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To Shift Funds From 'Endless War' to 'Human Needs,' Sanders Unveils Amendment to Slash Pentagon Budget by $74 Billion

True but THIS pot is different than other pots.
It would take a National catastrophe exponentially larger and and more abrupt than C-19 to shock anyone in WDC into considering a 50% cut/redistribution in the War budget even though a 50% redistribution in the rational thing to do. America’s time of Empire is over.
Even though I hate “Triangulated Pragmatic Incrementalism” In this ‘Pot’ I think a 10% redistribution is a good beginning, a good place to start.


There’s plenty of money for every damn program.
We have a Federal Reserve that prints money all the time.
We pay 0% on what our government borrows.
We’re in the midst of running up a $3.3 trillion deficit just this year.
Compared to that, this $74 billion is peanuts.

Meanwhile, Bernie is too much the company man to tell this simple truth: deficits don’t matter.
We’ve rung up well over $20 trillion in national debt, where’s the predicted inflation?
Japan’s national debt is many multiples of ours as a percentage of GDP – where’s the inflation?
But PayGo Pelosi, with Bernie in tow, will still spout about fiscal responsibility, which is horseshit.
She’ll compare the federal budget to your household budget, an even bigger helping of horseshit.
Trump ran on balancing the budget, he’s overseen all-time record deficits.
And the only thing McConnell will talk about, with Pelosi’s blessing, is what safety net program to cut.

C’mom, Bernie, grow a pair: Level with the public about MMT.


Geezzz…as a retired Canadian Socialist , I have followed and read what Bernie Sanders policies were and I think they were not only doable but much needed. I wonder if the American people, had to do it all over again, would have voted for Mr. Sanders. He has some very good domestic and foreign policies.
Mr. Blair M. Phillips


The only way that would ever happen is if the Frankenstein, Monster is some how destroyed.

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Is there any reason we can’t all still vote for Bernie?

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So he wants to roll it back to the FY2018 level, which was a record high budget. Good, but this is not “slashing” military spending.


70 billion? Really? Is this just dipping the toe in the water followed by a retreat because things will get too hot if anyone dares slash Military spending leading to the USA being conquered by Russia and having to learn to speak Chinese?

The increase in spending over last year was some 25 billion. This is the base budget requirements and does not include a multitude of other costs not factored into that “Pentagon budget” of 740 billion that is cited. Contingency operations , things like “enduring bases” , the upgrade to Nuclear weapons , “direct war requirements” and the like are not included in that 740 billion base budget spending. As has been noted many times when these other costs all layered in the total costs are well over 1.2 trillion.

A 70 billion dollar cut is meaningless.

If one looks at which Countries most vulnerable to attack due to geography and the nations that are on their borders , Russia and China can justify higher Military spending then the USA yet if the USA cut spending by 90 percent , they would still be spending more in total than either Russia or China.

This does not include all of the spending by nominal US allies like the Saudis, The NATO member nations and Japan.


Anyone ever surf the internet for military new equipment. That is the first line of spending to go after, including all service branches.
Then there is lax waste created by entitlement.
We got, we will over use it .

Why do you think he has Stephanie Kelton, Pavlina R. Tcherneva, et al., as economic advisors? I agree that people should understand MMT, and I agree (up to a certain point) deficits don’t matter as we are led to believe, but whether Bernie comes out and directly endorses “MMT” doesn’t matter as much as his policy proposals. He has Kelton and others to explain the details of MMT; MMT is hard for many to wrap their heads around and would have resulted in another time-wasting, twisted attack by the MSM for him (at least during a campaign) to get bogged down in. People don’t take the time to understand and learn what most candidates’ policies are, or even take the time to go vote, let alone attempt to understand economic theory.

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Actually, there are budget analysts within both the DoD and the Alphabets, who say publicly ( just not covered by MSM (hint, hint) ) that CONSISTENCY in appropriations is a much wiser long-term strategy than this new ( post 2001 ) practice of throwing money into the winds of political profligacy. Thus, in 2016-2017, these analysts recommended a budget 10% smaller than the pork-laden one that subsequently passed.
This is another classic example of the Congressional Liars Club we have currently; willfully appropriating waste, fraud and ( taxpayer ) abuse. At the expense of human beings, in the U. S. and around the planet, who live miserably and die needlessly. It is a form of negligent homicide ( imo ).
But, until the UniParty Consensus is chopped in two ( or more pieces ) with a blunt axe, this political malfeasance with obvious prejudices, will continue.
Just elaboratin’.

