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To #SaveTheCensus, Major Cities Join 17 States in Lawsuit to Block Trump's Citizenship Question


To #SaveTheCensus, Major Cities Join 17 States in Lawsuit to Block Trump's Citizenship Question

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Attorneys General from 17 states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration for its decision to ask about immigration status on the 2020 census, a move denounced by immigrant rights advocates as an effort to "undercount communities of color."


At least a number of states and cities are not rolling over and simply letting the white nationalists take over the country. This is a lawsuit challenging hate being expressed at the highest level of government. The Secretary of Commerce probably should have resigned instead of giving in if he actually was strongly opposed to this measure to the suppress the vote.


really has nothing to do with voting, it’s just a ploy for ICE to easier find non-citizens. I am a native-born citizen and will refuse to answer this very invasive question.


I don’t think this has anything to do with ICE. It would reduce public funding for schools, etc and would affect the way electoral districts are drawn. I am surprised that the attorney general of North Carolina is challenging this given some of the things that the state government has done. The important thing is to get rid of the question. It should not be part of the census.


Trump has been, is and will be the most racist president slob in almost our entire history.


We have a history of deporting numbers of people back to the death squads.

Asking “Are you Jewish, er, are you a citizen,” is a seriously white nationalist hate tactic.

Right now, Providence County, RI, is the sole testbed for rolling out the next 2020 census. They sent us two letters practically threatening us with jail time if we didn’t try their online census. We didn’t respond. Next they’ll send us a mail-in system. I hope that we misplace that one too, or perhaps if we’re lucky the Post Office can misplace it for us. It’s better if we waste the census’s time. They can send a live person around to count us.


The census is important but this is symptomatic of a larger issue being ignored by the media. We need to stand against the madness of refugee roundups and abuse.