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To Save Lives—and Democracy—We Need to Vote by Mail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/20/save-lives-and-democracy-we-need-vote-mail

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You forgot to mention stopping the US Post Office from shutting down before the General Election.

It’s a lot more difficult to vote fraudulently by mail than electronically.

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Not so fast kids. I highly encourage you to visit Greg Palast’s web site. He has quite a few current stories about how this won’t end well. Link below is but one of those stories.


Studies have shown 4% - 20% of ballots will disappear by mail without strong security protections we don’t have at this time.

I read a news article this morning on Google which said that Biden won the Oregon primary! WHAT.
The article said that the AP called Biden the winner with 70% of the votes based on 40% of the votes.
WHAT??? The AP can call an election, a vote by mail election in the state of Oregon? 40 % of the counties were in…WHAT ? Which counties, what’s wrong with counting ALL the counties before Biden is declared a winner—and really AP called the election??? Has anyone else seen this news???