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To Stave Off 'Climate Disaster,' 29 States and Major Cities Sue Trump EPA Over 'Dirty Power' Rule

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/13/stave-climate-disaster-29-states-and-major-cities-sue-trump-epa-over-dirty-power

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Why don’t the 29 states pool their resources and do the needed R&D for once? Are they running like rabbits away from the specter of lots of good solar etc. jobs? Is draining billions of dollars per year over to the dictators of oil-rich nations part and parcel of their political master plan?

Put dirty fuel in, get dirty power out. Pollute the Planet.


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As usual Republicans are on a suicide run, headed in the wrong direction

From S&B Global:
German wind, solar power output set for record week

Wind, solar forecast to top 5 TWh for first time Monday set 2019 high with peaks above 50 GW Forecast shows week 10 to average over 30 GW London — Combined wind and solar generation in Germany is forecast to reach a record high this week after Monday’s total narrowly missed the country’s daily all-time high, transmission system operator data and a forecast by spotrenewables showed Tuesday. Receive daily email alerts, subscriber notes & personalize your experience. Register Now Wind and solar generation on Monday amounted to 1.04 TWh, compared with the record of 1.05 TWh on December 8, 2018, TSO data aggregated by Fraunhofer ISE showed. Spotrenewables.com forecasts wind and solar combined to average well above 30 GW over the next six days. If realized, this would result in weekly output above 5 TWh, beating the current record of 4.9 TWh generated in week 49 last December. […]


We can’t seem to do things that other countries can do… renewable’s, Medicare For All, etc, etc, etc


Yes…and…why?? Too many people are brasinwashed…

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Eventually, the states of the US will become independent nations, forming alliances with other states.

Some will become bastions of progressive thinking and action on climate and human rights. They will thrive. Others will cling to the neoliberal myth and will wither from pollution and poorly educated true believers.

Not just branwashing, It’s been more than that

According to the new book “Kochland,” written by investigative reporter Christopher Leonard, Koch Industries secretly financed a report by Third Way, a corporate-funded think tank with ties to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.

Of course Koch Bros bought the Democratic party in the 80’s, turned it into the “Democrat” Party and ran it through the DLC initially


this was broadcast on NPR about one hour ago. Surprise? No

It will be interesting to have a decrease in COPD cases 10 years from now. Flying into Chicago fromthe east, you can actually see the soot from the steel mills, the southern shore of Lake Michigan is brown water.


Ever read Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach ?

A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the environmental concerns of today, set in an ecologically sound future society. Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as the “newest name after Wells, Verne, Huxley, and Orwell,” Callenbach offers a visionary blueprint for the survival of our planet . . . and our future.

Ecotopia was founded when northern California, Oregon, and Washington seceded from the Union to create a “stable-state” ecosystem: the perfect balance between human beings and the environment. Now, twenty years later, this isolated, mysterious nation is welcoming its first officially sanctioned American visitor: New York Times-Post reporter Will Weston.

Skeptical yet curious about this green new world, Weston is determined to report his findings objectively. But from the start, he’s alternately impressed and unsettled by the laws governing Ecotopia’s earth-friendly agenda: energy-efficient “mini-cities” to eliminate urban sprawl, zero-tolerance pollution control, tree worship, ritual war games, and a woman-dominated government that has instituted such peaceful revolutions as the twenty-hour workweek and employee ownership of farms and businesses. His old beliefs challenged, his cynicism replaced by hope, Weston meets a sexually forthright Ecotopian woman and undertakes a relationship whose intensity will lead him to a critical choice between two worlds.

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Nope. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’ll definitely dive into it.

Read it in the mid 70’s, lived in Eugene at the time . It’s a fun read

A recent Gallup poll showed that 38% of Americans believe in creationism…and that is a new low! The planet is doomed if a large number of the world’s largest polluter are still locked in a Stone Age mindset.

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Trump made no secret of his disdain for any aspect of the environment and there has been such a long series of reversals - on electric power, pipelines, coastal drilling, the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, reducing the size of National Monuments, rolling back auto efficiency standards, gutting the endangered species act, attacking transit and Amtrak but favoring highway expansions, undermining EPA science, weakening Clean Water rules, enhancing logging in National Forests with less public review, promoting straws and plastic water bottles in parks, approving dangerous pesticides… the list goes on and on. Much of this is in the courts, but as the Trump regime is packing the courts with right-wing corporate judges that remedy will erode.
Those who foolishly didn’t help Clinton win in November 2016 sold out the environment (and immigrants, women’s rights, labor, consumer protection, the trans community etc) and also gave the right-wing the Supreme Court. Sad!

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Whatta Day!!
Big bang was by Belgian Catholic priest. Accepted by Pope Pius XII in 1952.
Meanwhile, my pet dinosaur is shedding feathers. Probably 700,000 years old, give or take 2 years. Likes modern corn from Iowa and Illinois but will transit to Peru for their corn.
Has no tattoos yet

How did Gallup phrase the question?
Sampling size?
Geography of participants?
if by voice phone, what tone of voice did the call center use?

In 1975, Ecotopia (Northern California to Vancouver BC) seceded from the USA and banned private automobiles. The San Francisco Bay area resettling of towns and neighborhoods ‘clustered’ around rail stations. Electric shuttle buses took passengers to and from train stations to surrounding neighborhoods. This transit system was called the String of Pearls. It’s inspired my theory of transit design. Though much more complex with development today, the String of Pearls still applies. It’s now more a tapestry of transit lines woven around the pearls of shuttle bus routes.

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Those who foolishly prevented Bernie Sanders from being the Brand D nominee in 2016–most especially including Rottenhams, her sense of entitlement and her towering ego–sold out all those people and policies you mention. She foolishly thought that by helping to push DJT to the fore (you’ve heard of the Pied Piper strategy, right?), she couldn’t possibly lose.


The question is, do we drive this administration into the Potomac, or all the way to the Atlantic?