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To Shine Light on Sneate GOP's Trumpcare Push, Dems Intro 'No Hearing, No Vote Act'


To Shine Light on Sneate GOP's Trumpcare Push, Dems Intro 'No Hearing, No Vote Act'

Common Dreams staff

As Senate Republicans attempt to ram through the American Health Care Act (AHCA), aka Trumpcare, without public hearings before the upcoming recess, Senate Democrats on Tuesday announced their intention to introduce the "No Hearing, Note Vote Act" bill in order to highlight the GOP's obfuscation.


These people are conspiring to murder thousands of Americans. They are all going to hell!


okay dems, shine the light all over the country. Do whatever you have to do in this corporate media circus to get the word out to even Fox News, Brietbart, and the rest of lame crazies.

This is our democracy at risk here along with shutting media out of senate building.




And now you know the whole story


I believe any politician who participates in a charade like this should be voted out of office. This is not the democratic way important legislature is passed. I find it hard to believe when the new legislation has massive negative impact, the politicians who did it will be lucky to find any political office in their future


If the Republicans are going to do something so dirty as to pass the “Trumpcare” under the cover of night-time, they should all be voted out of office…period. This has got to be the dirtiest trick yet that the GOP has tried to pull so far.


Can’t they just deny a quorum? All but one Democrat refuse to show up the day of voting, and that lone Democrat request a roll-call vote if GOP attempts to go ahead.


Like they’re fond of saying, I’d like them to go sooner rather than later. Comparing the relative effects from these folks “just doing their jobs” ont most of the people in society, and comparing the Gabby Giffords attack with this baseball attack, all I can observe is this: at least the Right team was under attack this time.


“Attempts to pass Trumpcare in the dark of night, without any transparency is one of the most egregious examples of legislative malpractice in decades.”
Folks, honestly, the ACA was passed on a strict party line vote and per Nancy Pelosi, it had to be passed so they could find out what was in it.
I think that is a much more accurate description of “legislative malpractice”, don’t you?


Hmm… sounds pretty much the same way the Dems passed the ACA…


And to think I use to belong to this ungodly uncaring insane party. I even defended my two votes for Nixon and several votes for Susan Collins. No I’m not so much of an idiot that I voted for Poliquin. I draw the line at total insanity


Let’s go in the way-back machine to see how horrible the ACA amendment process was for Republicans:

Sure seems like Republicans offered plenty of amendments to the bill, which was heard through the normal committee process.

Here’s the real deal: the Republicans had campaign marketing spin which they promulgated through conservative media. Too many D.C. Journalists ran with that spin. Now Senate Republicans are using that spin to justify their hyper secretive bill-crafting process, just like they did in the House. They hope to rely on spin to make the point you are lazily making, knowing that most people don’t pay deep attention to committee hearings and legislative procedures. The Democrats-did-it-too narrative is what they want, even though it’s the opposite of the truth.


Party line or not, and whatever happened in the House (also @Bertecho), the record shows that more than 500 amendments to the ACA were considered by the Senate over more than a month:

And no, it was not designed behind closed doors, even in the House. Of course, the “AHCA” is just a “reconciliation” of a zillion amendments to the ACA and other laws and regulations that connect to it, not a coherent bill of its own at all. That was supposed to be quicker.


The original ACA House bill was HR 3926. It went through the committee process like all other bills. When the Senate bill went to the House, that became HR 3590. That’s because appropriations begin in the House. It’s HR 3590 that was considered under suspended rules with limited debate. That is the thread Republicans hung their hat on regarding “process” abuse. However, it was just marketing spin more than anything real.

Just an FYI.


Oops. The original House bill was HR 3962. Just to fix my above comment.


Republicans are going to pass something, and it’s going to be pure garbage. Then they’re going to blame all the bad that comes from it on Democrats for “not working with them,” but they’ll take credit for any good that comes out of it.

And Democrats will act like what the Republicans say is true.

Until Democrats learn how to fight, Republicans will continue to control the narrative and they’ll retain power.