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To Save the Internet We Must Own the Networks


To Save the Internet We Must Own the Networks

David Morris

The FCC and Congress have given us both the incentive and the opportunity to build a nationwide democratic Internet governed in the public interest. 


I suppose in Ajit Pai’s world view, because the US Postal Service serves the entire country and every county in the country has a public library (or one nearby!), we have competition everywhere – mail, e-mail, it’s all the same!. Google, your local library’s card catalog, it’s all the same!

The scoundrels need to be run so far out of town that they can’t get a cell signal.


Congress sold-off the airwaves for campaign-contribution bribes back in the day to create private profits and screw the public - now they want to do the same with internet access as well as stifle free speech while increasing private profits and screwing the public!


Didn’t Bill Clinton and Colin Powell’s son spearheaded the subject 1996 “airwave sell-off” ?


Agreed, Municipal Broadband Networks, akin to the Chattanooga, Tn model is the way to go.

Thanks to the hornet’s nest stirred up by the FCC, the right to an unfettered internet is now on the minds of voters, left, right and center. 2018 is the moment to strike; it’s now or never. But what can we ask for from the mid-term Congressional candidates?

(1) You wrote that, in the Tennessee case, state law hampers the municipal networks. Congress can easily redress that.

(2) A statement of purpose, pretty much summarizing your arguments for municipal networks, can be adopted by Congress, along with funds to encourage them.

(3) Retooling the FCC, so that no other scum like Pai can do it to us again, would be nice.

Your article explains that this fight has much more at stake than broadband speed. Personal privacy is affected, as is local economic welfare, community security, and medical services, to name a few. Internet is literally the lifeblood of our communities; we will not relinquish our rights to it. Anyone hoping to represent us in Congress had better understand that.


The US signed agreements in the WTO around 15 years ago to open up the networks to competition globally. Just like other infrastructure projects, healthcare, and virtually all else the solution for poor people and rural areas will be globalization. They will claim that anything that stands in the way of maximizing the profitability is WTO illegal. In particular collecting information on people, like health information, spending information (to decide what areas to redevelop, etc) is marketable. Read up on China’s “social credit” and North Korea’s “Songbun” hereditary caste system, but based on money. Whats in your wallet? Basically, Corporations from all around the world are supposed to be equal and get to share in the looting of Americans futures. Its a bizarre parody of the US civil rights movement, but for corporations, especially those from the Least Equal countries apart from ourselves. Before you read one more page, we must stop denying this fact. GATS which we promote, forces privatization of public services everywhere in the world, especially our own. I wish you could see how ridiculous it looks for an American blog, that reported, a tiny bit about GATS way back in the early 2000s - Ralph Nader even wrote an article here, predicting whats happening NOW.


So, there is no excuse - What has happened is capture. Wake up, people.

CAPTURE of the US progressive media just when its needed the most.

Why? Corporate funding probably. Afraid of criticism of the Democratic party even when it turned out the election last year was rigged.

We should also be asking why Bernie Sanders didn’t run to win. If he didn’t want to win he should not have run. Why didn’t he make GATS, and its progeny, the WTO deals, the other trade deals - Procurement which gives away our ability to use tax money to create jobs- (Look into the 2014 WTO revised GPA (which is going to give away MILLIONS of US jobs to the LOWEST bidders) Make these bad irreversible incredibly costly CON JOB TRADE DEALS an issue? ITS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, BERNIE needed to because THEY block his entire program. Really. Everything. GATS is real, what you are being fed is fake news. GATS and TISA and GPA and TTIP together will be 20 times worse than NAFTA They are eliminating democracy. Eliminating the right to regulate. GATS and its progeny have officially rolled back or almost rolledthe entire New Deal including Social Security. (See the Annex on Financial Services definition of “services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority” and the definition of statutory systems of social security. and the so called “Understanding on committments in Financial Services” which contains the Standstill. Its right there staring us in the face. Its whats behind the repeal of all thats been improved in the last two decades. Both parties were in on this scheme. They are playing good cop bad cop. Real power has been shifted to Geneva. By them. Also, their solution for the mess we are in is globalization, also they want- both parties, to use GATS to create a race to the bottom on wages. Healthcare? Read the late Nick Skala’s 2009 IJHS paper. The same Nick who wrote an article here. RIP Nick. Suddenly died at age 27 on August 8, 2009. His paper published a few months before that is one of the only US papers that tells the truth about GATS. Public option was a con job. GATS doesn’t allow public to be optional, either health care is free and non-commercial and 100% public and existed before the WTO (January 1 1995) or its commercial and subsidies are temporary. The US committed health insurance and other financial services in its GATS Schedule. So that means all the GOPS changes are permanent and will lock in. What will happen is they will revert to the situation in 1998 on the standstill date. February 26. So, the solution will be exporting poor patients and importing rich doctors and other professionals, who will work for peanuts. Thats called GATS Mode Four. Its based on “Kafala” This is the truth, not the lie that they want us to fall for. We’re on the table about to be carved up in the meal. Thats what the DG of the WHO said. What are we going to do about this? Give all those jobs to modern day slave laborers with advanced degrees 1/2 of whose salaries (which get to do an end run around US wage and labor laws) go to the richest people in the least equal countries (besides our own) Everything we value is getting sold off. Trump is a diversion. They are all in cahoots- against the world- the world situation is all of us are under attack, not by the people, by a very few and they have zero morals and zero honesty. Its like 1984, the leaders of the world and the very rich have figured out a way to steal the planet, like a second enclosure. .

Deal with it.


Yes, Colin Powell’s son, Michael, was the low life scum FCC Chair that initiated the sell-off of OUR airwaves- Mr. Michael Copps was on the 5 person panel and tried to stop it…
Michael J. Copps was an FCC commissioner from 2001 to 2011 and currently heads the Media and Democracy Reform Initiative at Common Cause.


Mississippi is one of the states that passed a law prohibiting municipalities and counties from developing publically owned internet systems. This was based on ALEC sponsored model legislation and was passed with the excuse that it would prevent local governments from wasting their residents money on poorly designed networks and from unscrupulous vendors.