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To Serve AT&T and Comcast, Congressional GOP Votes to Destroy Online Privacy


To Serve AT&T and Comcast, Congressional GOP Votes to Destroy Online Privacy

Glenn Greenwald

Clarifying events in politics are often healthy even when they produce awful outcomes. Such is the case with yesterday’s vote by House Republicans to free internet service providers (ISPs) – primarily AT&T, Comcast and Verizon – from the Obama-era FCC regulations barring them from storing and selling their users’ browsing histories without their consent.


" For those who haven't yet realized it, who actually dominates Congress and owns its members: the corporate class."

American government is not a democracy, but a corportocracy supported by a military dictatorship. If that isn't the definition of the Fourth Reich; I do not know what else you would call it!


"Nobody can claim, with a straight face, that allowing AT&T and Comcast to sell their users Browser Histories has any relationship to National Security."

Thank you, Glenn Greenwald, for once again bringing the Truth out into the open.


It is way beyond time that people realized the term" NATIONAL SECURITY" HAS BEEN AND IS A CANARD. It is not our security they are worried about....it is their security !


Surprisingly, my rep voted against it.


Given that our society/government is ANYTHING BUT a democratic republic--is a "plutonomy" in fact (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plutonomy--why should one be surprised at this development?!


If I, as an individual, am not secure in my communications, papers, and effects, neither is anyone else in this society based upon the rights and protections of the individual. To think that my two senators and my representative conspired against me (and you, and us) REALLY drills home proof that my country has been taken over by a sinister group of criminals. Is it still legal to kill a criminal caught inside one's home?


I think he's getting a bit nervous after the calls on ACA repeal.


As noted a time or two previously, 1984 . . .   Here At Last!!


My dad was calling our gummint 'a Corpocracy' back in the late 1960's,
and it's only gotten worse – a LOT worse – since then.

      Piss Upon the PlutocRats
      Overthrow the Oligarchs
      Dump Debbie Duhby-Ass
      and DITCH the GOP!!


Glenn Greenwald's article contains a sentence that illustrates what I believe about the oligarchs. Greenwald writes: "Nobody can claim with a straight face that allowing AT&T and Comcast to sell their users’ browser histories has any relationship to national security. Indeed, there’s no minimally persuasive rationale that can be concocted for this vote. It manifestly has only one purpose: maximizing the commercial interests of these telecom giants at the expense of ordinary citizens. It’s so blatant here that it cannot even be disguised."

The corporate establishment believes that they have an absolute upper hand and don't have to fret about any Leftist opposition or public outrage thwarting their goals. You'd think that some of them ought to have a hint of a suspicion that the environmental deterioration including climate change might be true enough to monkeywrench their total takeover, but their Trump-like belief in their own superiority now has them convinced that they are to be history's undisputed champions. And the more they act from that basis of belief, the quicker they will make it get unalterably worse.

Even if we of the "Resistance" and the Left and others opposed to what's being made by them to happen to us don't develop better ways to fight them than what's being done now, the Powers That Be will doubtless undermine themselves and can do nothing but flush themselves with all the rest of us with them permanently away.

If there is to be a Post Now World that is minimally survivable opponents of the oligarchs had best start thinking now about how to manage post collapse conditions.


Get ready for an onslaught of JUNK mail in your inbox. I make so many mistakes when I click the wrong buttons or misspell addresses, that my "profile" is bound to be all wrong. But they don't care, it won't cost them anything.


Thanks for your reply.

Whenever the 99% hear " national security" they need to realize there is nothing national about it! It is nothing but an Orwellian term that really means the security of the 1%!


This is the last straw. We aren't safe from intrusion in our own homes. Make a lot of internet noise and confuse the hell out of the network providers!


And this outrage happened while everyone was entranced with the Russian saga. Pay attention to the surface and you miss the depths of the depravity of this exploding shot balloon. ( credit to Samantha Bee for the shit balloon)