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To Save the Republic, Some of Trump’s Allies and Appointees Will Have to Face Federal Prosecution

Absolutely, although Trump is not the problem but a symptom of a problem that has been festering for at least 50 years, maybe 50 centuries. Back to the present: Besides the fecklessness of the “Democratic” misleadership, and the fact that the vast propaganda machine of Global Megacorp strongly favors the Republican party (or perhaps Biden, potentially worse), and the ghastly lack of integrity in the US election system, we have T-Rump threatening to refuse to leave office if he doesn’t get a majority in the electoral college.

Impeachment is certainly in order (if only to force McConnell to defend his refusal even to take up the subject), but everybody needs to be thinking in terms of “what if.”

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Do you mean federal prosecution by Billy Barr’s Dept. of Justice? Why, that’s just as likely to happen as Don leaving office if he loses.

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One of W’s first orders of business was to remove the US from participation in the ICC (a very early “Mission Accomplished”). Hartmann is indeed very good, but stays clear of hot button topics like 9-11 and, more pertinently, the possibility that Trump’s mental state is going to bring our country down even further (“scares the beejezus out of me,” as he said on his 9-10-19 show).


Also the Kyoto Accords.

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How about indicting, trying, and jailing the big, fat, red-haired one for his numerous crimes and misdemeanors . That would go farthest in deterring the corruption. Not just holding to account a few of his underlings…

The only constant is change. The circle as it is cannot hold forever. I too fear the rise of totalitarianism at this time where humanity is facing two very likely apocalyptic scenarios. We can only hope and work towards good winning out in the end.