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To Solve Multiple Crises at Once, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Unveil 'Green New Deal for Public Housing'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/14/solve-multiple-crises-once-sanders-and-ocasio-cortez-unveil-green-new-deal-public

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My Public Housing apartment faces east and west, in the desert no less. No shade with air conditioning. Even with a break from the electric company my average electric bill is 60 bucks a month for a studio :-((( I don’t need air conditioning, a swamp cooler where I am would be fine and some shading would be a great benefit. But what I end up doing is putting Styrofoam in my windows to block the heat. The screen door? I can do nothing with, it’s metal and untouchable most of the year. The property is perfect for solar but has none :-(((. My unit is governed by a company with units all over the country, there is a local manager but they walk the party line not ecological common sense. My unit is a waste of electricity and money, sure it’s “comfortable” but at what costs? I don’t require “fancy”. HUD and property managers…well…the climate emergency is a hoax, right? Yep!


At least somebody is on it.

And speaking with creativity and care for the future.


Bernie, AOC, the rest of the “Squad”, hell, just everyone who gives a damn. FIGHT! The time is NOW!
BERNIE 2020!


It’s called leadership.
It’s called vision.
It’s called a last gasp hope.


It’s called progress.


I think part of the process is to ensure Public housing integrated into neighborhoods deemed middle or upper class as well. They should not have neighborhoods deemed lower, middle and upper class and the poor should not be forced to all live in one area just because that the only place there affordable housing for them.


It is Bills like the GND that actually provide Americans with an opportunity to make a difference in facing the climate crisis facing the world for the next few millennia (at the least).


Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez and Elizabeth Warren the trio after my own heart. I love their proposals and the way they are presenting the green new deal in a language laymen American can grasp. Very smart indeed!


I’m in a similar boat Ditton. No shade on the west side and a brown house. A hot box all summer.
This is my second year of putting pink styrofoam in the two west side bedroom windows for the winter. Remove in spring and put the window air conditioners back in.
I decided not to replace worn out central air, and have three window units which saved money.

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Warren initially seemed to support the GND when it was first revealed, but has since distanced herself from that endorsement and has taken up a more nuanced position with a piecemeal collection of separate bills in which she is undermining the various programs of the GND and laying out a more incrementalist and corporatist approach to greening the nation over the coming decades. I don’t believe we have the time or resolve for Warren’s window dressing approach to much impact climate change or our efforts to successfully address climate change.


Warren does not have a chance on account of Sanders running for the presidency. She will in my view make an excellent choice for a VP on Sanders ticket. I think she is aiming in that direction.


Back in 2005 I qualified for Public Housing in Casper WY due to being evicted through no fault of my own and being disabled. At that time I was given a voucher by HUD and told to find a place on my own. I found a place, a very nice place and had to fight for it because it was on the “good” side of town. At that time HUD only approved housing on 2 streets in the whole city of 20,000. I filed a complaint and it went nowhere real fast. Now it is much much worse with the war-on-the-poor.

What they do when they designate entire areas for low cost housing so as not to affect property values in richer neighborhoods is ensure that the people living in those poorer areas of town always have less in the way of services and infrastructure. It made as hard as possible for those poorer people to live a decent lifestyle.

If there problems with plumbing or the roof or the electrical infrastructure of a building in a middle class housing complex, it generally addressed in short order. In those designated “low cost housing” buildings these issues are ignored.

The sane and rational and just thing to do (assuming we will always have a class based society something i think needs to end) is if there a building going up for housing that same building should include a mixture of homes affordable for all and rich middle class and poor should live together.

I recently went to a meeting on a development going up in our neighborhood. It one of the last enclaves of lower cost apartments on the North Shore of Vancouver (You would be hard pressed to find an apartment on the North shore for under 1800 a month. These are under 1000). They went to great lengths to describe how there would be “below market” apartments for rent in this new complex. When I asked what below market translated to , it was 10 percent under "market) IE if the market is 2000$ the below market would rent out for 1800$. That is a doubling of what people now paying for the apartments now slated for destruction.

They replace the word “affordable” when it comes to discussing the poorer people to “below Market”.

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Years ago, when I lived in Phoenix I heard a report on NPR about the massive amount of new building permits being granted and not one was for “affordable” housing :-(((

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The gop and neoliberal dem response: "What!! You want to do something good for the people and environment? That’s just ludicrous. We’ve got bombs to build I tell you!


Not sure why all new housing can’t be moving more towards sustainability.

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Unfortunately, her actions over the last 6 months have made her an increasingly less likely addition to any actual BIG Bold Actions Progressive administration, she might be valuable in a limited, very select role like head of the SEC. But more than likely her only role in a Sanders administration now would likely be as a Senator, rather than having any direct role in the administration.

Glad you asked! Sanders and AOC have a Green New Deal plan to address that issue!

Here is comment I made on YouTube others might find interesting:

Thank you for doing this video on my hero Buckminster Fuller! As you were relating about his Dymaxion House, something resonated with me I had never realized before. During the hot summers (which are getting hotter and hotter), people sit in their silly rectangular houses that get hotter due to the outside air. So to stay comfortable they use this invention called the “Air Conditioner”. Which I have always hated because its so wasteful of energy (I don’t hate it as an invention per se, but that it is a sop for poor design)! In fact, I have managed to live without air conditioning in my living space for the last 30 or so years (I don’t really know how long perhaps for basically my whole life). But what I wanted to say was, its SO STUPID the way we live in these boxes which get hot inside, the air gets heated up, and because of the way they are designed, that hot air is stuck in there! The hot air is like trapped and if we just had someway for it to escape out the ceiling, and had some kind of hole(s) in the flooring that would connect into the basement (or some other buried space), the hot air in your room would just naturally escape out the ceiling and thereby pull cool air up from the ground. This is how we should be building all new houses, it seems to me. Back in the past before air conditioning, what people would do I believe is they would open the top part of their windows (bring down the upper window, the one that slides on the outside rails of the window-frame and is normally pushed all the way to the top of the window frame) and that would let out all the hot air. But people today are so lazy they don’t even consider this and just turn on their air conditioner! Its so ridiculous, and people are saying we should use florescent or LED light bulbs to save energy. How about we start using some common sense! Another idea I had to go along with this, is that on one side of buildings where people live, we could have just a long, narrow rectangular structure, like maybe a foot wide and 10 feet long and go from the ground up to the roof. And it would be painted black on the side that faces the sun in the summer. This would create a naturally powered wind tunnel, all this hot air would be generated and flow from bottom to top. This wind current could be hooked into from the adjoining house, as a mechanism to pull the hot air that would accumulate in the individual rooms outside. So a passive way of keeping the house from getting uncomfortably hot inside. This is kind of the idea that Bucky Fuller was doing with his Dymaxion House I now realize, although he was using the power of the wind going by to pull the air out of his structure, and I am using the power of the sun to do it. But I had come up with this idea on my own (I thought) but am very familiar with Fuller’s ideas, and just realized maybe he was inspiration for my idea. Greta Thunberg who just arrived in New York on a sailboat to help protests against inaction on global warming, noticed when she arrived in NY that everyone seems to have airconditioning. Ain’t it the truth! I remember reading that Buckminster Fuller noted that Manhattan is constructed in such a fashion to be as inefficient as possible, it is constructed like a heat sink, you have all these metallic structures sticking up into the air, to have the most surface area to loose heat in the winter. Argh!!!

Now wouldn’t it be nice if any new structures that are built for public housing would start using designs that enhance their cooling/heating efficiencies? What are the chances of that happening? I would guess zero to none…