The campaign is over now.
But we’re still pretending deficits matter, 40 years after Reagan tripled the national debt in one term.

Bernie’s an old man. Why is he still pretending along with so many others?
I learned the hard way that it’s because he’s spineless.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised, but, I think, though Bernie may not be perfect, he is far from spineless. Because of Bernie’s campaign, Kelton and others now have a platform, or at least a much wider platform, to make people aware of the real situation regarding deficits. More and more people are becoming aware of MMT, the lies about deficits, and the fact that we can fund the things the public wants, needs, and deserves.

10% is FAR, FAR away from any kind of a slash. Barbara Lee’s bill over in the House is a slash. She is proposing a cut of $350 billion. Bernie, what happened to your spine?

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You are perfectly free to delude yourself on this matter.
But that won’t change reality.
Bernie is now consumed with promoting Joe Dimentio.
Like a true revolutionary.

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Love Bernie –

But how about cutting NSA funding until they stop spying on all Americans 24/7?

How about cutting the MIC budget in HALF … ?

But I’ll take $74 BILLION to start the MEDICARE4ALL PROGRAM –

And every year, let’s take another $74 BILLION until the Pentagon is running “bake sales”
to raise money —

and use it for MEDICARE4ALL –

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We should have been out in the streets demanding that Bernie Sanders
get the nomination –

He should be Biden’s #1 in the White House – like that will happen, either!

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When have you heard Bernie promoting Biden? He endorsed him (I believe, he was forced to because of a corrupt system not because he agrees with anything he says or has done, and he wants Trump and his cohorts out), and he mentioned him in The New Yorker interview. Many people here and elsewhere misquoted his statements from that interview and took his words out of context. Every other time I’ve heard him, and he’s done many videos and virtual town halls, etc., Biden is never mentioned. Kelton was part of one of Bernie’s virtual meetings, the one from April 15th ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCR5SQYmIGo

If I’m wrong and he has been “consumed with promoting Joe…”, please point out where you’ve heard it; I’d like to hear it myself. I haven’t heard it.

As Trump continues to demand more cuts to what little we have of health care
here for citizens, tries to cut the $600 unemployment benefit boost –


What is being made very clear is that if we truly want to create the changes that
should have been made in our nation over the last 50-70 years that the time is NOW
to be in the streets –

And most of all we should be demanding that the Dem Party “Establishment” make
Bernie Sanders the official head of the party and the official nominee for the presidency.

How about Rep. Barbara Lee/California for VP –
I don’t know everything about her but wanting to cut the MIC budget by HALF works for me.
She’d work the same way that Pence works for Trump –

No matter how many liberals we manage to send to Congress – Pelosi, Perez, Schumer
will be there destroying their efforts and colluding with the GOP.

As the statues of Columbus continue to be brought down, I think how wonderful it would be
see a few statues celebrating FANNIE LOU HAMER –

‘Until I’m free you are not free either’: Civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer

Among them: That same year she helped start the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, an alternative to the all-white state Democratic Party, which Black people were not allowed to join.

With a 6th grade education, her voice rang out to capture the attention of the world –
and was such a challenge to LBJ and the DP that he had to have her TV appearance interrupted

– as she spoke of her life as a “black” in the South – her efforts to register “blacks” in the South -
and the Mississippi Freedom Party she founded - so eloquently that Americans were unable to look away.


I learned the hard way in 2016 when I gave Bernie’s campaign too many $$$ before I realized his con in 2020.

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fuck that. Try $500 billion.

You dont start negotiating from a low number! If you want $74 billion, your opening bid is never that, you start off higher and then negotiate down thereby moving the Overton Window more left.

Republicans do it all the time: they propose some outrageous cut to SNAP like 30 billion. Everyone thinks it’s obscene so the Democrats negotiate down to like $9 billion and call it a win. That is exactly what happened in 2014 when House Republicans originally argued for a food stamp cut of between $20.5 billion and $39 billion, the White House threatened to veto both of those proposals, so then the Dems "negotiated: it down to $8.9 billion which is exactly what the Republicans wanted to begin with. This way the narrative become “how much do we cut” as opposed to “we shouldnt cut it at all.”

50 years in Congress and he still hasn’t understood this. None of them have. With incompetent people like this is it any wonder this country is in shambles?

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