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To 'Secure a Livable Future,' 30,000 Youth Urge Court to Let Landmark Climate Suit Go to Trial


To 'Secure a Livable Future,' 30,000 Youth Urge Court to Let Landmark Climate Suit Go to Trial

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Calling for an end to years of delays and inaction as global warming continues to accelerate, over 30,000 young people signed on to an amicus brief urging the Ninth Circuit to allow a landmark youth climate lawsuit to proceed to trial.



The kids are alright! I’m 71 years old and so damned PROUD of the youth of America. This takes me back to the sixties where youth activism changed the world.



The Juliana kids should be able to sue, because it is THEIR future that is on the line. I hope that the money brokers are looking at what is going on nation wide with the weather. There are NO guarantees for anyone’s personal safety, whether, rain, flood, atmospheric rivers, hurricane, drought, snownado, or forest fire------weather is no respecter of money or job title. The Juliana case is making this perfectly clear!



I was part of the youth action of the 60’s. For me, it showed me how to care about others when our government didn’t.

Go kids!

30,000 now, 300,000 by next month!

New Don Caron.



OK, so guilty of quoting only one person tonight, but at least not the same quote reposted:

Among politicians and businessman, Pragmatism is the current term for "To hell with our children.

The earth is not a mechanism but an organism, a being with its own life and its own reasons, where the support and sustenance of the human animal is incidental. If man in his newfound power and vanity persists in the attempt to remake the planet in his own image, he will succeed only in destroying himself — not the planet. The earth will survive our most ingenious folly.

—Edward Abbey



This Planet is in the hands of the young. Most of us here on CommonnDreams have already lived the majority of our lives. It’s their turn. They will have to live on this Planet either way. Great to see they care enough to sue the hell out of a murderous, ignorant president and his Fossil buddies. I hope they have enough time to possibly reverse the damage, but most Scientists say we’re too late as the tipping point has been already reached many years ago. They need to implement changes yesterday. I wish them good luck as their future looks bleak and barren from what I have read.



An awakened species would never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports the members of the species when they are physicalised .Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

From the book Awaken The Species …We could use information from this book as a guide to our collective awakening . Even those that are not yet awakened are ready .They just don’t know it yet .
This is why the kids are so cool ,they are part of the awakening .
A lot of adults have been asleep ,not understanding we are in a burning building moment .