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To Save 'Democracy in Peril,' 150 Civil Rights Groups Release Visionary Blueprint to Restore and Protect Voting Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/14/save-democracy-peril-150-civil-rights-groups-release-visionary-blueprint-restore-and

Along with voters rights something has to be done about the money in politics in the USA.


The Republicans have already raised 2+ billion to get Trump re-elected. Just for some perspective in Canada the Conservatives raised the most monies via donations and this was 17 million dollars. Even adjusting for population size the monies raised are exponentially larger in the USA. One person one vote is only part of the equation when Dollars count more than votes.


“Responsible Leadership” — aye, there’s the rub . . .

So long as ‘Moscow Mitch’ McConnell and the Neo-Nazi 'PoopLickens remain in control of “our”
Senate this ‘Visionary Blueprint’ is just that — visionary.

Actually, most of it will remain just visionary even if the DimWitRats gain control of both houses of Congress and the White House next year, but at least a few mostly cosmetic changes might be en­acted.  The Multi-NaZional Korporations and the MIPC will NEVER willingly give up control of “our” government.

Amazing, 150 Civil Rights groups, 6 major reforms put forward, and not one tiny mention of the granddaddy of them all, as far as our “Democracy in Peril” goes. Why can’t the majority understand, until the “Black Boxes” are gone, we will never have nice things, and that goes a thousand times more for Democracy. As the Senate DINO’s proved, teaming up with their kissing cousins across the isle to pass an austerity bill that only effects social programs, it wont matter if by chance Bernie wins the WH, they (DINO’s and repug’s) will block anything good for the people. You wont vote the majority of them out, the boxes ensure their grip on this country, why in the hell do you think they were put in place to begin with, by both sides of the single party? Everyday it’s we need this or we need that, and we do, but it’s not going to happen at the voting booth with the machines in place. Is our entire system rigged? Could be, because using these machines means we really don’t know who the voters chose for any election, only who we ended up with.


So glad you mentioned electronic voting machines. It would’ve been so easy for this group of 150 to mention the need for a paper trail … required audits … money out of politics …

The absence of those essential demands makes me suspect …

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Well now I know it was my omission, same on another post. “across the isle”, should read “across the aisle”, apologize for the mistake, hope there wasn’t any confusion about my point.

Gee, the nostalgia could be cut with a knife. Remember when America had “the best government money could buy.”? Now we seem to be stuck with if not the worst, one that is headed in that direction.

I stated saying all of this three years ago indicating that if it wasn’t on a fast track it wouldn’t be solved by the 2020 election. TOOOOT.

Six proposals: Three listed here

  • Preventing barriers to the ballot box
  • Increasing voter participation and access
  • Strengthening election security

Attempting to assure #3 is always going to run into loud objections from supposed ‘representatives’ of historically denied groups claiming that measures to assure #3 are barriers to ballot access and prevent voters from participating.
Here I would like to know what the Mexican people did in the past few decades to prevent the ruling party from stuffing the ballot boxes and stealing elections…

the article spoke nothing about point #6, “Creating structural reform”… What ideas are they putting forward?

One structural proposal that probably is not getting enough attention is ‘subsidiarity’, also known as ‘devolution’. It likely is too much effort to try and get people-friendly laws for 300 million people enacted in Washington DC, so perhaps California and Vermont should have the authority to go ahead and enact it on their own for themselves. Demonstrating that it works will go a long way to getting adopted even in Arkansas and South Dakota.

Seriously you never understood how money influences politics? That is OK you still have a right to vote.