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To Save Rural Iowa, We Must Oppose Monsanto-Bayer Merger


To Save Rural Iowa, We Must Oppose Monsanto-Bayer Merger

Austin Frerick, Austin Frerick

owa farmers face a crisis. Crop prices have fallen by more than 50 percent since 2013, with no end in sight. At the same time, farmers hold more debt and possess fewer capital reserves to fall back on. In fact, farmers’ debt levels are almost as high as they were prior to the farm crisis of the mid-1980s.


Yes, oppose monopoly. Oppose poison companies that try anything. But also, promote organic, private seed banks, alternative grains, both to growers and to the public .
Check out Russia. Exporting organic all over Europe.


I would not trust the quality of anything “organic” coming out of swindling gangster Russia.


Seeing how anti-trust enforcement has been a joke for more than three decades with mergers, acquisitions and the monopolies they enable getting bigger each year, how does Monsanto get broken up ?
Doesn’t Monsanto provide all the funding for agriculture programs at Iowa universities and colleges ?


We need to go WAY FARTHER than blocking the Monsanto-Bayer merger, not just to save rural Iowa, but to save humanity and the Earth.

We need to END corporate supremacy. We need to END the investor-owned, limited-liability corporations as the basic building block of the economy.

We need to impose economic democracy, community accountability, and ecological accountability on ALL businesses.


Thanks to CD for publishing this! We need more of this type of article, to expose and educate a wider audience about little-heard but very important developments in the Cabinet departments that are now all headed by those whose goal is to approve everything that giant corporations want.

This is much bigger than Iowa. The prices of food and other plant-based products will have the end resullt of further impoverishing most of us. It must stop!


And many people in the world do not trust any food from the swindling corporatocracy known as the USA, where GMO’s are not required to be labeled!


If memory serves, this story first surfaced last spring. It was then reported that (again, from memory) Bayer was set to purchase Monsanto for $66,000,000,000 in cash.


Here’s how to avoid mad cow:



Good point, nighthawk!

The 2016 election in Iowa wasn’t close. Trump and his friends won by 9 points.

Now my fellow Iowans are getting a taste of political reality, and it’s awful, as author Austin Frerick laments.

Brace yourself for rough sledding, by way of monolithic corporate mergers.