held our economy together with safety holds for over seventy years. Anybody who voted to deregulate has his or her name on file, and they should all be on trial for TREASON>

We are not your mother’s pro-choice movement. We know what it means to fight impossible odds because we are led by women of color and young people, and we’re knocking down stigma and stereotypes that try to shame women for their decisions about pregnancy

What a naive and ill-informed statement.
Sounds like another of the “born yesterday” crowd.



Destiny, you stand on the shoulders of giants. In your free time when not doing the good work that you say you will be doing, read some feminist history and learn who paved the way.

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Love the logo “We Will Be Bold.” Can you put it on some t-shirts? I’d love one – it captures what WE (the grand we of all faiths, economic and ethnic backgrounds, humanists, environmentalists, educators, etc.) must now do.

Thanks for the good article.

Divide and Conquer
To Encourage Democracy we Will UNITE together and remember OUR History even if it is NOT Televised. As a Feminist I resent the comment not your mothers pro -choice movement… If history is not on TV people will have to research it themselves.
FYI for my self I was out there marching for civil rights, for no draft, for against the war, organizing and helping to promote women’s rights., and lately for environmental rights.
WE get blasted enough from the conservative media ,

I think an apology is in order

I just don’t get it why people have to slam others who are on their side. It creates antagonism and division. It makes me feel like they don’t want our help.

Young people have often slammed older women for the work they’ve done or even dissed it. I think they are clueless as to what it took to get the right to vote, what they suffered before abortion rights, etc.