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To Stand on the Side of Justice (Or Not)


To Stand on the Side of Justice (Or Not)

White bread pop stars Bon Jovi went ahead with last weekend's Tel Aviv gig, thus ignoring calls for them to cancel in support of the cultural boycott of apartheid Israel. The most impassioned call came from BDS activist Roger Waters, who in a blistering open letter charged they had chosen to "stand shoulder to shoulder/with the settler who burned the baby/the sailor who shelled the boys on the beach," and other perpetrators of Israeli crimes.


Well, really, who expects any sort of principled stand from Bon Jovi?

But when Suzanne Vega played in Israel earlier this year, that hurt.

Her music is intelligent and sensitive.

Her politics, not so much.


An explanation of the top picture would be nice… (no credit?)


Don't get Bon Jovi mad. He carries a loaded 6 string on his back.
And he plays for keeps.
Too bad he'll probably make it back!


We aren't all anti-Israeli. Sometimes it's necessary to refrain from having a knee-jerk reaction and put issues into context. Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation, the historic and modern Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations (please check a map), all of which are heavily armed by Russia, China, and the US. "Palestinians" are Israeli Arabs. Every one of these live within easy traveling distance of an Arab nation. Their tragedy is that they are unwelcome in any of those countries, and are used instead as pawns in the campaign to establish a 100% Muslim Mideast. These Arab nations obviously have NO regard for the well-being or survival of the Israeli Arabs.. When they are recruited to commit acts of terrorism within Israel, Israelis get very touchy about it. They are just so unreasonable.


It doesn't occur to you that not everyone is anti-Israel? Anyone who disagrees with your point is view is "unprincipled"? Do you know anything about the long, complicated history of the Mideast? How about the geography, or anything about the various peoples of the region? All of this is critical to understanding the current situation. Do you know anything about the forms of government in these countries, the leaders of their nations, the political and religious forces behind the spider's web of hostilities and violence between these nations? Now shall we discuss the treatment of American Indians from the time of the first European explorers up through today? I'm just asking...


Did you miss Operation Cast Lead? Operation Protective Edge? The last Israeli election?

I'm not anti-Israel, I'm against the slaughter of innocents. I'm against land theft. I'm against apartheid. I'm against bigotry. I'm against oppression.

But please, feel free to express your support.


"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."
Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Oh no, spare us that old sob story again in defense of the racist apartheid, genocidal state of Israel and its subhuman brainset.


And neither is she , the music obviously doesn't reflect the person.(more often the case than not,unfortunately)



It worked in South Africa.


Yes, I have heart many witnesses of both methods say that apartheid in Israel and the atrocities they committ are much worse than in SA. we must spread the word far and wide


Yes ctrl_z, there are those who are free to practise free speech and those who are not -all dépends who it is in favour of. We've only to look at the actions of the rabid Israeli lobbies on U.S campuses.


In 1937, Adolph Eichmann visited Palestine. He was told by the leaders of the Zionist movement to keep up the good work as it drove more Jews out of Europe into Palestine. The Arabs are semites also. Does this mean the Zionists are the ultimate anti-semites?


Some how I doubt a concert by Bon Jovi had some great effect on those who
listened to it. However, the Israeli's in "the only democracy in the Middle East"
continue to elect Bibi Netanyahu. Enough said.


It would seem that Rock & Roll has sold it's soul!


"Every one of these live within easy traveling distance of an Arab nation."

Good God! Are you for real?

I live in easy travelling distance to the very similar neighboring suburban borough of Baldwin (a couple block walk away!). Does this mean that you drive me and my family out of my house at gunpoint and bulldoze my house down?

imagine what it is like to a family with thousand-year roots in the land - tending to their ancient olive groves and orchards - then being ordered out by gunpoint as their homes and farms bulldozed flat...


Just use you imagination, I guess....

The Arab guy on the right, approached the Orthodox Jew boy on the left at a bus stop on the left to ask the time. The picture is the result.

Kinda like what sometimes happens to black guys in the US.


Money's money, after all. BJ went for the buck$$$...principles be damned. Has-beens (especially rockers) need to keep their faces in the public eye, dontcha know. Otherwise, how can they pay their bar bills?


Just another victim of zionist propaganda. Read Gideon Levy, courageous and principled Israeli journalist at Haaretz, you might learn some facts.