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To 'Save Countless Lives,' US Medical Groups Demand Trump Share Covid-19 Data With Biden Team

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/save-countless-lives-us-medical-groups-demand-trump-share-covid-19-data-biden-team

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Good luck with getting “Individual #1 to begin acting like a human.


I wish I could get a message to congressional republicans. “If you don’t start acting in a manner helpful to the American people you are dead to me and will get nothing but disregard from the WH”.

We know what happened when Dale Earnhardt tried to block, he died. Trump isn’t any better off.

A reference to Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr’s work: Michael Cohen’s charges. Some commentators speculate Orangeman might be holding out for consideration, for “looking forward not backward” with regard to the mountainous mess of criminal conduct he’s left behind. It’s possible Democrats are pusillanimous enough to… (I know, practically any sentence starting that way is true) to hold back on criminal prosecutions in return for some semblance of orderliness in this exchange, even at this late moment. But it might be getting way too late for such a deal.

The Georgia kerfuffle (Lindsay Graham sticking his nose in) reminds us that Republicans in general are still aiming to steal the Presidency by hook or crook, if they think it’s possible without provoking a general strike. I’m not counting any chickens, yet.

Whether they leave or not, this gang means to continue sabotaging public health for as long as possible. The more US Americans are killed, the more likely Biden could only serve a single term – that’s how they figure. The other side needs to use that word: sabotage. Call it by its name.


I think it would be more useful if those “medical groups” demanded a) more PPE for the troops on the front lines b) that Phrma open source it’s vaccine formulae

The jokes on you guys
Nobody in the trump administration has kept any records regarding Covid policy, as there never was one.

I keep thinking that, deep in the bowels of HHS, there are a bunch of bureaucratic nerds sitting on the real data, just waiting for someone to ask them for help.