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To Save the Republic, Some of Trump’s Allies and Appointees Will Have to Face Federal Prosecution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/10/save-republic-some-trumps-allies-and-appointees-will-have-face-federal-prosecution


This suggestion goes against the principal on which the country was founded, “The rich and powerful shall get away with everything.”


“When not punished, this sort of corruption echoes down generations of leaders in countries on both the right and the left; no politician is immune to temptation and pressure when working in what’s perceived as a consequence-free environment.”

Precisely the conclusion drawn by Frank Partnoy in Infectious Greed: How Deceit and Greed Corrupted the Financial Markets (2003), about the Wall Street Scandal before the scandal before the scandal (sic) that brought down Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers and almost brought down the global economy in 2008.


Hartmann sez:
“Trump and his cronies have shown present and future politicians how much corruption the Republican Party and the public will tolerate …”

Cheney sez: “Hold my goblet o’ blood …”


Never going to happen. When was the last time you heard a politician actually serve significant time? Sorry but our republic has been diagnosed with late stage cancer for a while now.


Thom Hartmann is the best progressive talk show host there is.
He used to have Bernie Sanders on every week, and now has other Congresspersons.
He tells the truth and is one of few who cuts through the Pelosi/centrist/weak liberal response to Trump and his cult and wants the rule of law applied now.
His show is available on the internet weekdays and is a breath of fresh air.
And of course, Trump and many other members of Trump’s administration, along with McConMan and other GOP stalwarts all need to see a prison.
Cheney, W, and that era’s war criminals need to see trial in The Hague.


And we should include all the people responsible for the war in Iraq! Obama never brought those people into an international court of justice. How about now?


Thom and others keep asking, how do we save the Republic, when the real question is, whether we should.
This “republic” is not, and never has been a democracy. It was organized so that the white land owning class, the same people that we ironically fought the revolutionary war to supposedly get away from in England, wouldn’t have to seed any power to the “rabble”.
It’s 2019, and there is no democracy in any walk of American life. Democracy doesn’t exist in schools, in the workplace, the marketplace, or anywhere else. We, the “rabble”, are permitted by the land owning class to “vote” for pre-approved candidates every couple of years on the first Tuesday of November.
Let’s face it, the American republic has been played out to its logical end.
Totalitarianism. It’s time to shitcan this whole mess, and start over.


Sounds right to me.

And who will prosecute Trump and his cronies? The Democrats? Not going to happen. The Democrats are not going to start opening Republican closets for fear the Republicans will open Democratic closets. The number one rule of the power elite is never betray your class. Rules and laws are meant to control the masses, not constrain the ruling class.


That photo of the fawners and butt kissers is enough to make one vomit. I see our Congresswoman from MO there, Ms. Hartzler… a kiss ass if there ever was one. Her expression is pathetic i.e. how can I get this guy (trump) to notice me.

As long as there have been bullies, there have been those willing to play underling for favor. That price today has been what there was left of our Democracy and Mr. Hartmann is correct. Examples need to be made of their corruption and justice served. One and all. Now who will step forward and do it.


Be careful what you wish for. Or from a different angle, take care not to overstate the case, especially in turbulent times. And yet again, beware of either/or thinking (sometimes called “Manichean” but inherent also in Aristotle’s Logic).

As the public at large has at last begun to understand how little “freedom” the Founders of this republic actually granted and to whom, and that much in large part because there was an entire continent for the amusement of the misfits, it is easy to forget that this WAS the first modern republic and the first of any account in nearly two thousand years, a hundred generations. The miracle is that it has survived this long, through almost the entire course of the Industrial Revolution. We are teetering on the brink, but full-blown totalitarian rule in the nuclear age–along with climate crisis and many other crises–will if it does occur make this look like a Golden Age.


This is one of the best arguments ever made for public- NOT PRIVATIZED - education. Going hand in hand with exercising the juridical structures, the precedents and art of argument is the even more important exercise of EDUCATION IN CIVICS, kids having the opportunity and responsibilities in student government providing intellectual and experiential roots in civil processes. All kids should be learning and carefully taught, the HISTORY that predatory capitalism works so hard to erase from text books.


Mostly true.
He also 100% shilled for Clinton and is prepping listeners to vote for Biden.
Unfortunately he also blathers on about Russia-gate and how Trump is a Putin puppet. This damages his credibility.


Exactly and it will only happen if the people demand it.

Can’t disagree with any of that. Any recommendations on how we might get such fundamental knowledge past the know-nothing “fundamentalists”? The “know-nothings” of the mid 19th century were only pretending not to know. The current ones don’t know diddly, the reason I am now referring to their leader as Iggy.

Start with tRUMP

Of course Thom is correct as far as he goes. Unfortunately he ignores the impact of how Clinton corruption - e-mails and their foundation quid pro quo issues - contributes to all of this. It all connects.

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When you talk impeachment, be sure to include William Barr, Wilbur Ross and Steve Munchkin–The House could get started today!


America has never before seen such breathtaking corruption in the Oval Office

I guess Thom has forgotten the assault on the Mid East by the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies. Continued today by Trump.

Is that not considered a massive crime?