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To Save Internet They Helped Create, Web Pioneers Demand FCC Cancel Net Neutrality Vote


To Save Internet They Helped Create, Web Pioneers Demand FCC Cancel Net Neutrality Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

More than 20 internet founders and industry leaders wrote an open letter warning Ajit Pai's plan to kill net neutrality poses "imminent threat" to the web


The imminent threat to a free internet is unadulterated Censorship. There is more: Sinclair, a Trump-regime-friendly corporation, currently owns 172 local TV stations across the US and plans to acquire 43 more. We will be drowning in fascist ideology propaganda…


Au contrare! Verizon and Comcast fully understand internet technology. That is why they are pursuing this power grab!


Q.: What do elected officials want?

A.: Another term.

It’s hard to imagine a congresscritter turning his or her back on all that corporate largesse, just to do right by the public at large.


Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who said something along the lines of “who are they going to vote for, a Republican?” when referring to angry voters. In the end the two parties are two different heads on the same beast.


And I demand that those shysters do as well!


Except the commissioners of one party reclassified the ISPs under Title II and said they could discriminate against content providers.


Say who was it that appointed Ajit Pai to the FCC again? Oh yeah neoliberal darling Obama.


He was compelled by law to appoint Pai. The five FCC commissioners must consist of two members chosen by the opposing party to the president. Are you forgetting that he also appointed Tom Wheeler and the other two commissioners who defended net neutrality, and that net neutrality would have been secure had a Democrat remained in the White House?

Will you “leftists who elected Trump” please learn how government works?


I sure wish this article would have explained who those two senators and house members are and why the letter is directed at them. They are the majority and minority members of the Senate and House Committees on Communications and Technology, respectively. The Democrats, Rep. Mike Doyle and Sen. Schatz are strong defenders of net neutrality.


I don’t know how to respond to this except to assume you are unfamiliar with the law and how the commission is set up underneath it. I’ll just post my comment citing the law from another thread:

Pai was who Republican Senators agreed to seat on the five-member commission. Had Obama decided not to nominate him to fill the Republican slot, Mitch McConnell would have just pulled out his Rolodex and offered another corporate lackey or Republicans would’ve been happy to make sure Tom Wheeler wasn’t seated and ultimately prevented a quorum. You do realize that many Republicans don’t want an FCC, right?


Well, apparently, when it comes to net neutrality, and hundreds of other domestic policy positions, the Democrats and the Republicans are not the same at all. Haven’t you figured that out yet over the past year? Your views are based on such profound levels of political illiteracy that you might as well just go ahead and also spout creationism and flat-earth theory while you are here…


Thanks for providing the specific wording and USC citation from the 1934 Communications Act. Facts are inconvenient things to many here.


I’m beginning to think the answer is just a simple “no.”


We’re quite aware of how government works. But if you need the help with that:


Tom Wheeler’s not a corporate lackey? Since when?



Thank you for using the “F” word! More people need to acknowledge the reality of that situation!


He led the enactment of net neutrality into low while he was commissioner - so what is your point?


But of Course…

Naturally we must keep those Tax Reductions coming, so they can produce more Jobs.


Yes, the US is effectively an oligarchy. But that has nothing to do with the still-substantial differences between Democrats and Republicans regarding this and many other issues. Only someone sitting in bourgeois comfort and privilege can engage in this parlour-talk that “they are the same”.

Tell the black people of Alabama voting tomorrow that their two Senate candidates are the same! I can guarantee that even the democratic-socialist Mayor Woodfin of Birmingham will be voting for Doug Jones without reservation and he will be encouraging everyone else in the city to do so too.